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The Aakash iTutor app for PC is available to download on Windows 11/10/8/7 & Mac. To get this app on your computer, simply read this article and follow the step-by-step installation guide.

Studying these days is not just about learning. It has turned into a competition. If your child does not get good grades, it will affect his performance in senior high, eventually leading to bad marks at college.

This cut-throat competition has become so huge that parents can go to any lengths to provide the best quality education to their children. Before Covid-19, parents would hire personal tutors and enroll kids in additional coaching classes to boost their academia.

The additional coaching was quite a positive change, and students would learn what they missed at school. But since the pandemic happened, those coaching centers and private tuition came to a halt, just like schools.

Parents wanted some way so their children could learn while staying at home. This was a particularly big issue in India, where a huge chunk of the student population went into lockdown.

To solve this issue, India released an e-learning program into the country named the “iTutor” that would cater to all the academic needs of a student. This app is becoming a massive hit with high ratings, and parents are happy that they found the perfect match for their child’s study.

Let’s talk more about the Aakash iTutor app and how to download it on PC.

What is Aakash iTutor App?


iTutor by Aakash is an online learning program by AESL. It was launched by Aakash Institute, which provides high-end education and guidance with guaranteed success.

This program aims to provide the best quality education and coaching to the students in need. This platform is designed to excel the students so they can win any cutthroat competition.

The app contains many subjects for students from 8th to 10th standard and the NEET and IIT JEE students. The core focus is on subjects like Physics, Biology, Chemistry, and Mathematics. You will find countless videos and lectures on almost every topic related to your course.

The best thing about the Aakash iTutor app is that it is available for almost every platform. You can watch online tutorials on your phone, tablet, PC, etc. The expert faculty of the AESL is skilled in their craft and knows how to explain the subject to their students thoroughly.

Another thing that might impress the students is that there isn’t any fixed timing for lectures on this app, like school. The lectures are uploaded on the platform. Students only have to open the app and look for the relevant tutorials, watch it, and learn as much as possible. It will help students learn at their pace.

Many other tools also contribute to making this coaching app much better. For example, options like “Ask an Expert” will make it easier for the students to reach out to an expert, explain their issue, and get proper guidance to clarify their doubts.

The most crucial thing inside the Aakash iTutor app is the preparation for one of the toughest exams in India. The app and the tutors inside ensure they get it nicely covered. From IIT-JEE to NEET exams – iTutor will help you prepare for all.

Other than that, you will find many scholarship programs like NTSE and multiple Olympiads. The primary goal of the Aakash iTutor app is to make you competent enough to pass all exams with distinction.

Some Handy Features Of The Aakash iTutor App

Here are the most special features the Aakash iTutor app has to offer.

Video Lessons:

The Aakash iTutor app has a panel of India’s finest teachers and experts in their fields. These tutors record their lectures on the video to provide other students with easy access. They would offer a seamless understanding of bizarre theories and complex equations. Be it calculus or English – Aakash iTutor has got your back.

HQ Material:

The Aakash iTutor app has hundreds of thousands of high-quality e-books to help students excel in various entrance exams. These e-books are a complete package. You will also find syllabus-wise concept explanations, so the students don’t have to roam here and there to find a solution. The best advantage of e-books inside the Aakash iTutor app is that the students no longer have to buy expensive books that become useless after a term. It can benefit Indian students who cannot buy books.

Chapter Tests:

The Aakash iTutor app is not only about teaching. It tests the students and their education level as well. The tests are integrated to let the app and its experts assess the knowledge level of their students and evaluate the preparation process. These tests also help the students realize their weak areas so they can better them in the future.

Syllabus Assessments:

A particular planner is made to accommodate the students. Tests are conducted according to those planners. This helps the teachers, students, and parents have a common collaboration ground where each party is clear about their progress.

Expert Opinions:

The Aakash iTutor app has a whole different panel of educational experts from all fields. The education process is incomplete without query-clarification rounds which is why asking an expert about their opinion on a particular subject will help students gain better insights. It will also promote questioning abilities in a student.

The Pros And Cons Of The Aakash iTutor App

Here are some of them:


  • It has free lectures.
  • Course-driven approach.
  • It provides bilingual lectures.


  • Only the first three minutes of lectures are free.
  • It doesn’t have a dark mode.
  • Minor bugs.

How To Download Aakash iTutor for PC – Windows 11/10/8/7

This app is available for Android. You can use an emulator to get the Aakash iTutor app working on your PC. Here’s how you can do it:

Method 1: Download Aakash iTutor for PC Using LD Player


  1. Go to ldplayer.net and grab a copy of the installer.
  2. Start installing this app on your PC/Laptop.
  3. Go to the Google Store.
  4. Enter your Google account.
  5. Search for “Aakash iTutor” and download the app.
  6. Now, you can enjoy all its amazing features on your PC.

Method 2: Download Aakash iTutor for PC Using Nox Player

  1. Open the website of the Nox Player and download it.
  2. Install the Nox Player once you finished downloading it.
  3. Open the Nox Player emulator then go to Google Play Store.
  4. It will ask for your account, enter your Gmail address and log in.
  5. Look for the Aakash iTutor app and then click the download button.
  6. Finally, you can now enjoy using the Aakash iTutor app for PC.

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Is this Application Available for Mac?

Yes, you can effortlessly download it on Mac using BlueStacks, Nox Player, or any other reliable emulator. However, make sure to check the requirements first before downloading it on your device.

How to Get Free Video Lectures?

If you are a student of Aakash, then you can easily get free video lectures for the first 24 hours. You can easily access these lectures from the Aakash iTutor application.

Is the Aakash iTutor App Good for Students?

Yes, it is perfect for acing exams. Plus, you can find all the different materials on one platform.

Can I safely run the Aakash iTutor on my PC?

Yes, this application is very safe to use.

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The iTutor app is a complete educational package. Download it right away and see your kid shine through the exams.

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