How To Install Vedantu On PC – Windows 11/10/8/7

The Vedantu application has become India’s leading E-learning platform. The Vedantu app has gained immense success during the Covid Pandemic, and it has been teaching students of grades 1 to 12 effortlessly.

With that being said, most people like teachers and students are starting to use it as their main platform for online classes.

Before we discuss further the installation of the Vedantu app on PC, we will make a short introduction about it.

Main Features Of The Vedantu App

Some incredible Vedantu app features are:


Live Audio/Video Coaching

The Vedantu app is designed to work on low bandwidth, and it will provide seamless audio and video coaching from your favorite professional teachers.

Shared Whiteboard

Vedantu keeps teaching traditionally by putting a shared whiteboard for teachers and students to take notes, write, and draw remotely.

Unlimited Replay

Missed your class? Don’t worry! Vedantu keeps track and lets you replay the live session for better learning.

Academic Performance Reports

Vedantu tracks your performance and lets you and your parents know about your progress on intervals so you can improve your weak spots better.

Vedantu Pros and Cons


  • Free for the first month.
  • Professional teachers.
  • Periodic assessments
  • 24/7 live learning.


  • App gets slow.
  • The quiz won’t open sometimes.
  • No search option for a related topic.

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How To Learn Through Vedantu On PC – Windows 11/10/8/7?

Learning through Vedantu is easy, fun, and time-saving. But as some students do not have smartphones with them, it does not mean that they cannot access the Vedantu app.

You can use Vedantu on your PC, tablets, and laptops as well. So, let us demonstrate the step-to-step functioning of installing Vedantu on your iPad, Android tablets, and personal computers.

For iPad Users

The method to download the Vedantu application on your iPad is the same as you do it through your iPhones. Follow these steps:

  • Navigate your App Store.
  • Now, go to your store’s search bar.
  • Find the application; type “Vedantu: Live Learning App.”
  • As soon as the Vedantu app shows up, hit the download button.
  • Make sure the developer is Vedantu itself to avoid downloading an unnecessary app.
  • There, now you can study and practice through Vedantu on your iPad.

For Android Tablet And Smartphones

This one is also easy. All you need to do is to read and follow the steps below to install it successfully on your Android device.

  • Find your tab’s Google Play Store.
  • Open the store.
  • Now, go towards the search section.
  • Type and search “Vedantu: Live Learning App.”
  • Watch for the Vedantu developer.
  • After confirmation, install your Vedantu application.
  • Don’t miss any lecture with the Vedantu app on your Android tablet.

How To Get Vedantu for Windows  11/10/8/7 PC Or Mac

YouTube video

There are two ways for the Vedantu app to teach you your important lectures on your personal computer or laptop.

Either you can access the Vedantu website to browse all of its study material, or you can download the Vedantu app on PC with the help of a blazing fast Android Emulator. The choice is yours!

Accessing Vedantu From Website

If you want to use the website for attending Vedantu lectures, follow this easy procedure.

  • Open your default browser, then create a new tab.
  • On the address bar, type
  • The Vedantu’s main homepage will display on your screen.
  • Go to your Vedantu’s sign-up.
  • Sign-up either with Google or your phone number or with any Email ID.
  • The next step will be that Vedantu will confirm your email and number.
  • After confirming the mail, Vedantu will ask you about your name and your class.
  • Choose the grade and board you want to study.
  • Hit on the “Start Learning” button.
  • You will be redirected to the Vedantu app’s main page, where you will see all your course-related study stuff and other helpful material.

Alternative Way To Install Vedantu On PC

To download the Vedantu app on your PC or laptop, you need help from a fast and latest Android Emulator. Keep in mind that the Vedantu would not work on Android version less than Android 5 Lollipop, so choose an emulator with at least Android 5 installed.

The best emulator to use the Vedantu learning app on PC is BlueStacks. BlueStacks is a phenomenal emulator when it comes to running educational apps. As we know that educational applications have their continuous live streams, so we cannot miss a single second of it.

That is why BlueStacks is the best option. It will ensure that your classes are running smoothly, and your Vedantu doesn’t slow down or freeze midway.

To download the Vedantu app through BlueStacks on to your computer, you need to follow these crucial steps:

Step By Step Guide To Install Vedantu App Using Emulator


  • Open your web browser on PC.
  • Access the address bar and type
  • Download the BlueStacks emulator from their official site as other sites can have a virus risk.
  • After downloading BlueStacks, it is time to run its installation on your laptop.
  • The BlueStacks installation would not take long – Follow the steps, click next, agree to terms and conditions, and you’ll be there.
  • Now that BlueStacks is installed open the emulator.
  • After that, you need to enter your Google credentials to log in to BlueStacks Play Store.
  • Next is to open the Play Store homepage.
  • Now that the Play Store is already open on your screen, go to the search bar.
  • Type “Vedantu: Live Learning App” and enter.
  • The first suggestion of the Vedantu app with the developer “Vedantu” will be the correct one.
  • Install the Vedantu app, and you got the perfect learning app for you on your PC now.
  • This method is also applicable for MacBook and Mac computers too. The only difference is you have to download the BlueStacks installer dedicated to this Operating System.

Students Most Asked Questions

  1. How Do I Download Vedantu App On PC?

Vedantu app is available for your PC. You need to download an Emulator for the Vedantu app like BlueStacks. If you don’t want to install an emulator, you can access their website directly.

  1. How Much Does Vedantu Cost?

Vedantu costs different for different projects. The price may vary from $1.7 to $700 based on the course duration.

  1. Who Is The Owner Of Vedantu?

The founders of Vedantu are Vamsi Krisna, Pulkit Jain, and Anand Prakash.

The Summary

The Vedantu app has revolutionized India’s E-learning system. Their motto was to spread education to even the farthest spot inside India, and they are achieving quite a remarkable success in this order. So, download the Vedantu app for seamless online learning.

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