Download & Install YCC365 Plus For PC – Windows 11/10/8/7 or Mac

Connecting to your surveillance camera made easy by the YCC365 Plus app.  Using this software, you can access and manage any camera of your home or office.

The YCC365 app will provide you the basic control menu including some of its advanced features like sharing the live feeds of the camera to your social media account.

This application is the ideal software to manage and monitor the camera activity from anywhere. Some of us will notice that the YCC365 Plus app is only available for the Android Operating System and also an iOS version.

On the other hand, the YCC365 Plus for PC Windows or Mac is possible to run using some method to run it even if this software was meant only for the Android and iOS. To run this app, you might need to read more to check and prepare your PC.

Requirements of YCC365 Plus For PC

YCC365 Plus app may not need a powerful and supercomputer. But to make sure you can run it, the details regarding this can be found below.

  • First, make sure you have a good internet connection since the YCC365 Plus needs are online software to monitor your devices, you need a stable and fast internet.
  • Second, is to check your computer itself. Start by checking if you have below 2GB of RAM. In case you have more, then you can continue to proceed to the next step. Else for people below 2GB, you need to upgrade or add additional memory stick because this is the minimum requirements before running it.
  • The third is to make sure that you have free storage space on your hard disk drive before installing. A minimum of 20 is sufficient to install the YCC365 for PC.
  • Now, you must have the latest version of the .Net framework installed on your System Unit’s OS. For computers using Mac Operating System, you do not need to install the .NET because it is for Microsoft OS only.
  • After that, update the graphics driver or install it properly. The graphics software must be installed properly to make sure you can run it without graphical bugs.
  • Lastly, reboot your computer to your UEFI settings and make sure that you have already enabled the virtualization. Enabling it will grant you additional performance.

Finishing the following will make you capable of installing and running the YCC365 for PC.

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Using Android Emulator

If you are still unsure why did we instruct you the following especially about enabling the virtualization, the answer for this is because you have to install an Android Emulator into your computer.

Android Operating System uses a different environment that’s why its apps will not work on Windows or Mac Operating System without using an emulator. The best emulator for running YCC365 for PC is the BlueStacks and Nox App Player.

Although you can also try other emulators that were not mentioned above, we still recommend to stick and use any BlueStacks or Nox. This is because both emulators are the top of the line which provides us a fast and reliable performance.

For the installation guide of BlueStacks and Nox, you can read more below.

How To Download YCC365 For PC (Windows 11/10/8/7 Or Mac)

If you choose to use BlueStacks emulator to run YCC365 for Windows or Mac, then you have to go and visit the website of BlueStacks. Find the download option and then launch it on your computer.


Follow the on-screen guide until you complete the installation. Now, run the emulator BlueStacks from your computer.

The first time you run it will ask you to provide the Google or Gmail account. Enter the correct details of your account to log in successfully on the Play Store.

Now, find the icon of the Play Store and click to launch it. If you did not enter your account, this will ask you to again to enter it and if you don’t, you cannot access the apps including YCC365 Plus.


Once you can navigate and access inside the Play Store, now you have to search for the YCC365 Plus for PC. Check if the developers were from the “cloud cam” and then open it.

On this page, you will see a download button. Click it and this will finally install the YCC365 app for PC. Once the installation has finished, access this app from the Home of BlueStacks and start configuring your CCTV devices to connect with this software.

Installing Nox App Player Emulator And Download YCC365 App On Computer

For the installation of the Nox App Player, go to the website and start to download the installer. Double click to launch the installer package from your computer.

Now click the “Install” to start the installation progress. Wait until it completes. After that, browse the Nox App Player and run this emulator.

The next step is to look for the Google Play Store and enter your valid Gmail account on this page. After you provide it, open this app and then browse for the list of apps. Now click the search button and start typing the YCC365 Plus to download it.

Once you found it, click download to install it. After that, there’s a new icon generated from your computer desktop this is the YCC365 Plus for PC so double click to launch this software from your Windows or Mac computer.

Best Features Of YCC365 App

  • It allows you to record everything that the camera captures which is a very important feature for viewing past incidents.
  • The YCC365 Plus app lets you decide which will be your preferred storage – Card or Cloud.
  • You can share the videos captured from your CCTV devices with anyone you wanted. This is also possible to share it with your social media network account.
  • It allows you to set an alarm that will notify your device immediately when it detects movements which is very important to keep you updated whenever someones are trying to break into your property.
  • This app is also capable of creating two-way communication which lets you talk and hear to the person near your camera.

Final Words

The YCC365 for PC is a very handy application for monitoring the activity and keeping you updated for a most important event. This makes it valuable software even for Windows or Mac. Without an emulator, there is no other way to install and use it on our PC.

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