How To Watch From Verizon Fios TV on Roku?

Nowadays, we can see a lot of emerging applications online. We would be able to choose what is the best for us. Today I will introduce to you the Verizon Fios TV on Roku. It is one of the best streaming services we can find online.

It is available in Appstore and you can download it to compatible devices. Verizon Fios supports android phones, smartphones, and iOS devices. This media platform will allow you to access on-demand and popular channels containing movies, sports, news, TV shows, and other media content that you could enjoy.

Some of the channels that you can watch on Fios TV are NBC, Telemundo, Univision, ABC, CBS, CW, Fox, MyNet, and other popular channels. You can watch it on Fios anytime and anywhere you want. But if you want to just watch with the comfort of your home on your big screen, we will show you how to get Fios TV on your Roku through your android and iOS phone.

Steps By Step Procedure to Watch Fios TV on Roku

How to watch Fios TV on Roku from an Android Smartphone?

Step 1. Connect both devices to the same Wi-Fi network. Make sure that you have a good and stable internet connection.

Step 2. And then go to your smartphone, click the google play store and download the Fios app.

Step 3. Once done, look for your phone settings and click connection and sharing or other wireless connection.

Step 5. It will search the available nearby devices. Once the Roku device pops up, click it.

Step 6. Confirm it on your Roku TV. You can now enjoy streaming with Fios TV
on your Roku

How to Watch Fios TV on Roku an iOS Device?

Step 1. Go to your AppStore and search for the Fios TV app. Once found start downloading it.

Step 2. Install the air beam app on your phone. It is the screen mirroring app that we are going to use to cast Fios TV on Roku.

Step 3. Now look for the cast option and tap it.

Step 4. choose the Roku device once you see it from the search list.

Step 5. We successfully connected Fios TV to your Roku. You can now enjoy streaming.

Fios Mobile App

Since the Fios TV app is supporting mobile phones like android phones, smartphones, and iOS, its users found it more convenient to use this platform. They can watch their favorite channels anytime and anywhere they want.

All they have to do is to download the app on their phones with a good internet connection. They can stream more content like sports, live TV shows, breaking news, and more. In addition to this using this app, you can pay your bills and you can control your account through your phone.

All you have to do is to log in to your account with your credentials. Furthermore, one good thing about this app is you have the easiest way to connect it to a TV.

Fios TV Subscription Plan

Fios TV has three subscription plans. You can choose your plan based on how many channels you want to access.

  • Your Fios TV ($65 per month) with this subscription plan you can choose your top favorite channels with a package of more than 125 channels and an additional set-top box.
  • More Fios TV ($85 per month) In this subscription plan, will allow you to access over 225 channels including the first set box and the DVR service.
  • The Most Fios TV ($105 per month) – It will give you access to more than
    425 channels including the first Set-top-box, Multi-room DVR, and premium channels such as movie channel, Epix, and showtime.
  • Fios TV Mundo ($85 per month)-This subscription plan will give you
    access to 210 channels including the first set-top box and basic DVR
  • The Fios TV Mundo total ($105 per month) – It will give you access to more than 215 channels including the first Set-top box, and basic DVR service.
  • Fios TV test drive ($65 per month) – It will allow you to test more than 425 channels for 60 days and after that Fios will be recommending the best plan that will fit you.

Fios TV Features

  • It has good audio and video quality.
  • Fios TV gives you access to on-demand channels like NBC, Telemundo, Univision, ABC, CBS, CW, Fox, MyNet, and many more.
  • This media platform also offers add-on channels like Spanish and international channels.
  • Viewers can choose their top five favorite channels and Fios will recommend a package based on the users’ content preferences.
  • Its service includes DVR to make it more convenient for you to watch videos. This DVR allows the users to rewind or pause the content that they are watching.
  • Fios TV app is supporting smartphones, tablets, and iOS devices running iOS
    12 and higher, Android devices running 5.0 and higher.
  • It also allows you to use multiple devices based on your plan.

Frequently Asked Questions

Does Fios TV free?

It will give you one-time free access to premium channels in two days and after that, you can choose from one of its subscription plans for you to have longer access to your favorite content.

Is it worth buying Fios TV’s subscription plan?

Fios TV subscription plan is not only giving you access to more popular channels but also has some features that you can enjoy.


Now we have learned how simple it is to watch Filos TV on Roku. All we have to do is just simply download the app to our phones, do some navigation to connect it on Roku, and we will be able to stream our favorite movies, sports, news weather, and other on-demand media content.

Along with this, we have also learned that Fios TV has its best features together with its subscription plans. I hope you enjoy watching your favorite channels with Fios TV app on Roku.