How to Rename the Firestick – Easy and Simple Way

If you are using more than one fire TV device then every device by default would have its own label. Firestick is a device through which you can stream your favorite movies, TV shows, and series.

In a house, you can have multiple firesticks for each room it’s difficult for you to conduct many devices with the default company names. To avoid any messy and complicated system of managing your fire tv devices you can organize them according to your ease.

You just need to know how to rename the firestick according to your preference. In this way, it’s easy for you to access it conveniently.

You can avoid any kind of confusion by just renaming your firestick. Let’s discuss some of the options to change the name of the firestick. By using them you can rename your firestick.

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How to Rename the Firestick Through App?

By default, the firestick device comes with its own complicated name. Conventionally you receive some random user name that is not selected by you. But luckily it’s too easy to change it according to your choice. Choose the name that you can remain in your mind in accordance with that specific device. You can choose either its long name or nick it totally depends on your soul.

For renaming the Amazon firestick firstly you need to verify your current username for that you have to open the “setting” option on your TV screen then select “my fire TV” and then go to the “about” option. After pressing “about” you have to click on “Fire TV stick 4k”. Now approach your firestick profile, the screen will show your default device name. There you have to write the name of the firestick which you want.

This was the basic protocol before changing the name of the Fire device. Now after verifying your name and choosing a new name for firestick you need to follow a few simplest steps to change the name of firestick successfully.

  • Download the Amazon app on your phone that is available for you by the Google play store without any charges.
  • Open the downloaded application and go for “settings”.
  • In “setting” click on “log in” and sign in to your firestick account.
  • Explore the option in the account and select “ content and devices”
  • After selecting “devices” go for renaming your device.
  • After that select the “edit” option.
  • Go for “device name” and lace the name you wanted for the firestick device. Wait a few minutes and then you will see you change the name of the firestick device successfully.

How To Rename Amazon Fire Stick Through Website?


To rename amazon fire stick from the App is most convenient because you can do it just by your phone. But if you cannot have the app on your phone because for some reason or you cannot do it from your phone, it doesn’t mean it’s difficult to rename the firestick. You can

Change the name of the Fire TV stick through the Amazon website. You just need to follow an easy procedure:

  • Enter the Amazon website.
  • Look on the top bar and select the option of “login”
  • Enter your email and password and sign in to your Amazon account.
  • After opening your Amazon account, go to the bottom and look for options.
  • You will see the option of” let us help you”.
  • After clicking let up help you” option you need to go for “ manage content and devices”
  • Access for “devices” and select “Fire TV”.
  • Now you can see all the connected fire tv devices, at this point you just have to select the device which you want to rename.
  • Enter the name of your choice and then save it.

Renaming the Amazon firestick is super easy through the application and the website. Changing the Firestick device name is no longer difficult. You just need to access your Amazon account either through the app or website and change the name of the device.

To manage many firestick devices in a single home with complex and confusing names really something that can bother you. Firestick allows you to stream your favorite movies and helps you in relaxing your mind. So to deal with many devices at a single time you need to manage them properly just to avoid any trouble.

Fortunately, it’s not a rough and tough procedure, just follow the above-discussed methods and manage your multiple devices.


How many accounts one can have on Firestick?

One can have more than two accounts in firestick at one time and also stream videos simultaneously on both accounts. That is also an important reason to have different names for your firestick because it will prevent you from any confusion.

How can you rename the fire TV cube?

Renaming of fire TV cube is as easy as renaming a Fire TV stick. Just follow the above-discussed steps and you will be able to change the name of the Fire TV cube as you want. No need to consult any software expert, you can do it by yourself in no time.


Managing your firestick devices properly is always a good idea. Methods of changing the name of the firestick given in this article are the simplest through which you can arrange your devices in a specific order to manage multiple firework devices through your Amazon account is quite easy by following those steps. Just use your username and login into your Amazon account and change the name of your device. You can place your firestick name or your nickname or pet so that you can easily remember it.

Changing Firestick name is no more any difficult question now it can be dealt with very basic and simple methods.

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