YMusic App for PC Download (Windows 11/10/8/7 & Mac)

Looking for a way to download YMusic Online Music Player for PC? Find out how to do it here. First, we’ll introduce you to this app.

Are you one of those people who want to listen to Youtube music or videos while browsing your phone, playing games, or just want to turn off the screen to listen? Do not worry because I got you on this. In this article, let me introduce to you YMusic – Online Music Application that can make you do all that in just simple steps.

YMusic (Online Music Player) Application is a free application and super convenient music app for you to stream Youtube videos and music the same way you use Spotify. All the hassle and inconvenience go away with this app.

Available to download and compatible with all Android and IOS devices. Wait, did I mention that it is also possible to use it on your personal computers or laptops? Yes! You are in the right place. The YMusic application works perfectly with PC using the following guide.

Features of YMusic (Online Music Player) Application


Maybe now you are asking if you should download the app, of course, you should try this one. But if you are still hesitant to do it, let me help you with the decision-making.

Below is the list of features that you will surely love in this application.

Free background player

As I mentioned earlier this is an app that can be used to listen to Youtube songs or videos even if you are browsing or turning off the device’s screen. So it basically allows you to play videos on Youtube while doing other tasks on your device. Convenient for people who like to multitask. It is an app that is free to all.

Low Data Usage

One of its top features is the ability to play videos from YouTube with a slow internet connection. Less amount of data is also consumed while playing the audio files, which is fantastic. So if you are always worried about your data usage or you have very limited data, this app is good for you.

Save Battery Life

As it helps you save on data consumption, it also helps you save your battery life. It uses minimal battery consumption because you do not need to play the videos all the way.

Download videos

You can also download any song or video from Youtube and save it to different formats such as WebM, MP3, MP4, etc. Listen to it later even without a connection to the internet.

Create your own Music List

You can make a favorite list of songs where you can add up all your files and then you can easily access them later.

Floating Pop-up feature

It has a pop-up player which can be floating on the screen of your device and has played and pauses features. It also has additional tools such as play on repeat, shuffle, auto-play, and a lot more.


It comes with a very simple interface which makes the navigation of the application easy and convenient for users.

How To Download YMusic for PC? (Windows 11/10/8/7 & Mac)

In order to use the YMusic application on your PC, we need the help of a good Android emulator to make it work. In this part, I will teach you how to download it using two common types of Android Emulator – MEmu Play and NoxPlayer.


Method 1 – Download YMusic for PC Using MEmu Play

  1. Download the MEmu Play to your PC or laptop (Use this site to download the emulator – https://www.memuplay.com/)
  2. Install the emulator. Just follow the guidelines to install.
  3. Open MEmu Play and find the PlayStore icon on the screen (You may be asked to sign in)
  4. Search for YMusic (Online Music Player) on Play Store then hit Install.
  5. After successful installation, you will find the YMusic app on the home screen of MEmu Play, double click on the app icon to start using it on your computer.

Method 2 – Install YMusic for PC Using NoxPlayer

  1. Download NoxPlayer on your PC or laptop (You can use this link to get NoxPlayer – https://www.bignox.com/)
  2. Install NoxPlayer Emulator on your PC or laptop. There will also be guidelines, just follow them accordingly.
  3. Open NoxPlayer and just like in MEmu Play, Playstore is pre-installed in NoxPlayer you just have to click it and sign in.
  4. Look for YMusic (Online Music Player) or you can type YMusic in the search bar and then Install.
  5. After installation, you can see the app on the home screen of NoxPlayer, run the app all the way, and enjoy it.

As you can see, the process of installation of the YMusic app in the above-mentioned emulators is almost the same. There is just a minimal difference based on the instruction given by the particular emulators. Both of the emulators are easy to use, just find what suits you and your PC.


  • YMusic is a free application, with no subscription or anything, but you need an internet connection to make it work and maximize the use of the app. Although it really uses a minimal amount of bandwidth.
  • Memu Play and NoxPlayer are both free. Just download it on the official website and use it right away.
  • It is okay to download YouTube videos and convert them into audio just do not misuse them.
  • Some copyright content is found on YouTube videos which are considered to be illegal to download, so check it first to avoid any problems.


In conclusion, YMusic is one of the coolest apps you can use nowadays to listen to music without any hassle. It is very convenient for users so you must give it a try and enjoy its features.

I hope you also find relief on how to download the YMusic app on your PC and laptop using Android emulators. Both methods are very easy and simple to do, try them now and enjoy many applications on your PC.