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One of the most popular TV application for the Android smartphone or device is the HD Streamz app. Using this app will allow you to watch live TV around the world for as long as you are connected to the internet.

You can browse and change the channel and filter them in case you want to watch drama, sci-fi, entertainment, or music-making this app a very good choice for watching TV shows.

The good thing about this app is being useable even without any subscription. And this makes it completely free for anyone.

HD Streamz app is only for Android devices but we can install and use this program on a computer using our guide. So, in order to install the HD Streamz for PC, read the whole article.

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How To Install And Run HD Streamz For PC Windows & Mac?

I am sure that you are well aware now that this app is available only for the Android device and there’s even no iOS app available as of now.

To install the HD Streamz app on your PC, you need an emulator program. An emulator is a software that you need to use to emulate Android Apps on your computer. Basically, it creates a virtualize Android OS in your PC.

Doing that will allows you to replicate the behavior of Android OS inside the PC, install apps, and use it on computer.

Now if you want to continue, you need to make sure that your PC has the following:

  • Your storage must have enough disk storage to download and install it.
  • Your PC RAM must be 2GB and above, but we recommend to use 4GB and above.
  • The Intel Virtualization Technology must be enabled in BIOS or AMD-v for AMD processors.
  • DirectX 11 must be installed.
  • GPU drivers must be updated to its latest version.
  • Visual C++ and .Net Framework must be updated to its latest version.

Once you’ve checked that your PC has the following, you are good to go.

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Using Android Emulator BlueStacks To Run The HD Streamz App For PC


source: hdstreamz.app

The most common emulator software for installing and running Android software is the BlueStacks emulator. This emulator is one of the most stable and fastest that you can download for free.

Downloading and installing BlueStacks emulator is very easy. First, create a new tab in your browser and then type www.bluestacks.com or you could just simply click the URL. Once you are inside its website, click the download button in order to get the installer in your PC.

Now, open the downloaded .exe file. Follow the onscreen instructions and when you’re done, wait a bit cause it will take some time to install it. If you have a fast processor and internet, this usually lasts for about 10 – 15 minutes only.

Once you’ve seen its shortcut on the desktop, you can run it by double-clicking it and this will starts the BlueStacks emulator. At first, it will ask for your PlayStore ID, so go ahead and provide it. Or if you wish to skip that, you can simply click “I’ll do it later”

Providing your Google account will allow you to open and browse millions of Android apps later on. But since we are going to focus on HD Streamz app, you can simply ignore it for now.

To download HD Steamz app, go to this website – https://hdstreamz.app/ and click the Android/download button.

After that, go back to the BlueStacks home and hover your mouse on the triple dot icon and click install APK. Browse for the installer file that you have downloaded earlier.

This will install it and you’ll be able to run the HD Streamz for PC on your Windows & Mac.

Best BlueStacks Alternative Emulator Apps For HD Streamz

Some people preferred other emulators other than BlueStacks, and this is why we are going to give you an option to select which emulator to download and install.

Upon testing different emulators, NoxPlayer is one of the most stable software that you can get. The installation setup was also very easy and straight-forward just like the BlueStacks app player.

The only thing that we need to remind you is to choose only one emulator of your choice. And if you can run HD Streamz or other apps without any issue, then don’t change it.

Also, using both emulators at the same time does not make sense at all unless you are trying to use multiple apps at the same time. However, doing it can cause some problems if your PC is not fast enough.

Best Features Of This App That You Can Enjoy

Unlike other TV apps for Android device, it has more features that you will surely enjoy. The following features are:

  • Lots of live channels that you can connect.
  • It also supports streaming of radios.
  • It has a mirror for link channels in case the link goes down, it won’t interrupt your watching.
  • Made from the Material UI design which makes this app user-friendly.
  • You can communicate with the devs easily because of its quick responding support.

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Final Words

Watching different TV shows is not a problem anymore, while some of us might be satisfy watching on smartphone or tablets, there are people like us who want to use Android apps on their computers or laptop.

That’s why using an emulator is the wise choice for running the HD Streamz for PC if you want to watch on a bigger screen.

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