Flipgrid For PC Download (Windows 11/10/8/7 & Mac)

In this article, we will discuss how to download the Flipgrid for PC (Windows 11/10/8/7 & Mac). Make sure to read it thoroughly to learn how to get the Flipgrid app on your Windows & Mac.

Everything has now evolved. We don’t see things the way we used to. Technology has taken over almost everything. We don’t get to see the old classrooms where Miss Stacey would stand up and teach us all day.

The learning methods have now been digitized. Students and teachers both now depend on digital strategies for teaching. Many applications have been introduced that have helped the teachers teach better, and the students learn better.

Today’s topic will shine a light on something relatable. An application named Flipgrid has been introduced lately to the teaching community.

This application was much different from the traditional ways of learning as it included new methods, a lot more entertainment, and a much broader scope.

Let’s unravel all the specialties of this excellent info-graphical platform that has bought a revolution in teaching ways.

What Is Flipgrid for PC?

The Flipgrid application is a web platform for e-learning. As the name suggests, the Flipgrid platform consists of grids.

A grid is a forum made by the teachers where they can post and assign any topic. The students are then requested to interact within the grid, where they can express themselves through videos, pictures, text, gif images, or any graphical way they want.

A teacher can create unlimited topics within a grid, and there is absolutely no limit to any topic’s replies. For maximum productivity, the Flipgrid app has introduced several features that can create a more student-friendly environment.

The Learning Methodology At Flipgrid


Let’s discuss a little more about the learning methods at Flipgrid:

Virtual Controls

The Flipgrid web and app platform has enabled the teacher to interact with maximum controls. They can now efficiently sign-up to Flipgrid, identify themselves as the teacher, and then Flipgrid redirects them to the grids.

The teachers can then create their grids and add their students or class to the specified grids. Only those students can interact who have the join code or who are allowed by the teacher.

Engaging Practices

The students are the backbone of Flipgrid. They open the grids, follow the topics, and then engage by interacting through videos mainly. The video replies can range from 15 seconds to 5 minutes.

Moreover, the students can also comment and make more follow-up content for even one to two weeks.

Student Grids

The Flipgrid grids are not only limited to the teachers. Students can create their grids too. They can choose a topic, and let their classmates or other community members interact with them for better insight.

For example, if the students are learning music, they can also take the help of a local musician other than their music teacher to teach them more ways to become better vocalists.

Express Freely

The Flipgrid app allows the students to express their thoughts and views freely. It might not happen in real classrooms as some introverted students can feel very shy and hesitate to ask a question.

They can easily make a video or even add text to ask their queries and clear their mind. Flipgrid has become the new safe space for introverted students.

Live Webinars

The Flipgrid is much more than mere grids. The students get to interact with a lot of new people and mentors. The live webinars held at Flipgrid allow the young learners to learn from a vast number of professionals, scholars, and experts from all over the World.

Grid Pals

Flipgrid students can also interact with other Flipgrid students from around the globe. The classrooms with similar interests can become buddies, express their ideas about the topic, and collectively learn new ways.


  • Interaction with international students and teachers.
  • User privacy and security.


  • Distracting for students.
  • Issues in uploading responses.

How To Download Flipgrid for PC (Windows 11/10/8/7 & Mac)?

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Unfortunately, the Flipgrid application can only be installed on Windows or Mac using special software. The Flipgrid web version is there, but it is limited compared to the app. Below, you will learn different methods to download or access the Flipgrid app on PC.

Method #1 – Accessing Flipgrid for PC Using Web Browser

  • Go to the browser.
  • Enter the URL info.flipgrid.com, and then Flipgrid’s main web page will display on your screen.
  • There are two options, either sign-up to Flipgrid if new.
  • If one has a join code already, then enter the QR and join the community.
  • The Flipgrid help center on the website will also help in joining.

Method #2 – Download Flipgrid for PC Using Nox Player

If you want to download and install Flipgrid for Windows or Mac, you have to follow these simple procedures to download:


  1. Go and open the web browser of your preference.
  2. Enter the URL bignox.com and start the official website.
  3. This is the official website of the Nox Player emulator. You have to download the installer to your computer.
  4. Once downloaded, launch the Nox Player installation file.
  5. Complete the Nox Player installation steps by following the wizard guide.
  6. Now enter a new Google ID or an existing one from its settings to enter your account in Gmail.
  7. Go to the Google Play Store; in this way, it won’t ask for your username and password anymore.
  8. Enter the title “Flipgrid” using the search bar.
  9. Confirm that the developer is from Flipgrid because sometimes, you’ll find a similar app from the search.
  10. Now press the install button to initiate.
  11. Flipgrid on PC will be installed on your Windows through Nox Player in this way.
  12. For Flipgrid’s Mac version, follow the same procedure.

How To Use Flipgrid?

For Students

  • Select the desired topic and hit the green plus button to initiate recording.
  • Record the Flipgrid video with a webcam.
  • Take retakes if necessary.
  • Click a selfie, and customize it with Flipgrid image customization.
  • After that, the students must enter their information.

For Teachers

  • Open the homepage of the Flipgrid website.
  • Click on sign-up.
  • Fill out the information on Flipgrid regarding status, personal info, and identity.
  • Create the Grid after finishing.
  • Go to “My Grids” and click on the blue option to make new grids. Only one grid is free.
  • Clicking on the grid would display the topics in it. Click on the blue button to create new topics.
  • The teachers can customize their topics.
  • Share the topic with the share topic button and post it wherever desired.


Is Flipgrid free?

Yes, it is free for students.

Can students delete a video on Flipgrid?

Yes, they can.

Can students download a video on Flipgrid?

Yes, the student can download a Flipgrid video.

Can you run the Flipgrid on a PC without an emulator?

Yes, you can run the Flipgrid on Windows PC & Mac even without an emulator. All you need to do is to access their official website.

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Flipgrid is a cool learning app for the newer generation. It’s easy, fun, and innovative. The future holds a prominent place for such application. I suggest it to every fun learner.

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