Download MLiveU For PC (Windows 11/10/8/7 and Mac)

MLiveU is a growing app on the android device that lets you stream and chat with different people from anywhere around the world. This app is useful for people who are seeking to chat with men or women that can tag along with you.

Some people were also using this app to meet new friends online that they can meet in person someday. One of the best parts of this app is the live streaming that people can use and receive different virtual gifts.

You can also use it to show your talent by live-streaming the way you dance or sing. To install the MLiveU for PC, you may need to read our guide here because the only way to install it on Windows or Mac is to use some trick.

Before we jump on how to install the MLiveU app on your Windows or Mac computer, we are going to list the features of this program below.

Features Of MLiveU App

  • You can establish a live video anytime you wanted and anywhere as long as you are connected to the internet.
  • It allows you to create a guild that you can use to live together.
  • The reward system and gifts will surely surprise and entertain you.
  • It has a special gift called a red packet that everyone in the chatroom can enjoy.
  • You can activate the Super Star & Net Idol making your fans follow you.
  • Do anything you want, basically, you can dance, sing, or play inside this app.
  • Meet new people around the world. Who knows, they might even become your next lover!
  • It has a lot of events for everyone.
  • You can earn income from this app by exchanging gifts.
  • Gain more income by upgrading star and becoming a professional VJ.
  • Established a special live stream for different idols.

Installing MLiveU App Using Emulator

Since you’ve already known that this app is Android software, the only way for running an app such as MLiveU on your computer is to download and install an emulator compatible with your Operating System.

But before you create a new tab and search it on Google, you need to make sure that your laptop or computer can run this tool. To make sure that you can run an emulator program, the following procedures must be taken:

  • Free up some space on your SSD or HDD to make sure that you can download and install it.
  • PC memory must be 2GB – 4GB or above to run an emulator properly. You can upgrade your RAM if you have below 2GB.
  • Get the latest package driver of your video card and install it.
  • Install the .Net Framework and Visual C++ by Microsoft.
  • Enable Virtualization Technology, Intel-vt, or AMD-v from the BIOS menu.

After you enable and update the following, your computer is ready to install the emulator program.

Download And Install MLiveU For PC – Windows 11/10/8/7 & Mac

We will use an emulator to install the MLiveU app on your PC. To do that, you need to go to and download the installer from their website.

After that, run the installer and follow the instruction on-screen. Installation time will depend on how powerful your computer is and of course, the internet.

Once the installation is finished, run it and this will give you an option to enter your PlayStore or to skip it. If you wish to skip it, you can also do that and download an APK file of MLiveU so do it.

To get the installer, type it on google and download it. Once you finished downloading the APK file, click the browse icon (triple dot) and click install APK.

Installing it will make you run and enjoy the MLiveU for PC Windows or Mac.


In case you choose to install MLiveU from PlayStore, then provide your Gmail address and you can search for the MLiveU from PlayStore.

Download and install it, the outcome is the same as APK. So choose any method from above. If you are going to ask which method is easier, the answer to that is the PlayStore method. Since you can search it easily and download it directly from BlueStacks.

Looking For BlueStacks Alternative Software?

Now, this topic may be the question for some of us, is there an alternative software for BlueStacks? The answer is Yes. Actually, lots of emulators can also be downloaded for free. We picked BlueStacks due to its popularity.

It is also one of the most stable emulators that you can get for free. If you really want to try other emulator apps, you can also try the best alternative emulator for this.

Nox App Player, in our opinion, can compete for head to head with BlueStacks. That’s why we recommend getting this emulator if you want to change from BlueStacks.

To download Nox App Player, you can check their website at Installing this emulator is also easy. That almost anyone would be able to do that.

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Running the MLiveU for PC on both Windows & Mac can be easily done nowadays. That’s because of the emulator app for Android which is free to use for everyone. This can help us to run smartphone apps even without having one. This is very useful for people who have no smartphone or just looking to run apps on their powerful computers.

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