Connect with Your Friends or Loved Ones with Houseparty App for PC

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Looking for a way to get the Houseparty App for PC? You’ve come to the right place. Before we discuss that, we will introduce you to more to this software.

Technology has been fully-fledged in our leaps and it makes it easier to connect with family members and friends irrespective of location and schedule. Video chat is one of the important ways to get in touch with the beloved ones that you can do through various apps, such as Skype and many other conferencing services.

However, for casual and formal chats, you may use freely socially designed video apps. The Houseparty app is one of them and used by many people for this purpose. With its casual atmosphere and easy accessibility, it’s becoming an overnight sensation and growing business with more than 20 million users.

This video chatting app, popular among teens allows up to 8 people to chat simultaneously. Very simple in use and on opening you are automatically available for chatting with friends. You can see the chatting and joining person and with the split-screen usage, it makes multiple video-chatting possible between multiple users effectively.

Only birth date verification needed while downloading the app, because it doesn’t applicable for children under 13 years. Moreover, for confirmation of the real person, it demands your phone number where a code is sent that gives you access to using Houseparty freely. Now, let us discuss the features first before we go to the installation of the Houseparty app for PC.

Houseparty App Features


Instant Video Chatting

You can do instant video chat by drawing on personal contact lists from the phone, Facebook, and Snapchat as well. It creates a very fast communicating network with your friend circle and tells gives you a detail that who is using it. Plus, it tells you who use it recently. If you and your friend opened it simultaneously, then you both joined it by just hit the join button for connecting right away.

Impulsive Group Hangouts

This instant video chatting apps allows you to connect and chat with up to eight people at a time, so use it for impulsive group hangouts is just incredible. Moreover, like other formal apps like Zoom, you haven’t put advanced efforts into connecting your group, and no invitation link needed to generate for a meeting call. You can join any group and expands your social circle in a real-life party mode.

Popup Notifications

Having a Houseparty app means not to worries about opening and checking the app again and again for seeing who’s calling you or inviting you for a chat. Just on the notification button; you can receive important messages on the PC screen regarding calling. Or you may hit the hand-wave icon to those for who you are looking to video chat, the apps send a notification to them by themselves and let them know to connect with you.


You can play games while a chatting session is going on with this app. This feature is a major for time passing with your friend.

Easier and faster recording

Sometimes it may happen to whom you are looking to chat; he or she isn’t available at that time. So you may send a recording that they’ll listen to in their free time. Houseparty making it simple with its easier recording feature and you can send a video message. A notification also comes while after the receiver read it

A secure App

You’ll feel secure while using it because it doesn’t compromise on security regarding its user’s concerns. You have all specific control in your hands; you can pick the person to which you are looking to chat and block any other explicit invitation easily. Further, the account is too secure and authorized. Hence, no one forcefully chats with you in any agreement.

How to Download Houseparty for Windows PC/Mac?

In order to get it run on your PC, you can either get the Chrome web extension in here. However, if you don’t use the Chrome web browser and wanted to use the Houseparty on your PC, it is suggested that you download it via an Android emulator.

An Android emulator allows you to download, install, and then run almost any kind of Android app into your computer. With that being said, the Houseparty is one of them.

So, if you want to go in this route, install first the prerequisite requirements. These are the .Net framework, Visual C++ Redistributable, and your graphics card driver.

Once you finished that, you are now ready to install an emulator to your computer and then run the Houseparty app on your PC.

Download through LDPlayer:

Step 1: Install LDPlayer

For installing Houseparty on your PC, first, you need to get a powerful emulator. We suggested you LDPlayer because it is a free Android emulator. It is also compatible with many apps without errors. Visit the LDPlayer website and follow its step-by-step guide of downloading process. After that, click on the download link to start saving the installer to your computer. Within few minutes the download will be completed.

Step 2: Install and Launch the LDPlayer on the PC

The file of this emulator will be saved on the Download’s folder of your PC in case you did not change it. Run it by clicking on the executable file and follow all the given instructions on your system. Then launch this emulator to your computer.

Step 3: Install the Houseparty


Open the Play Store from LD Player, and then sign in to your account to get access to this market. Next is to search for the Houseparty app and install it on your PC.

Step 4: Run Houseparty

After the installation, you can now open it by going to the homepage of LD Player. From here, you will see the list of the apps installed in this emulator including the Houseparty app. Click on it to start running on Windows PC/Mac.


What is Houseparty?

Houseparty is a face-to-face social interacting app, where you can video chat with your family and friends casually. Plus, you can play games for passing a good time with your buddies.

How can I use Houseparty?

It’s very easy to use on a PC. Once you installed it, register and then create a profile, invite your friends, and add them for an enjoyable video chat and call experience.


This freely downloads video chatting app is a great concept for connecting up to eight people simultaneously.  You can play fun games, easy video messaging, and taking quizzes, with this safe and secure app. It keeps you in contact while sitting in homes. Hence, this app is one of the most ideal ways to get in touch with people.

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