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Online classes are the new trending way of teaching students. Whether they are at home, or far from school, teachers can reach them out by having an app like Canvas Student. With this app, teachers and students can connect and establish an alternative way to teach outside of school. One of the good things about this app is being made for smartphones. This means you can use it even with a data connection or Wi-Fi and then sit down or lie on the bed while you use it. However, not everyone is comfortable using the Canvas Student on PC. And they prefer running the Canvas Student app on Windows and Mac.

But the problem is, the Canvas Student app can only install on smartphones running Android and iOS. Installing the app version of the Canvas Student needs you to have an emulator.

In order to run the Canvas Student app on PC from an emulator, it is highly recommended to see if your computer will be able to run it. An emulator usually requires a strong processor that has dual-core or more cores, at least 4 GB of RAM or better.

You must also look at your storage space and make it at least 10 GB or more, if you don’t have it, free some of your space to get it.

If you are already sure that you will be able to download and install the Canvas Student for your PC, then you can now proceed on how to get it on PC.

But first, we will discuss it here what are the features of this app.

Canvas Student App For PC Features


  • It allows you to view your grades and the content of the courses.
  • You can submit your homework or assignments directly from this app.
  • You can view the work course and keep track of it from the list or from its calendar.
  • There’s an option that allows you to send and receive messages so you can communicate with your teachers as well as other students.
  • You can post your questions and discuss them within the app.
  • It has an option that allows you to watch educational videos provided by your teacher or within the app.
  • It allows you to test your skills by taking a quiz.
  • You can set the app to notify you whenever the course updates, when the grades are published, and many more.

What Are The Advantages And Disadvantages Of Canvas Student App

Even though an app may have a lot of advantages, there will always be a disadvantage, especially for some of its users.


  • It allows users to personalize their own pages.
  • The Canvas app allows the student to share their documents within the classes, so you don’t need an external document-sharing app platform anymore.
  • It has a third-party software integration.
  • Simple and easy to use user interface.
  • There’s a built-in discussion forum.
  • The interface has an organized tool needed for making a discussion.
  • It has a huge list of import options.


  • It lacks video conferencing tools.
  • The quizzes should have allowed the locking of a web browser to avoid cheating.
  • The notification system does not work sometimes or is delayed.
  • Their pricing is expensive.

User Reviews

The Canvas Student app has an excellent reputation on both Google Play Store and Apple App Store. The reviews are also excellent, and a lot of people love using them.

One of the reasons is that the sharing of files and learning materials is easy and always ready whenever they access it. Many people also love using both the Canvas Student on PC and for their mobile because of its portability.

Based on the reviews, the interface is user friendly and won’t confuse its users, both students, and teachers. Even though it has almost perfect, there are some minor flaws that some users reported, such as finding it difficult at times to log in their accounts, and the notification is delayed.

However, the overall score of this app is very good. And upon are testing, the Canvas Student app is one of the best app available on Play Store and App Store.

How To Install The Canvas Student For PC?

Whether you are looking for Canvas Student for Windows or Mac, the guide here will allow you to run this software on your computer. The only tool that you need is an emulator.

We recommend using BlueStacks because it is easily accessible, and lots of people are using it for running an exclusive Android app on their computer.

Now, to install it, take a look at the procedure here.


First: Find the installer of BlueStacks from its official website. For more guide, see this link.

Second: Open the BlueStacks installer once you finished the download to start the installation guide.

Third: Read the installation wizard and agree to its terms and conditions to continue.

Fourth: The shortcut of the BlueStacks installer will be located on your desktop, double click it to start and follow the installation method.

Fifth: Open the BlueStacks emulator from your desktop; otherwise, search it from the Start menu of your computer in case you cannot find it.

Sixth: Run the Play Store and log in your account to access it and then start downloading the Canvas Student app.

Seventh: Find the icon of the Canvas Student app from your desktop and then double click to start it.

Common Questions Asked About Canvas Student For PC And Mobile

Can I use the Canvas Student on my PC without BlueStacks?

Yes, there is another way to run it. However, some features can only be found on the Canvas Student app for Android/iOS. But if you really want to download the Canvas Student without BlueStacks or similar emulator programs, then you can go on their website and use the web-based app. This does not require you to download anything because you can access it using your favorite web browser.

How To Run The Canvas Student on Mac?

You can run it just like the way you can run it on a Windows machine. The difference is, you need to get the BlueStacks for Mac version or access the website of the Canvas Student app using the Safari browser.

Can I get a virus on it?

No, all of the above software listed in this article are trusted and legitimate and safe apps. That includes the BlueStacks emulator.

Final Words

The Canvas Student app is a great tool for both teachers and students. It helps to connect and make an effective way to teach and learn using its powerful set of learning tools. Not only that, but running the Canvas Student app on PC is also possible with the above instructions, so any platform can be used for running it and to start an effective learning platform.

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