Download Swannview Plus for PC – Windows 11/10/8/7 & Mac

The increase in security concerns has resulted in an intense urge to take care of personal security. Property owners now want to take their security control into their own hands. Using cameras is an excellent remedy to deal with the security lapse.

The SwannView Plus is a digital surveillance solution software. It can pair with a wide band of SwannView cameras to ensure a flawless playback of old video recordings and a live preview of current camera recordings.

SwannView Plus controls the workings of IP cameras manufactured by Swann Security. SwannView Plus for Windows helps you watch clearer and bigger scenes for improved security checks.

Download Swannview Plus for Windows PC


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Getting SwannView Plus for PC (Windows 11/10/8/7)

If you are familiar with using the SwannView Plus app on your phone. If and want to reap the benefits on your PC, you need to download SwannView Plus for PC. The PC version of the app is not officially available.

But Android Emulators like XePlayer, BlueStacks, or NoxPlayer can help you run SwannView Plus for PC on both Windows and Mac. Follow these instructions to install SwannView Plus on PC for Windows 7, 8, 10, 11 for free.

  1. Visit to download NoxPlayer.
  2. After the NoxPlayer installation, open it. Sign in with a Google account.
  3. You will see the search bar on its home screen. Search for SwannView Plus, and from the results, click on your desired app to install it.
  4. After successful installation, you can now work on SwannView Plus for PC.

Features of This Application


With SwannView Plus, you can transform your device into a camera monitoring center.

  • Easy Pairing

 The app easily pairs with many phones, tablets, and computer OS. You can easily search old recordings and customize the footage settings, double-tap to get a closer look, or save the live camera feed to your device.

  • Easy App For Beginners

SwannView Plus is an easy introductory app for those who are new to using personal security apps. The options are limited yet enough for providing multiple camera views to ensure full-time home safety. The software uses an easy-to-manage system with a supportive development team for SwannView link set-up cameras.

  • Real-Time Video Preview 

The app provides four views during the camera recordings. Furthermore, you can take screenshots, zoom in and zoom out the view and listen to the audio.

  • Camera Control

The app offers extensive camera control and movement capabilities with controlling pan, tilt, and zoom features.

  • Works On Cellular Networks And Hotspots

You need a stable internet connection to configure cameras with the application. However, it works on cellular networks and public hotspots to view a cam video from anywhere.

  • Video Storage

The application records all live videos of the camera. These are stored in the device’s internal memory. Also, you can store these in the Swann Security cloud storage as well and play whenever you want to play.

  • PlaybackFeature

Using the Playback feature, you can watch previous videos. Both live and previous videos can be watched in landscape or portrait mode.

What We Didn’t Like About SwannView Plus?

The app allows a preview of only four channels which is insufficient to meet large buildings and businesses’ security watches. Thus works best at the domestic level but is not ideal to use in commercial buildings.

Some users complain that the software needs frequent updating for bug fixes and poor loading.

FAQS About SwannView Plus

  1. How to Configure Camera with SwannView Plus?

The application finds the DVR and NVR automatically. If it does not, you can add manually. Cam configuration is very simple. First, make an account on Swann Security. Enter your email address, password, and username to become a registered user. Now add details of your DVRs such as Device Name, login type, Device ID, Port Number, Username, and Password. After that, you can view the live HD view of the camera.

  1. I see the message Swann error code 90; what does it mean?

The message appears due to network issues, or sometimes IP cameras may present network issues too. You can fix it by taking these steps. First, reboot the recorder and router, update the app and re-establish the connection.

  1. Can SwannView Plus work without the internet?

The answer is no. The Swann cameras and your computer both need the same local network to communicate as long as they use the same IP range from the router.

SwannView Link Alternatives

  1. RXCamView App

RXCamView app aids you in working with surveillance cameras, including NVR, DVR, and IPC. It offers the video preview feature through which you can view real-time surveillance video remotely and anytime or anywhere using the internet.

  1. MEye App

The app supports security IP cameras and controlling DVR. The advanced features help you watch live surveillance uninterrupted video streams. Most DVR models are supported with the MEye app which supports many DVRs.

  1. MViewerProApp

Through MViewerPro, you can access several DVR models both with your mobile or computer. Also, the app makes it easy for you to manage DVR cameras.


SwannView Plus for Windows is an amazingly hassle-free method to watch your place remotely. You only need your Swann cameras, a stable internet connection, and SwannView Plus to convert any device into a security check. The app offers a detailed view of the area under surveillance to attain the best security.