How to Use Nox Player on Your PC?

Installing and using Android apps on PCs is a real struggle but, not anymore. Nox app player can help you with that. It is an application emulator that allows you to download and use any android application or game on Windows computers.

Many people, especially gamers, are unable to do heavy gaming on their android devices. These devices get stuck and do not give a full-screen experience. But now you can access all those android games on your computer.

Are you new to Nox Player? You are at the right place. Keep reading to learn about Nox Player and how to download and use it on your PC.

What is Nox Player?

Nox App Player is the latest android simulator. It allows you to play games and enjoy other mobile apps on a bigger screen. These applications include your favorite ones like clash of clans, Instagram, PUBG, Pokemon Go, and many more. This software is based on the latest Android version i.e., 4.42, which enables you to access a wide range of apps.

Nox Player Features

Nox has now become one of the most popular android emulators. Here are some features that make this app your first choice.


Nox player app allows you to customize settings to a great extent. If we talk about personalization, you can change resolution, use a full-screen display and even change graphics. This application enables you to adjust processor speed and RAM usage. When you launch any game using this app, you can easily adjust your keyboard according to the desired functionality.

Pre-Installed Apps

This emulator comes with some preinstalled apps. You can select the app you like and launch it on your computer right away.

Free App

The one feature that makes Nox different from other commonly used simulators is that it is completely free. Unlike most free apps, it does not display any annoying ads or pop-ups.

Multiplayer Options

You can run more than one app at a time. The Nox app enables you to access a wide range of functionality for multiplayer options. Users may run one app in multiple windows at a time.


Nox app has an easy-to-use interfere. You can download and use it without any hesitation.

Premium Version

The paid version has even improved features. With the premium version, you can download more apps. Moreover, it provides support for 3D games.

Root Access

This emulator offers root access enabling you to open the installed app. To activate root access, enable the Root option in the settings.

Additional Features

This app is compatible with both windows and mac devices. You can expect smooth access to all the apps using Nox. It ensures high-quality gaming. Another feature that makes is it popular among gamers is that it supports external gaming devices and controllers.

How To Download Nox App Player on PC?

If you want to get started with the Nox player, you need to download it first.

PC Requirements

To download the Nox Player, your PC must meet the following minimum requirements.

  1. 2GB or greater RAM
  2. 2 gigahertz processor
  3. 1 GB VG cards
  4. Operating System Windows 7 or higher

Here are some easy steps to follow to download this app on your PC.

Step 1: Find the link to download the executable file. Download the .exe file.

Step 2: Open the downloaded file and enable the installer.

Step 3: After the application is installed, log into it.

How to Use Nox Player for PC?

Using this app is quite simple. After the download is complete, you will see an icon on your desktop. Click on the icon to launch it. Remember, if you are opening it for the first time, it may take some time. When the app opens, you will see some preinstalled apps like the play store. Open the play store and sign in with your Google account.

You will see some instructions regarding launching the app; you can follow them to set up the app. A set of options will also appear in the window; you can explore them if you want to. After the installation is complete, you can download any app of your choice from the play store. You can also drag and drop APK links to download more free apps.

How To Set Up a Game Using Nox Player?

You need to set up your Nox application before launching a game, and here is how you can do it.

  1. Open the app and find the bulb-like icon.
  2. Click on the icon, and a guide window will appear.
  3. Find the settings button and click on it.
  4. There will be a wide range of options in the settings menu and, you can select any specification you want.
  5. You can change graphic settings in the Graphics Quality options. Remember the graphic card you use affects this functionality.
  6. The Game resolution option allows you to adjust the resolution.
  7. Save all the changes you make.
  8. Click on the learn more options to get information regarding other game features.


Is It Safe to Use?

This emulator is completely legal to download. If your computer meets the minimum requirements, it will work fine and cause no harm.

Can You Use it on Linux?

If you are a Linux user, this app is not currently available for this operating system. However, you can easily access this app on Windows and macOS.

Final Words

To conclude, Nox Player on PC is an excellent android emulator available out there. The amazing features, high compatibility, and numerous customizable options make it one of the kind. It is a great tool for those who want to access android apps on a bigger screen.

The overall interface is easy to use and, there is a guide available for you to find your required functionalities. The plus point is that all the main functionality is completely free. For gamers, the experience is amazing as you can adjust all the features according to your likes with no limitations. If you are looking for a simulator to access android apps, you must give Nox Player a shot.