All You Need To Know About Windows 11

Since the last major edition of Windows was published about six years ago, a lot has changed in the operating system world.

Microsoft is back with a new version of the Windows user interface. It’s simple to use, and appealing to the eye. It’s connected, making it easier for you to connect to your information, your friends, and other services.

Windows 11 is all the rage right now, and it marks the start of a new era. It’s full of great new features and enhancements that will help you manage your digital life easier.

It is now available to the public but not everyone is still aware of all the upgrades. So we are here to give you a quick overview as to what to expect and all you need to know about Windows 11.

Windows 11 New Look

Google’s redesigned the Taskbar icons. The Taskbar icons are now centered and smaller. While the Start button remains to the left of the other app icons. Similar to macOS, Windows has recently added rounded corners to its interface. The Fluent Design System continues to evolve, adding new features and refinements based on community feedback.

The opaque Mica, which is slightly colored dependent on the background color, and Smoke, which darkens other parts to make you focus on a crucial input region, are two new materials that join the translucent Acrylic. The dark mode also has a more consistent appearance, and the materials shift to reflect that.


Widgets are on their way back! The new widgets use AI for customization and Edge for rendering to give a personalized stream of weather, news, sports, traffic, and stock market data. Third-party content providers can make use of this new palette by expanding widgets to occupy the entire screen.

Snap Layout

Snap Layouts are handy because they allow you to select from a variety of window layouts and quickly fill them with program windows. The more useful feature of this app is that it preserves the layouts of all apps, so you don’t have to recreate them. You can just switch to them with one click!

New & Updated Default Apps

Many of the classic Windows favorites such as Photos, Paint, Media Player, Mail, Notepad, and several more have been or will be upgraded for the new appearance, with new features in certain cases.

Multiple Desktops

You can now pick a distinct backdrop color or image for each virtual desktop you have in Windows 11, which is useful if you have a work desktop and a personal desktop, for example. It’s worth noting that the backdrops can only be photos or plain colors. If you choose a slideshow background or theme, it will be applied to all desktops. The above-mentioned Snap Layouts can also be utilized independently on each desktop.

Android Apps

Yes, Android apps will work on your PC, but you have to go through a subsequent Windows update and install them through either the Amazon Appstore or through the side loading. The Amazon App Store will be accessible from within the Microsoft Store application.

Revamped Settings

A permanent left menu has been added to the new Settings app. It eliminates the need to back out of nested settings to rapidly move to another group. Aside from that, you have access to almost everything in Windows 10’s Settings.

A New Set Of Sounds

In Windows 11, the soundscape of Windows starting up, warnings, notifications, and other events is gentler, more peaceful, and shorter.

Performance And Security

Web browsing in Edge, checking in with Windows Hello, and getting up from sleep have all seen speed improvements. Windows updates are 40% smaller and more efficient than previous versions, and they run in the background. Longer battery life comes from more efficient energy utilization.

Gaming Gets Better

On Windows 11, you may play Xbox Game Pass games, and Xbox Cloud Gaming is available in the Xbox app. As a result, every PC is now both an Xbox and a PC. Nonetheless, for an amazing online gaming experience, you would still require a reliable internet connection. You might want to check out CenturyLink español to get an affordable and high-speed internet connection so that your game never lags, nor do you have to face a long installation time.

Wrapping Up

And with that, we have covered an overall look at Windows 11 and the changes there are for you to see. It is surely all set to take over the world.