Do you Need Internet for Firestick? (Find Out Here)

A Fire TV stick is a gadget that allows you to stream videos that you want to watch on tv that makes you happy and relaxed. It can change any TV into a smart device by just helping you in playing computer games, music, sharing a screen, and whatever you just want to watch.

We cannot deny the fact that most of the features of firestick that you can enjoy on television cannot be accessed without the internet. You need a stable internet connection so that you can access the majority of the options of firestick. Without an internet connection, you can still use some options by firestick but unfortunately, there are very few that can prevent you to enjoy the vast features of firestick freely.

Does The Amazon Firestick Need Internet?


Streaming videos from webs like HBO, Amazon Prime, Hulu, Netflix, etc probably you can use a few devices that can get these for you. Amazon firestick is one of the devices that helps you to have entertainment through these webs.

Through Kodi software on firestick, you can download videos and watch them whenever you need to watch them. downloaded apps can be seen by you whenever you want even without an internet connection. Download the videos through the software when you have a connection and then when you get disconnected you watch downloaded videos.

But without a connection, you cannot search the online library or you cannot surf search engines. This is the way you can stream videos without having a connection at any place.

At the time of purchasing an Amazon firestick, you get a little box, that gets attached with the firestick, the Fire TV controller, few more necessary things. Assemble all the accessories and connect ith with your tv and wifi device. Enter usernames and passwords for applications and use them and update them according to the latest version.

This wi-fi connection is needed to download all the applications to stream content like tv series and other high-quality videos. Amazon firestick has some applications already installed in them, but still, they need an internet connection to operate them.

The Firestick Without Having The Internet Connection

Netflix, Hulu, HBO, Amazon Prime, etc need an internet connection to stream videos. Even when you need to download video from them you also need a stable connection but you have a choice to download content to your device when you don’t have an internet connection, you just need internet admittance to lay the download.

Eventually, you need an internet connection for your streaming device.

Whichever firestick you are using you must need an internet association to run streaming videos.

How To Use Firestick Without Internet Connection

The home screen will not appear on the screen through your firestick when it is disconnected from the web. Few Applications can show up through the device that doesn’t net any connection. but for them to be used without an internet connection you need to follow a few requirements.

  • Firstly switch on your TV and then go to Firestick settings.
  • Select the option of “ settings” and chose “ oversee installed applications”
  • In “ oversee installed application” find the application you want. Click on that application and select “ dispatch Application”

If you don’t have a wi-fi connection then you can set a hotspot from your cell phone. But for the proper functioning of a firestick, you need connection whether it is in form of sharing a hotspot.

Using a Hotspot To Connect

If you don’t have Wi-fi and you want to utilize firestick features then there is an option of sharing a hotspot. You can connect your firestick with the hotspot of your cell so that you can have web on your firestick tv. Its simple to do, you just need to:

  • Go for “Setting” on your cell phone and click on “hotspot sharing”.
  • After turning on the hotspot sharing, open the “Alexa application” on firestick.
  • Click on “Amazon tap” and select the “Change” option
  • Find the hotspot accessible networks and then click on “ use this device as a Wi-Fi hotspot”
  • Click on “start” to proceed with the procedure.
  • Once you finished that, the device will ask for the name and secret key.
  • Enter your username and secret key from your cell and click on “ confirm”.

. Be careful about the cell information that you are using while sharing your hotspot. Make sure to use it with security care.

Other ways to Use Firestick

When you don’t have Internet access near you or you don’t have wi-fi in your home but you have an Android or an iOS device then you have the option to use the cellular data of your phone as a hotspot and connect the Firestick so that you can use the internet. The Alexa application on the Firestick incorporates a component that will interface with your telephone’s hotspot. Turn on the hotspot on your cellular phone, select the Alexa application on firestick, and click on Amazon Tap. Now find hotspot sharing settings, and connect them by confirming the secret key from your phone.

There are other applications, (for example, Kodi) that can be installed on the Firestick. And it gives you admittance to devices on your nearby connections. But this choice also needs to have at least a Wi-Fi router in your home which will be involved in establishing signals of the web. Here is another option Firestick had a USB port that can have side-stacking of applications. In any case, you need to download these applications while you have a stable connection.


The Firestick normally requires you to have an internet connection to make it work. Without any web connection, you can have other options. But you get a lot restricted, and you don’t have many options to enjoy many features of streaming devices. Without a wi-fi connection, you can watch downloaded movies on Kodi.