Avare for PC Download – Windows 11/10/8/7 & Mac

Avare offers easy access to maps and navigations for those who fly planes high in the sky. This is a map Aviation GPS & EFB app available at the google play store free of cost. If you are a pilot and want to keep yourself updated with your route, the Avare app for PC is the best app that can give free database charts for your flight.

This android app is developed by pilots for pilots to make navigation better. To download this app on your android phone is super; you just need to search for it in the google play store and install it just with one click.

Experts recommend that after downloading the Avare on the phone, you should allow all the permissions sought by the app for its perfect working. Once you get the app on your android device, you will have its aviation database and at least one free chart with its updates.

You can turn off the internet connection after downloading the app and its aviation database and can use your required chart during the flying at flight mode to save the power of your phone.

Avare with active location on all FAA charts, weather & TFRs, airport locations, flight plans, etc., is an ideal app for the aviator.

But this is an android app that is compatible with android phones or tabs. In this blog, we are going to guide you about downloading the Avare app for Windows 11, 10, 8, and 7. To download the Avare app on the PC just needs a few steps to follow.

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Features of the Avare App

After knowing the downloading process of the Avare for Windows PC or Mac we should talk about the features of the app for better usage. The most beneficial thing about this app is you can enjoy all the features like flying routes, charts, airport locations, etc., free of cost. Other key traits of the Avare maps app are highlighted below.


  • Avare is easy to use by aviators.
  • You will not face any delays in opening charts or getting responses from the experts.
  • FAA materials are available without any charges.
  • This app is compatible with almost all Android Devices.
  • You will not face any disturbing advertisements while using Avare.
  • This app will not ask for any invasive permissions.
  • It will keep you informed about the weather and winds.
  • The design and graphics of the app are modern and easy to understand.
  • The location of airports is also available on this app.
  • It can give alerts about any obstacles over 500’ AGL within 200’ altitude.
  • You can get information about fuel availability, runways, and frequencies during the flight through Avare.
  • Notes can be drawn on-screen on charts as the aviator wants.
  • GPS compass direction is also featured in Avare for better navigation.

Along with these notable features, many other aspects of the Avare app are valuable for aviators. Different kinds of graphics like portrait landscaping etc, are available in it to enhance the quality of charts.

Through this app, you can also keep yourself aware of locations of terrain stations or taxi availability near the airport, etc. besides all the mind-blowing features of Avare, its spontaneous and smooth response tempts the aviators most.  The excellent efficiency of Avare helps it to make a place in the list of popular apps of google player.

How to Download the Avare for PC (Windows 11/10/8/7 & Mac)

Currently, Avare is available on the android platform. To try the Avare app on PC, you need to download an emulator program. The work of emulators is to stimulate your computer as an android device.

Before downloading any emulator, do proper research for the most trusted and reliable emulator. You can go for the Bluestacks emulator that is most popular in recent days for Windows and Mac. Other than Bluestacks, Nox Player is also an efficient emulator suggested by IT experts.

Both emulators can be installed through their websites. Bluestacks and Nox Player are reliable and safe to use emulators. After choosing an emulator, download it from its website. Once you get the emulator on the pc, then the following steps are super easy to follow.

Download Avare for PC Using Bluestacks or Nox Player


  1. First, download a super-efficient emulator on the pc.
  2. Launch and open the emulator in windows.
  3. Google play store is pre-installed in the emulator. Find the google play store on the home screen of google player and click on it to open.
  4. Search for the Avare app in the search bar of the google play store and click on the file of the Avare app to start downloading.
  5. Downloading the android app will take a few minutes. Now you are ready to use this navigation app on your laptops or computers through the emulator with ease.

The use of an emulator can affect little bit on the speed of your computer so don’t take any pressure on it. Use the navigation app on the laptop to increase your exposure to the Avare app. After downloading the app, you must keep it updated because new charts or materials can be added at any time in the updated versions. Experts recommend updating the Avare app manually rather than keeping it on auto-updating mode.


Avare app, from its design to its specifications, can be considered the best negation app for flyers. Pilots will find it very useful in their flights to follow their routes properly. We did our best to guide you in downloading this innovative and stunning app for the Windows system. We are concluding our article hoping that you can install the Avare app on your PC and smartphone by following the given instructions and flying your planes smoothly.