Best Ad Blocker For Firestick That You Can Download

Most of us get annoyed with these ads and thus are looking for a way to stop them. In order to block them, the simplest method is to have an Ad Blocker for Firestick.

These days whenever you are surfing the internet and streaming your favorite movies, you confront many advertisements on the websites. These advertisements could be very annoying. You can imagine the frustrating feeling when you are watching your suspenseful movie, and out of the blue, an ad appears on the screen. To avoid this super annoying situation, we have methods to block these advertisements.

Ads are important for websites because it helps in generating revenue from it. You are not obliged to click on these advertisements. Mostly these ads are harmless, but sometimes malicious, and harmful ads appear on the screen. If you click on these ads mistakenly, then it can harm your device.

How To Block Ads On The Firestick?

There are a few ways that can help you to block annoying ads and pops-up. Blocking ads will result in more cleaner and faster browsing experience. You can also avoid getting unwanted programs in your firestick.

Now, to learn the method that you can use, simply choose any of the procedures below.

Method 1: Block Ads Through Apps

Few applications can help you in blocking these ads and pop-ups. The two most popular apps that are used for blocking ads for Amazon firestick are Ad Guard and Blokada. These two apps are considered the most efficient and secure for the firestick.

Method 2: Blokada app – A Simple Ad Blocker for Firestick

This app will help you in blocking ads on the firestick as well as the annoying popups. It will prevent malware ads and trackers from entering your device.

Blokada is a free app. This app is compatible with android devices very well as firestick is an android device so Blokada can be best for firestick.

You can download Blokada on your firestick via Applinked. Simple steps of downloading Blokada on firestick are:

  1. Open the home screen and go to “settings,” and click on “Device.”
  2. By selecting “Device,” then choose “Developer Options.”
  3. You will see the ADB debugging and Apps option; turn it on.
  4. Now open the Amazon App store on your device.
  5. Search for the downloader app.
  6. Download the downloader.
  7. After downloading the downloader, launch it on the device.
  8. Click on the “Allow” and go for “OK.”
  9. Put URL for Applinked and install it.
  10. After finishing installing Applinked, delete the downloader.
  11. After deleting the downloader, return to the home screen.
  12. Go for “ your Apps and Channels” and choose All.
  13. Select Applinked and click on Options.
  14. Select Move to front.
  15. Now Applinked will move forward, click it and open it.
  16. After accessing the Applinked store type Blokada in the search bar.
  17. Click on it and install it.
  18. Now you can use Blokada on the firestick.

Through Blokada you can block the website’s pop-up message by just changing, the setting turns the Notification Off. Blokada will automatically start working when you get connected to your internet and start blocking ads and pop-ups. This app also gives an option to blacklist the ad servers. All these features make Blokada more suitable to use as an ads blocker on your firestick.

Method 3: Ad Guard – Powerful Ad Blocker for Firestick

Ad Guard is an application that prevents ads from appearing on your screen. This will help you block ads from any streaming movies and tv torrent sites, and even in gaming apps.

The Ad Guard allows you to stop intrusions of any suspected trackers on your device. This app is highly compatible with the Amazon Firestick, Fire TV, Fire Cube, Android devices, and Internet browsers.

Now let us see how you can install this app on your device. These steps will help you in installing this app.

  1. Firstly you need to go to “Settings” and select “Device”.
  2. Now select “Developer Options”.
  3. Turn on the ADB Debugging and Apps.
  4. After this, you need to launch the “Amazon App Store” on the device.
  5. Search for the downloader app and download it.
  6. After downloading the downloader, launch it after installing it.
  7. Select “Allow” options and go for “OK”
  8. Find the Ad Guard from the search and download it.
  9. Now click on “install” and select Done.
  10. When you finish installing Ad Guard this takes you back to the downloader. Select the delete option.
  11. Click on  Delete one more time.
  12. Now return to the home screen and select Choose All in Apps and Channels option.
  13. Select “Ad Guard” and select the “Options”.
  14. Ad Guard will be shown to Your Apps and Channels.
  15. Select Ad Guard and click it to open.

This is how you can have Ad Gaurd. This app can also work with an authentic VPN to secure your streaming content.

Besides blocking ads Ad Guard can also help you protect your device from harmful malware and malicious viruses. This feature will keep the device clean and virus-free.

Another great feature of this app is protecting the device from online scams by giving security to your data and information.

Method 4: Ad-Free Browsers

Above, we discussed the best apps to block the ad and pop-up on the screen. But we also have other options to block the ads appearing while you are enjoying your favorite movies.

And this option is streaming and browsing through ad-free browsers. Ad-free browsers browse and let you surf the internet without any ads and pop-ups. Browsers like Dolphin Browser, Brave browser, firefox, and smart youtube are ads-free browsers.

You can download these ad-free browsers on your firestick through the downloader app. These browsers are very compatible with the firestick and help you to stream the content securely. Any intrusive activity of malicious viruses can be detected by the ad-free browser and snub them from entering the device.


All of the ways we have discussed above are the most authentic and genuine methods to have an ad blocker for firestick thus, resulting in neat content streaming. We can assure you that these all guarantee you an ad-free viewing experience.

We hope that all the information provided above will help you avoid annoying advertisements while watching your favorite movie. Choose any of the above methods according to your preference and keep your device clean from any malicious viruses. Go for these methods to protect your device from viruses without any hesitations.

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