How To Add MyWiFi TV on FireStick?

Today we will learn about how to install MyWiFi TV on a Firestick. But before anything else Let’s get to know first what is “MyWiFi TV”. MyWiFi TV is an IPTV (internet protocol television) service provider that offers you to watch various media content globally.

You can download it to your phone and Windows PC. Since it allows you to install it on your phone, you can access it anytime, anywhere. Delightedly, this platform has great features and one of those is it will give access to more than 4000 cable channels in SD and HD quality. A lot of people use this platform because its features give convenience to the users.

One of its best features is it supports media players like VLC Media Player, MX Player, and Wuffy media player. In addition to this, MyWiFi TV offers free channels that you can enjoy watching.

What are the Features of the MyWiFi TV application?


  • It offers an affordable subscription plan which is $25 per month with two devices.
  • The MyWiFi TV has HD quality channels and it will allow you to access more than 2000 channels
  • It is also compatible with all devices like android phones, tablets, Firesticks, and more.

How to Install the MyWiFi TV app on Firestick?

Now we will show you the step-by-step guide on how to Install the MyWiFi TV app on firestick.

Step 1. First, you have to go to the setting of your firestick device

Step 2. Find “My fire TV” and then click it

Step 3. Now select the “Developer options”

Step 4. Turn on the “ADB debugging”

Step 5. Now look for “Apps” from Unknown Sources then turn it on

How to Install the Downloader on Firestick

Step 1. On your Firestick screen type “Downloader”

Step 2. You will see the downloader app, click it.

Step 3. Now it will show you an allow or deny option, click allow to access media and files

Step 4. Click ok the “Quick start guide”

Steps How to Download the MyWiFi TV Through ES file explorer

Step 1. Go to your ES file explorer.

Step 2. Then on your home screen, you will see the downloader icon. Click it.

Step 3. Now look for the “+ New button” and click it.

Step 4. And then type this URL “ beside the word “path”.

Step 5. After it is successfully downloaded select the “Open File” option.

Step 6. Now you can click the “Install” option.

Step 7. Click “Ok” once done.

Benefits of Using MyWiFi TV on Firestick

  • It can play movies, TV shows, live sports, and other media content online.
  • This media platform is super user-friendly.
  • You can do streaming your favorite movies and shows to all devices like android phones, windows, smartphones, iPad, iPad touch, iPhones, and many other devices that are compatible with MyWiFi TV.
  • Another benefit to MyWiFI TV users is having a free ads video which makes an enjoyable experience for the users
  • It also has a high audio and video quality.

Is it Worth Buying MyWiFi TV Subscription Plans?

One of the reasons why users like to use MyWiFi TV is because it has a very affordable subscription plan. It starts with the basic plan which starts with $25 per month followed by basic plus which is $35 per month, Family which is only $45 per month, and Family plus which only costs you $55 per month.

All of these four plans will allow you to access more than 2000 channels. It offers high audio and video quality. It only differs in how many devices you can use and the Uptimes.

The basic plan is limited to two devices, the basic plus plan is limited to three devices, the family plan is limited to four devices and the Family plus plan is limited to five devices but all are with free updates.

MyWiFi TV for Firestick

It is one of the on-demand media streaming devices that allow you to watch videos, install applications, play music, and other functions on your TV. When you buy a firestick on Amazon, you will get of course your new firestick, it also has a remote, USB cable, power adapter, 2 AAA batteries, an HDMI extender, and also instructions on how to use it.

This device always needs an internet connection. Make sure that you have a good and stable internet connection to enjoy every video that you watch. It is very easy to set up the Firestick on your TV, all you have to do is to plug it into an available outlet and connect the other end to a power adapter, then plug the USB cable on the end into your Firestick, and then plug it into your TV’s HDMI port. Now you can enjoy your Firestick TV.


In this article, we’ve learned about the media streaming device which is called Firestick  We also learned the easy steps of how to install MyWiFi TV on a firestick. We provided two steps that we can follow easily such as installing MyWiFi TV through firestick itself and your ES File Explorer.

Along with this we also discovered how affordable the MyWiFi TV plan which also cost us $25 monthly for the basic plan, the basic plus which is $35 per month, the Family subscription plan which is $45 per month, and the Family plus which is $55 per month.

We have also learned that MyWiFi TV has great features such as its good quality which is HD, SD, and 1080p which make the viewers have a great experience using the app. Apart from this, all of its subscription plans allow every user to access over 2000 channels worldwide.

It is not surprising that this app gets a lot of positive feedback from its users. It is a super friendly app which is why the users found it more convenient to use it. Installing this app on FireStick is not difficult to install this app on Firestick, and two ways are provided in this article that you can follow. Enjoy streaming!