Do I need an Antivirus for Firestick? Here’s What You Need to Know

Firestick device is as fragile as other digital gadgets. Many hackers and viruses remain ready to attack your device so that they can harm your system.

These viruses can do a lot of damage to your device and they can stop it from working. Hackers can steal your information when they get the chance.

All the applications of Firesticks are commonly android based so it’s easy for viruses to attack them without any security measures.

Do I Really Need an Antivirus for Firestick?


I often get asked the question “Do I need an antivirus for Firestick?”. The answer is yes. Most of the devices bought or used is using FireWire ports in order to allow video and audio streaming over the internet. This port enables us to connect our devices to the Internet using either a high-speed connection such as dial-up or cable, or a slower one such as DSL.

All of this technology has led to the common question of whether or not we need an antivirus for Firestick, or whether we can continue to use our current antivirus without modifications.

Having antivirus software on your computer, such as Firefox, is like having an army of security guards protecting your computer. If someone breaks into your house or car, if you get an email that is fraudulent, if your credit card number is stolen, if your kids click harmful links on a website, if you download a virus…

Then you know that you have someone looking over your shoulder, ready to pounce on any mistake you make. Your life is not entirely unprotected. But what about all those unsolicited emails you get in your inbox every day?

Harms of Viruses on Firestick

Viruses can slow down the streaming content, can damage the mechanism of the device, can hail the installation time, and abrupt crashing of the whole system.

Security of personal information can also be at stake due to these viruses. By enabling the ADB option in the setting there are more chances to get viruses most users to disable this option but many users enable this to utilize some more features that are not available by disabling this option. So, do you need an antivirus for Firestick to protect your device? Again, yes.

Firestick Viruses Signs

When it comes to viruses, they are very tricky and hard to protect from. There are so many varieties out there that it’s almost impossible to keep up with them. There are several varieties of firewalls and antivirus programs out there that can help protect your device.

It’s difficult to know about viruses because they come in updated forms. ADB miner is the latest and most challenging to deal with, its purpose is to stale your firestick and use it for cryptocurrency. once it attacks your device it will take over your phones, tabs, and all the other hardware devices that are connected. Firestick devices follow the Android system so it’s super easy to attack them.

But when your gadgets show some symptoms like slow browsing and slow streaming or it takes time to open a single app then there is something fishy with your firestick. These simple symptoms maybe are trying to tell you that you need to check your system to whether there is a virus in it or not. Some other clues can also tell you about the presence of viruses like the abrupt shutting of streaming files, devices getting heated up easily and it taking time to open the application. Be observant while using your firestick and whenever it shows these signs don’t delay taking action against these viruses.

Antivirus Protect Your Firestick

To keep your device safe from viruses, we must take some safety precautions and should prepare security beforehand.

There’s always a chance that viruses can still infect your device even if you disabled the ADB.

To protect the gadget you need to install antiviruses or antimalware apps from the app store. Mostly viruses try to infect all kinds of wireless devices so to ensure their safety antiviruses are important.

As the virus tries to install any wireless network device, all the devices should ensure safety. Few things you can do to have an antivirus or to get of virus from your device.

  • Firstly you need to check the ADB option in firestick. Go to the setting select the DEVICE option and then click on Developer the options and set ADB debugging option OFF. primarily this will keep safe your device from virus attacks.
  • Another option is you can install third-party apps from different sources but try to download these apps through the Amazon app store to keep viruses away.
  • Besides having antiviruses you need to install apps to fire TV of the latest version. To prevent any viruses in your device you should keep an eye on your installed apps and update them to the latest version. Usually, when you are connected to the internet or Wi-Fi, the software can update itself.
  • You can update the software manually in case it won’t automatically update itself. Most updated versions of the app can resist viruses and they can snap them before any damage happens.
  • When you have an antivirus app on your device its software will need a sufficient amount of computing power. Increasing computing power may show some slowdown but it’s not much influential. Good antiviruses show the least effect on the speed of working of machines.


Viruses on their Firestick devices are a little difficult to accept because most people think that viruses could not damage the firestick. if you are a firestick user then you should be aware of its security systems and their protection measurements. If you know about its systems then it will be easy for you to take care of your device then you can protect it from any damage through viruses.

You just need to know how to install antivirus for the protection of your device. If your device has a good quality antivirus, then you can start relaxing about your device security.

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