How to Convert PDF to Word Easily for Free?

Figuring out how to convert PDF to Word on a laptop, smartphone, or computer without an application can be a tricky business.

Many of the sites that provide conversion services on the internet contain annoying ads and require complex steps to convert.

If you find out how to convert words to pdf on a laptop without an application, please read this article further.

Convert Word to PDF for Free

In order to convert pdf to word Arabic on your device whether it is a laptop, PC, or smartphone without an application, you need to use a converter available on the internet. Some converters offer free file conversion services. Even so, you still have to be good at choosing which sites really provide good conversion services.

Not infrequently sites that offer conversion services like this display annoying advertisements that are very much of an annoyance for their users. Then what is the best solution for converting PDF to PPT on your devices? In our opinion, the best converter for converting word files to pdf that you should use is SizePDF.

We recommend that you use the SizePDF converter as a way to convert word to pdf on a laptop without an application. Check out the explanation of the steps to convert a word file to pdf using SizePDF below:

  • Before you open the converter site, ensure you are connected to the internet.
  • Visit the SizePDF web via a browser at this address:
  • Choose the PDF to Word converter you need.
  • Make sure your file is already in your feature.
  • Click the “select files” button.
  • In a few moments, your file will be converted to PDF.
  • Click the “download” button.

Why Choose SizePDF?

Previously, we have provided a guide on how to convert word to pdf on the PC and laptop. However, if you are still unsure about using SizePDF, then we will explain some of the features of this online file converter site. This online platform is one way to convert word to pdf via a laptop without an application that you can rely on all the time.

We strongly recommend you to use an online converter tool without an application for security reasons. That way, your device will be safer without any external applications installed on your device. When you don’t know what application is installed on your computer, it can be dangerous especially if the application contains a virus or malware. Some viruses and malware can compromise the security and privacy of your computer. Malware can do anything from displaying annoying, albeit harmless, ads to stealing important information on your device. Malware like this will be very easy to put into the applications you install.

SizePDF is a free converter that provides a way to convert word to pdf on a laptop without any application. Its security is guaranteed and it is very comfortable to use because of its light and simple interface. We can say so because it is web-based and does not require any software installation. No apps installed means a lower chance of security breaches. Furthermore, once your file is downloaded, SizePDF will immediately remove it from their site.

After reading our explanation of the best online converter on the internet, namely SizePDF, you must have made the choice to use this converter as your primary tool when you need a file converter that is fast and easy to use. With SizePDF your office work, education, or creative work will be easier because of the simplicity offered by SizePDF. Immediately visit the SizePDF site to use the best conversion service and how to convert word files to pdf on laptops on the entire internet.


In conclusion, there are many reasons why you should choose sizePDF over other online PDF services. The main reason is that it offers high-quality and secure PDF documents that are available instantly. It’s all about quality. It’s not about what the output looks like; it’s about the experience of the user. The user experience is everything. So, choose SizePDF today and experience the benefits of a faster, more reliable service!