Arlo App For PC Download – Windows 11/10/8/7 & Mac

The Arlo app for PC is software that you can use to manage and control your smart devices such as IP cameras, or CCTV for as long as you and your device are connected to the internet.

Arlo Technologies, Inc is the creator of this software which is also a company of Netgear. Being affiliated with this known company, the Arlo app becomes very popular and has already reached 1,000,000+ installs.

According to its users, this application has a wonderful feature that you can only find with this app. The app itself is also very easy to operate since the user interface is simple.

While some of us may want to run the Arlo app for PC, you would notice that there’s no official version of this application. So to run this app, you need to install third-party software in order to run Android apps like Arlo into Windows or Mac-based Operating systems.

Before we teach you how to install Arlo on Windows or Mac, we are going to tell you a list of its features that you can use after you install this app on your computer or laptop.

Popular Features Of Arlo

  • You do not need to manage the critical IPC system with this software.
  • It supports different DVR or NVR.
  • The Pan, Tilt and Zoom options are available whenever you access your CCTV or IP camera online.
  • Arlo’s support center is open to any queries, they even have a forum dedicated to different questions regarding this app.
  • It enables you to take a screenshot or save videos during monitoring the real-time camera feeds.
  • You can also export the video files to the cloud and external sources for securing the video files.
  • It also detects the motion or movements automatically and creates a screenshot during these events.
  • The Arlo app supports high quality videos from 4K (some device), 1080p, 720p, 480p, 360p, and 140p.
  • Creating an alarm system is also possible and easy with this app.
  • The pro version of Arlo supports more features and functions. To get the complete list of these features, you can visit their official website.

How to Download Arlo App For PC (Windows 11/10/8/7 & Mac)

If you are going to ask, what program you need, the answer to this question is the emulator software. This third-party software is completely free and virus free. In fact, millions of people around the world are using the emulator programs to run Android apps on their computers.

Before we jump on installing the Arlo app for PC, you have to make sure that your computer will be able to run this app so that you won’t waste any time and effort when trying to run this app on your PC.

But don’t worry, the requirements for installing this app on your PC do not consume too much or required you to have a super-fast computer or laptop.

If you like monitoring apps for your IP camera or CCTV, you must read the V380 For PC Windows/ Mac article.

To find out the list of requirements, refer to the information below:

  • If you are using Windows Operating System, you have to make sure that the .NET framework is correctly installed or updated. For Mac OS users, you can skip it.
  • To make sure that your PC can run an emulator program, it is important to enable the BIOS option called virtualization. If you enable it, you will see a dramatic increase in performance when running an Android software like the Arlo app.
  • You have to make sure that your computer storage has at least 20 GB or more. This is important since you need a free space before attempting to install an emulator and of course, its apps.
  • RAM must be four GB and above to make sure you can run a smooth emulation.
  • GPU must also be updated to its latest and best version.

If you ensure that every information above has met your PC, you won’t be encountering any issues soon after installing Arlo App for PC.

In this guide, we are going to provide two emulators. These emulators are popular and have millions of active users around the world. The first emulator is Nox App Player, the second is BlueStacks

Both of these emulator programs have a huge list of users and are very stable. Developers are always working for improving the following emulator to satisfy their customers.

Method 1: Using Nox App Player To Download Arlo App For PC how-to-download-install-arlo-app-for-pc-windows-mac

  • To install the Nox App Player Emulator, you can download the installer from or by clicking this link. Clicking it will simply direct you to the official website of Nox.
  • Find the download and run the installer on your Windows or Mac to start installing it.
  • Now follow the on-screen guide and after the installation, run the Nox App Player.
  • Open the Google Play Store and provide your Gmail ID here to continue the installation.
  • Using the same app, click the search bar and look for the Arlo app, remember that you must download the one with Arlo Technologies, Inc as their developer.
  • Install it and this will let you use the Arlo for PC once you have completed the installation.

Method 2: Using BlueStacks to Get Arlo app for PC

  • If you like to use BlueStacks as your emulator for running Arlo, download it from
  • Install this emulator by launching it and following the steps by step procedure or simply click next until the installation loading bar starts.
  • Run the BlueStacks from your desktop once you can see its shortcut.
  • Unlike Nox App Player, the PlayStore account will pop out and ask you to provide it.
  • Assuming you provide the details, open the PlayStore and search for Arlo.
  • Check the results carefully and if you are sure about the Arlo app, click install to begin downloading this app.
  • You can click the “Open” button to run this application and use Arlo App For PC Windows/ Mac.

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While some of you may think that installing the emulator program is a bit nuisance, there’s still a benefit for running Arlo App on Windows / Mac. Due to the large monitor of the computer or laptop, you can view the IP camera feeds easily with this. Also, the loading times are much faster with emulator programs.

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