Square Point of Sale for PC: How To Download it? (Windows 11/10/8/7 & Mac)

Square Point of Sale for PC can be downloaded to Windows 11/10/8/7 & Mac. Continue reading this article to learn how to download the Square Point of Sale app for PC.

In this robotic era, when people prefer to opt for the quickest way for their work, the square app provides the easiest and fastest way to handle their money transactions. In several ways, we come to know that most people prefer to use their debit or credit cards even for the smallest thing.

But now things are getting more advanced and convenient through android and smartphones. App developers launched kinds of apps through which you can make selling and buy just in the nick of the moment without carrying your wallet.

If you are running a small business, this POS system will give you a hand in keeping the check and balance of the profits and losses of your business. This app also provides many tools to make better analyses about your tradings.

The square app is one of the apps through which one can manage his money without any difficulties. This app is produced by Square Inc for IOS and Android devices. You can easily access it on Google Play and Apple App Stores. For phones and android devices, this is to download but for windows, you need to learn about the proper procedure because it is not directly available for PC.

We are here to guide you regarding having this app in your windows to do selling and purchasing through your computer or laptop. It’s not a scary or lengthy method that requires a lot of effort to download. It’s just a simple procedure; you need to follow some quick steps to install the Square Point of Sale App on your PC.

How to Download Square Point Of Sale App for PC – Windows and Mac?

As we all know that Square app is not readily available for windows or PC from the store. It is available for only Ios and Android devices. If you want to download Square Point of Sale on PC, then you need an emulator app in your Windows/Mac that will help you to download the Square app.

The emulator app will enable your computer to develop similar android device features that make the Square app accessible for your computer. Find a secure and trusted emulator and download it on the pc. Our suggestion is a Bluestacks emulator that is genuine and reliable for your computer. Downloading the Bluestacks is not a very difficult process you just need to visit the website of the Buestacks and download the file from it. Now your laptop or pc is ready to install the Square android app.


  1. Launch and open the emulator on windows.
  2. The home screen of the emulator will appear in front of you. Find the Google play store on the home screen of the emulator.
  3. Click on the google play store and open it.
  4. In the Google Play Store search for the Square point of sale app in the search bar. After that, click on its icon among the search results.
  5. Downloading the money managing app will take a few minutes.

You can now use the Square point of sale app to tackle your transactions. Be it to sell, or buy from your computer or laptop. Square point of sale is used by more than two million small businesses every day due to its easy interface and intelligent features.

Its versatility can support every kind of business from retailers to small bakery shops. It’s fully customizable you can get along with it in just a short time. For some people, it’s easy to manage and keep track of their money on the screen of a laptop or monitor. Rather than on the small screen of smartphones. Those who love to work from laptops can also download this android app by just acting on above discussed simple steps.

Features of the Square Point of Sale App

Let’s learn about the features of this unique that can easily attract a modern person. And to tempt him to install it either on his phone or laptop. Notable features of the Square app are;


  • You can use a visa, master card, and American express with this application without facing any complex procedures.
  • Using smart devices or computers to process all of the payments.
  • It will generate a text message or email when creating a transaction.
  • You can access all of the sales data and history any time you want.
  • You can get a gift reward when recording payments from this app.
  • Discounts and refunds can also be processed by the Square point of Sale app.

Many other valuable features are possessed by this app that can assist you in managing your business. This Square Point of Sale can also work offline. Card payments can be accepted while an internet connection is not available temporarily.

On reconnection of the internet, Square’s dashboard automatically syncs all payment information on your android device. You can observe lives by just signing in to your web dashboard to improve your business. For the progress of your tradings, you can also access easy and productive analytic tools.

With its features, it is no wonder that many of us would want to install the Square Point of Sale on our Windows PC/ Mac.

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Significant capabilities of the square app like online payment procedures, sales charts, digital receipts, marketing campaigns, eCommerce, analytics, and much more make it one of the top-ranked mobile POS apps for Android devices.

Square dashboard, either on the desktop of windows or on the Square app of the smartphone, can manage the e-gift card sales for the business. Even in restaurants, this app can help you pay for your orders; you can use your tap cards, Apple Pay or Google Pay.

If you want to boost your trading and keep a check on your transaction, this POS system will not disappoint you. Download the Square Point of Sale for Windows 11, 10, 8, 7, or for android phones in both ways; it is really beneficial for business. We believe that this guide will help in downloading and using the square sales point app for pc.

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