Mobile Focus For PC – Free Download On Windows 11/10/8/7 & Mac

Do you want trustworthy software for controlling cameras, DVR, or NVR? In that case, you must try the Mobile Focus app. This software was made by EverFocus Electronics Corp. And made sure that it is powered by powerful algorithms that have a special feature for controlling the EverFocus CCTV cameras and other devices.

With its powerful features, you are capable of viewing real-time video feeds anywhere. It also supports a wide list of compatible devices such as Paragon Series, Ecor 264 Series, Ecor HD/FHD Series, EDR Series, EMV Series, ELR, EPHD, ENDEAVOR, ENVR, XMS, EMX, and many more!

To make a successful installation for Windows or Mac, you have to use another program for this. To download and install the Mobile Focus for PC on Windows or Mac, follow the guide in this article.

How To Install MobileFocus For PC On Windows Or Mac

If you are wondering how to install the Mobile Focus app, you are going to use a program called an emulator. Emulators can be easily downloaded from the internet and most of it is free.

Before you start the installation process of the MobileFocus app and its emulator, you have to make sure that you have a decent enough computer. To be honest, the PC spec requirements do not need to be so powerful. But for some people who still use their old computers, it is good practice to check it first before you install MobileFocus for PC.

Begin with checking the RAM of your laptop or computer. Make sure that you have a 2GB size of RAM. If you have below the minimum requirements, your only option is to increase the virtual memory or install an additional and better RAM.

Now, check if your HDD has enough space. It must have 20+ Gigabytes of storage to be able to install the Mobile Focus app. This is the most basic setup that you need.

After that go to the BIOS or UEFI settings of your computer and enable the virtualization technology which helps the emulation process a lot.

Installing the .NET framework will help to prevent your PC from getting unexpected errors so make sure that you install or update it. The graphics drivers also need to be updated to get the most current glitch fixes. Finishing the following steps will almost ensure that you’ll be able to run MobileFocus for PC smoothly and hassle-free.

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How To Install The Mobile Focus App On Windows 11/10/8/7 or Mac With BlueStacks

Installing the Mobile Focus app is easy. But first, you need to have an emulator program for this. The best one that you can find for free is the BlueStacks emulator. This emulator can be downloaded and installed easily.

To get the setup file of this program, you must visit the official website and download it. Run the installer after you have it on your computer. Now follow the steps by steps provided by the built-in guide.

Wait until it finishes and you will be able to find a new shortcut icon. This icon represents the BlueStacks. Double click to run it.

Doing this for the first time will bring you to the screen where you can enter your account your on google. Make sure you enter the correct information to continue the setup.


After that, run the Google Play Store and tap or click the icon with a magnifying glass. Type the MobileFocus app to find it and once you see it, click the download button.

It will start installing the Mobile Focus for PC on your Windows or Mac. Find the icon from your desktop and launch it. Start connecting your CCTV or other devices provided by the EverFocus.

Alternative Emulator For This Application

Some folks wanted to try different emulators. In this case, we are going to recommend the Nox App Player emulator. Upon our lab test, we found out that Nox App Player is almost the same as BlueStacks and in some cases, even faster than it, especially for running games.

To download and install the Nox App Player, visit this link for its website and click the download. Run the installer from your computer and make sure to accept its agreement of license to continue.

Click the install button and wait until it is finished. Open the Nox App Player after it is completed and launch the Play Store app. Provide the details of your account. Using the same app, find the Mobile Focus app. You need to be careful because sometimes, there are other apps with a similar name so before you download it, check the developer.

Once the installation has finished, enjoy using the Mobile Focus app using your Windows or Mac computer.

How To Install The APK Of Mobile Focus For PC On Emulator

The installer can be found easily if you search it on your favorite search engine. Just make sure to get it from a trusted source. After you save the MobileFocus APK into your PC, run BlueStacks or Nox App Player and find the installation about APK.

Click that option and look for the APK file you download earlier. This will open the installation window of the APK. Follow it until it is finished.

Now you will be able to run the MobileFocus app from your computer using the emulator of your choice.

Important Features Of Mobile Focus App

  • You can control the camera using its built-in PTZ controller.
  • It allows you to view the camera feeds in real-time mode.
  • Lets you choose the channel mode from its controller.
  • Manage multiple cameras with this software.
  • Access your device using Wifi, 4G, LTE, or 3G.
  • It has a push notification that notifies you during an event.
  • Create a screenshot or snapshot of the video.
  • It allows you to play the recorded camera video files.

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With the help of the Mobile Focus App, you can view your surveillance cameras anywhere as long as you have an internet connection. The good thing is, that the emulator allows us to install the Mobile Focus for PC with simple steps. So it is now possible for people to view their cameras from their computers using this method.

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