Download WardenCam For PC Windows 11/10/8/7 & Mac – Free

Do you have a surveillance camera installed in your home or office? In that case, you need a software for managing these cameras. One of the best software that you can use to control your CCTV devices is the WardenCam app.

This camera app does have multiple features that you needed for the basic task of controlling your camera. It also does not need you to subscribe and useable for everyone who wanted to install it. In other words, it is completely free.

Developers are also open for different queries of their customer which enables you to get support from 10 AM to 10 PM of Pacific Time.

The WardenCam app as of now is only available for smartphone devices, this includes Apple’s iPhone or iPad and Android smartphones and tablets. The computer and laptop version has not released yet as of now. But there’s still a way for downloading and installing the WardenCam for PC on Windows and Mac.

We, from appzforpc will provide you the solution and trick for running this app even without using your smartphone or tablet. Just follow the steps in this guide and you’ll be able to run WardenCam app from your PC.

The Features Of WardenCam App

  • Manage and connect to your camera anywhere using the Wi-Fi, LTE, 4G, 3G. To make sure that you are connected to a secured network, you can also install this great VPN app.
  • This application supports the push notification and will also notify you whenever it captures a motion.
  • The WardenCam app is fully compatible with Google Drive which you can integrate to use as the free online storage solution.
  • It allows you to set up and configures multiple surveillance cameras.
  • You can share the live feeds to your families and also friends as long as you permit them.
  • It doesn’t have a monthly cost which means you are free to use whenever you want.
  • WardenCam can also capture the voice and will also allow you to talk with it in real-time.
  • You can enjoy the premium version of this app at a low cost. Only for $5.99 and enjoy its full benefits.

How To Install WardenCam For PC – Windows 11/10/8/7 & Mac

The installation of this application is simple and very easy. But before you install the WardenCam app, you need to ensure that your laptop or computer will be capable of running it.

Start by checking the memory or RAM of your computer. The recommended RAM is 4GB and above. If your computer has 8GB RAM and above and has a powerful processor, running WardenCam for PC is very easy for you.

Next, check your hard drive space. Almost everyone knows it already but it is just to remind you to check it before you attempt to install it.

After you check the space of your HDD, next is to install and update the drivers such as video card or graphics card. This will install or update the DirectX11 or 12 of your computer which is a vital requirement for this.

Lastly, enable the virtualization from the UEFI or BIOS to make sure that your processor can handle the virtualized environment for running the WardenCam app.

By the way, the program that we are using is the emulator of android, an example of this application is the BlueStacks. This emulator is powerful that almost any kind of android software is playable. This includes the WardenCam app.

Another good example is Nox App Player. This emulator is also very good at emulating apps and also graphics-heavy resource games can be run smoothly from this program.

There are also other good emulators available online, but the following is the best one so go ahead and choose any of these emulators.

How To Install WardenCam App To Run In PC With BlueStacks Emulator

To get the BlueStacks emulator installer, go to and click the download button from its website. Both installers for Windows or Mac can be found from their website so make sure that you download it.

After that browse the downloaded file and run the installer. The installation window for the BlueStacks will appear, follow what it says and wait until the installation has completed.

Launch the BlueStacks emulator. Generally, the Play Store account will prompt you to enter your credentials. If not, go to the home of BlueStacks and launch the Google Play then input your details of email here.


Now, launch it and type into the search bar your desired application. In this case, the WardenCam app. In case there’s another application with the same name that has appeared, make sure you check the developer “WardenCam360 – Home Security, Video Monitoring”. Then click the download after that.

This will automatically install this application into your computer which you can launch after the installation. Run the WardenCam for PC from your Windows or Mac desktop and start connecting your CCTV devices.

How To Install WardenCam App To Run In PC With Nox App Player Emulator

If you decided to use Nox App Player instead, you can download the installer from this link. Click it to go to the website and download its installer package. Open the setup package and follow the built-in guide to continue.

Follow it until your only option is to wait until the completion of the installation. Now launch the Nox App Player and open the Google Play Store app. The first time you open it will ask you to enter the details of your account. Go ahead and start typing it.

Inside the Play Store, click the search bar and this will allow you to type the specific app that you wanted to install. Type the WardenCam app and after you find it, click the install button to start downloading this app.

After the download has finished, you’ll find its newly generated icon that you can open to start using the WardenCam app for Windows or Mac.

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Being able to emulate the WardenCam for PC solve the issue of the compatibility. Now that you have an emulator program, you can enjoy this app and start managing your cameras from your Windows or Mac computer.

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