How To Download Roborock on PC – Windows 11/10/8/7 & Mac

Do you have a Roborock vacuum cleaner to clean your house? Or are you worried about getting complete commands over it? Or do you need a product that can supervise the vacuum according to your desire?

Suppose you face any of the problems mentioned earlier. In that case, you have to choose the Roborock app for completing all cleansing tasks because it is the ultimate solution for controlling the vacuum.

But here the question arises: what is the Roborock app, what characteristics does it have, how to connect it with cleaner, and how to install Roborock for windows. If you are probing for the answers to this bundle of questions, you are on the right page. This article will cover all the aspects related to Roborock app for Windows PC or Mac.

So let us get started!

What is Roborock?


It is a mobile application that assists people in managing the Roborock robot vacuum cleaners. S4, S5 Max, S6 Pure, and S6 MaxV are the latest cleaners models, which are controllable through this excellent app.

A Roborock company develops this, and it falls in the category of lifestyle. It has been enjoying the 1,000,000+ installations on the Play Store by Google, and this massive number of its users shows its authenticity.

Characteristics of Roborock

This app comes into existence to command the vacuum cleaners by Roborock technology. Therefore, it contains various features—some of the legendary characteristics of this app are present below.

Firstly, you have to start around your home. After completing its turn, it will automatically identify the floor and rooms of your apartment. In addition, you can save up to four maps of your home. After it, the robot will start its work automatically, and you can watch its position on your mobile, tablet, or PC screen through this fantastic app.

Secondly, this app offers you the option of customization the cleaner. You can set up higher or lower water amounts according to the demand for water for cleaning. For example, you can automate more water for the nursery and a tiny amount for the kitchen.

Thirdly, Roborock gives you a facility to create various zones to clean with a cleaning robot. You can build up to five zones for neatness and ten zones that are prohibited. With these zone divisions, you can easily manage the activities of your robot at home.

Fourthly, you can schedule cleaning with the help of this app. Whether you want to clean your home in the daytime or any other time, you can finish this task with this app. After fulfilling the cleansing need, the robot will automatically go to charge the battery.

How to Connect Robot Vacuum to Roborock app?

It is not a daunting task to connect the robot vacuum cleaner with the Roborock app. For this connection, you have to do some chores, which present below.

  1. Download the Roborock app from the Play Store (The method of installation has mentioned below, so read the full blog post).
  2. Choose the current region where you are present now.
  3. Create and register yourself by using your phone number.
  4. Directly connect cleaner gadget with Wi-Fi or data connection.
  5. Turn on the location and add your device by tapping on the plus (+) icon.
  6. Also, edit the name of the model of your cleaner.
  7. Now navigate to the homepage of this app.
  8. Press the device access button to operate it.
  9. After 100% completion of the initialization process, you can enter and control your robot.

How to Install Roborock for PC (Windows 11/10/8/7 & Mac)?

Most people use Roborock applications on mobile phones or tablets. But some people prefer or want to use it on Windows PC. If you also wish to utilize Roborock for PC, you have to install an emulator for this purpose. If you do not know how to install an emulator and Roborock for windows or Pc, do not worry. Keep on reading to get to know the step-by-step guidelines about the installation procedure.

Approach 1: Installation of Roborock on PC Through Bluestacks

Bluestacks is the topmost emulator used all around the world. It works as a third party and makes accessibility to a mobile app on a PC possible. You just have to follow the steps presented below to utilize Roborock for PC.


  1. In the first place, visit the official site of Bluestacks through a search engine like google. If you want to get more information about it, you can check this link.
  2. Download the extension file by clicking on the download button present on the home screen of the Bluestacks website.
  3. After completion of its downloading, go to the downloads folder to find it.
  4. After seeing it, extract its file, install, and run it on a PC.
  5. Now sign it up with Google mail ID and reach the main screen of this emulator.
  6. Explore the pre-installed Play Store and double-click on its icon for opening.
  7. On the accomplishment of the above step, write the Roborock on the search bar.
  8. When the result appears against your search, click on the first number application.
  9. Again, click the green button on which the install has written.
  10. After some time, you can see the Roborock app on the PC screen, and you can control over robot at your home.

Besides this approach, Bluestacks facilitate you uploading the APK file to install any mobile-supported application. Just download the zip file of the Roborock app from its website and upload it on the upload screen software in this app. After a few moments later, the Roborock icon will show on the PC screen. Just double-tap on it and inaugurate to control your home robot cleaner.

Furthermore, you can utilize many other emulators like LDPlayer, Android Studio, MEmu, and Nox, to download the Roborock application for Windows 11/10/8/7. You have to follow the same above ten instructional steps for the installation of Roborock on your computer.

Alternatives of Roborock App

  1. SmartboxSmartMixin
  2. Home smart
  3. Mi Home
  5. Xiaomi Wear
  6. Clean Home+
  7. Lutron Connect
  8. NetHome Plus

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Summing Up

In sum, we can say that this app gives you an excellent facility for controlling the Roborock robot cleaner by just clicking a few buttons or pressing the icons in this app that functions on the PC screen or mobile phone screen.

In this article, we have defined the Roborock application, its features, how to maintain a connection with a vacuum cleaner, install Roborock for PC, and some alternatives to this app.

Hopefully, you have enjoyed and understood every point discussed in this blog post related to the Roborock app.