Firestick Keeps Rebooting Itself? Help!

If you are enjoying your favorite series with snacks and suddenly your firestick keeps restarting after every second then it will annoy you to hell. But it’s a device like any other gadget it can also have some trouble sometimes. There is no need to lose your temper you just need to know about a simple solution to fixing the problem of restarting of firestick.

The firestick keeps on rebooting itself. Help! How you can stop rebooting Firestick? Before answering this question we need to know the cause of rebooting of the firestick. When we will know the reason for restarting of firestick then it will be far easy to resolve the problem and keep running the firestick smoothly.

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Why Does the Firestick Keep on Rebooting?

The question is, why does the Firestick keep on rebooting? Sometimes it could be a simple problem or maybe a serious problem.

But most of the reasons why the firestick keeps rebooting itself can be solved by yourself whether you are professional or not. Mostly due to interruption of power supply firestick can show some problems.

Another cause may be the heat, if the heater is near the device the extra heat can also cause improper working of the firestick. Other than the power failure and heat excess incorrect ejection of the device can cause problems. Once you know the problem then you can deal with it in no time and so easily.

Solutions to Stop Firestick Restarting

The most obvious solution to your problem is to turn off your Firestick. But hey, this is the first thing that will come to your mind. So, what if you do this? Well, what if you leave your Firestick plugged into your computer?

You might not even notice that your Firestick keeps on restarting itself. The simple and basic steps to solving the problem of restarting the firestick are here:

1. Firstly you need to remove the device. Detach the Firestick device from your television.

2. After that restart the internet connection and internet router which is used in the home for the firestick devices.

3. After restarting the internet connection insert the TV device again and wait to establish a smooth connection between the firestick and television.

4. After restarting your amazon firestick most probably the device will start working properly and stream videos smoothly.

How to Fix Firestick When it Keeps on Rebooting?

Another way to solve the problem is to restart your firestick with remote control, this process is also known as a soft restart. Who to do soft restart is super easy, lets’s see how to restart the device through remote control:

1. Firstly you need to find the remote and then press the SELECT option and the PLAY button at the same time. Hold both buttons for a few seconds.

2. you must keep pressing the SELECT and PLAY buttons until a message of rebooting appear on the screen of a television.

There is another option to reboot your firestick which is known as a Hard reset. It will help in resetting the device for the stable streaming of videos without any interruption.

1. Press the RIGHT button, SELECT button, and BACK button with the rewind button on the remote control. The rewind button is also known as the reverse button. Hold all the buttons simultaneously.

2. After pressing all the buttons you need to wait for a few seconds then a firestick will display the reboot message on the screen.

Best Ways To Fix Firestick that Keeps on Restarting

A firestick is a device that needs a few accessories to connect with the internet and your television. Like other systems, there are chances if one of the accessories is not working properly then it will definitely affect the working of the firestick.

If you want to avoid any kind of interruption while enjoying your favorite tv show or movie you must verify that all the accessories you are using must be of good quality.

USB Cable

A USB cable is necessary for a firestick connection so for choosing the cable you must use an official and authentic USB cable for the firestick device instead of using any power cord.

It is because the cable is responsible for the supply of power if the power supply gets interruption then your fire stick will not work properly and keeps getting off after every minute.

This can really annoy you while watching television. so double-check the quality of the USB cable before using it.

Power Adapter To A 2 Amp One

Usually, the firestick comes with a 1 amp adapter but if you see a regular interruption in the working of the firestick then you can change the adapter.

But you have to be careful with this because if you are using too much power it can damage the device. You can change the 1 amp with a 2amp adapter it may help sufficient supply of power to the device.

Too Many Apps

Another reason that can interrupt your firestick to work continuously can be that you have too many apps which you are not using regularly. Overload of apps can cause rebooting of your device.

So you need to delete those apps that you are not using to make space on your device. Remove or uninstall the apps by just clicking the option on your tv settings menu and going to uninstall the application. This helps your device to work without restarting.

Other Ways to Prevent your Firestick from Rebooting

There are a few other things that you should consider resolving if your firestick keeps restarting. You can keep your firestick stay longer if you consider these things:

  • You can try to remove the USB port from the tv and connect it with the power outlet with your adapter. It will help to supply enough power to the device.
  • Maybe the software on the Amazon TV devices needs to be updated. The latest version of software helps in removing most of the flaws of the streaming device. For this, you just have to look in settings if there is a new update for software then you just need to download it.
  • Another thing that can cause an interruption in the working of the streaming devices maybe it is placed on very equipment or on something that gets heat up easily. Try to change the place of the device and keep it at room temperature. This may help to stop restarting the firestick.

Final Thoughts

There is no need to panic if your streaming device keeps shutting down you just need to know the cause and try the above-discussed solutions. If still, it’s not going to get solved then consult an expert who will solve the problem of your firestick.

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