How to Record from Firestick to DVD Recorder?

If you are looking for how to record from firestick to DVD recorder, then this is the right place to start your quest. In this fast-moving life, it’s really tough to assemble your routine and enjoy your favorite shows and movies on time. The solution to this issue is here, now you can record your favorite shows and stream them in your leisure time.

There are a number of things to consider when choosing a home-based recorder, and most of them revolve around recording devices that are easier to operate than others. Most of these recorders come with a pre-programmed memory to hold all your recordings and they are usually more compact than the more expensive ones.

Using SD Card To Record From Firestick To Recorder

One of the most popular options that people like to use is the micro SD card, which can easily record hundreds of hours of your favorite shows and movies. The process is quite simple – all you need is to insert the micro-SD into the recorder, switch it on, and that is it. You can then plug the SD card into your fire tv and begin recording. The fire tv will automatically load the recording onto its internal memory and you can play it back whenever you want.

If you are using a fire TV stick DVD recorder, you need a few steps to follow for the best results. To record games, movies, and series without any fail assemble your device and recorder by following these steps:

  1. Firstly You need to connect the source to the HDMI splitter, and then connect it to the firestick input.
  2. The second step is to connect both devices to the outlet, then connect the HDMI output to an input on the card.
  3. You have to connect the card to your monitor or television.
  4. Then, display a USB port to connect Cat Capture with your Mac or Windows computer.
  5. Lastly, connect three types of plugs to the DVD recorder. After that, you must put a blank CD to record.

After dealing with all these steps just turn on your computer monitor, select the option to record, and wait for the finishing process.

How to Record from Firestick to DVD Recorder by Installing App?


You can do recording of Netflix series, amazon prime HBO, and others by just installing an app. An application can help you to record your tv file and you can stream that video at any time. For this, you can go step by step after finding an application to record streaming.

  • Download the application with the best features available on the internet.
  • When you have the app for recording the wanted video you need to go in the option of settings of that application. You can customize the setting according to your choice, like recording duration, audio definition, video quality, etc
  • To start the recording you need to press the “network” option. After completing the recording you can do some adjustments according to your needs like removing all the advertisements.
  • After waiting for fr a few minutes you can shift your saved video to a blank cd. Use a blank CD to copy your file otherwise, it will be saved on the firestick drive.

Record from Firestick to DVD Recorder Through Pen-type USB:

Another popular option on how to record from firestick to DVD recorder? This is a pen-type USB device that has the same memory capacity as the micro-SD. This device works by simply placing the pen in the recorder’s slot and pressing the record/play button. It does not require any additional hardware or software, and you can immediately start recording your favorite shows and movies.

Other Options to Record from Firestick to DVD Recorder

If you’re looking for a more permanent solution, you may want to consider a Firewire interface or Firewire video capture card. Firewire is the standard data and picture cable used in many home theater systems.

Its cost is not cheap, but this technology has proven its worth time and again, and buying a brand-new fire television is not a big investment if you want to have a media player with flexible options. However, if you want to go for a more flexible and long-lasting recording system, Firewire technology is not for you.

If your budget is tight, the pen-type recording devices are your best bet. These are generally very cheap, easy to use, and they record audio and video very well. However, they do not come with a large disc format, so you cannot store a large number of recordings on one device.

Record from Firestick to DVD Recorder by Using External Hard Drive

Another option to record audio and video, the external hard drive is the next best alternative. External hard drives can hold hundreds to thousands of hours of recordings and most of them have small file sizes, so you can easily transfer all your favorite shows and films onto your computer. External hard drives also have their downsides, as they tend to be very fragile and need special handling. Also, you need to use a USB port for connecting your recorder to your computer.

Record from Firestick to DVD Recorder by Using a Microphone

If you don’t want to spend money you still can record audio and video, a microphone that can record onto a DVD is your best option. Microphone recordings are compatible with most video and audio capture software so you can easily transfer all your favorite shows and films onto your computer and play it back.


Now you know how to record from firestick to DVD recorder? You know all the options of recording videos from firestick to DVD recorder, you can choose any of the options and can enjoy your favorite shows at any time when you want. Save your transmission without any fail and watch it at your suitable time.

We are hoping that this article is helpful for you to record your favorite games, tv shows, or any other events.