OWS for Laptop PC – Teach Online Efficiently

The pandemic made us realize the importance of online education has. It is crucial for those who cannot go to school due to distance, disease, or any other factor. Online education is revived now, and many new educational ventures are moving towards distance learning and edtech.

India has given some epic educational apps and has become one of the top contributors to edtech. The country has given some stellar educational apps like BYJU’s that have become an international success.

Following the footsteps, many small startups and edtech ventures were recently released to cope with a massive Indian student population. A similar app named OWS came into being and had been garnering a much wider audience since its release.

Let’s explore more about OWS and what effects it has. We will also cover the topic of how to run the OWS for laptop or PC.

What Is OWS?


OWS stands for Online World School. The OWS app is an educational platform that would cater to all your schooling needs. In other words, you would have a fully-fledged school on your mobile and laptop. You can get quality education through Live online classes with maximum interaction.

Moreover, the OWS app is under the Government’s initiative and guidelines, so it would have a very affordable tuition fee.

The vision of OWS is to empower the students across demographics. It has become an exclusive Indian student’s online venture where they can be a part of e-classrooms. The OWS platform wishes to be the trailblazer in providing innovational education without making the students feel like they’re missing the fun of their physics classes.

Who Started OWS?

Sanjay Srivastava is the man behind Online World School. Mr. Srivastava is the CEO of this venture, and he is the reason why OWS is ushering into a new era where parents would gladly enroll their kids in an online school without worrying about anything.

The OWS system aims to revolutionize online learning. The app gained huge popularity during the covid pandemic, and the CEO wants to keep it going even after the pandemic is over.

The OWS app has had positive results as no student that enrolled in this facility had to face a gap year, unlike other students who didn’t take online education.

Moreover, the OWS platform also hired some exceptional teachers for the classes. The students are much more comfortable as the teachers teach them in the friendliest way possible. The goal is to ensure that the kids relish the joy of learning who are already frustrated inside their homes.

What Does OWS Offer?

There are many things the OWS app would provide to the learners. Here are some of them:

Live Interaction

The OWS app provides live educational classes to the students. Students from Montessori to Level 8 can participate in these classes and learn new things. The teachers are highly trained professionals who have been given special training about the differences between physical and virtual classes so that they do not neglect any students while teaching and keep them engaged throughout the class.

Quality Education

The curriculum taught at the OWS app is approved both by the Indian government and by international standards. The aim is to let the students learn better and to engage thought-provoking ideas in their minds so they would question everything. The teachers that teach are continuously monitored so their way of teaching can be assessed by seniors and improved if needed.

Secure Studies

Some parents are still concerned about how legit the app is or how secure their child will be from everything. Even sometimes, an online class cannot stop a teacher from bullying or verbally abusing the child in front of others. The OWS app has found this problem a serious concern, and that is why it has partnered with Global Edtech partners to see how they do their job and let them give the teacher guidance about how to do better.

Latest Methods

Gone are the days when teachers would overburden the students with unnecessary homework. The OWS app has a different educational policy as they focus on encouraging and empowering its students so they would speak their minds. The academic curriculum is competency-based, and the students are encouraged to learn, not memorize.

The S.T.A.R.S

The Student-Teacher Assessment and Reward System is an OWS app-exclusive ranking system where the teachers can give students ratings after an online session. This rating is based upon the behavior, participation level, discipline, interaction with others, and interest in subjects. This assessment system also helps the teacher point out the weak points of a student.

What Is The Class Structure In The OWS App?

There are four class structures in the OWS app.


The pre-primary section covers basic subjects like language, maths, science, world knowledge, and creative subjects like story-tellings, music, arts, and dramas.

The pre-primary section holds one session per day, which equals five sessions weekly and 20 sessions monthly.

Class 1 and 2:

Classes 1 and 2 cover basic subjects like English, Maths, Hindi, and Environmental Sciences. The sessions taken are one daily, five weekly, and 20 monthly.

Class 3, 4, and 5:

These classes taught secondary subjects as well like EVS, Computer, 3rd language along with Hindi, Maths, English, and Science.

There are three days, fifteen weekly, and sixty monthly sessions for the students here.

Class 6, 7, and 8:

The last badge of classes 6, 7, and 8 are taught a mixture of basic and secondary subjects like Computer, English, EVS, Hindi, Science, and Mathematics.

It has four sessions daily, or 20 weekly, or 80 monthly sessions for the students.

How To Run The OWS for Laptop and PC?

Running the OWS app on a PC or laptop is very easy. There is no need to be a technical guy. Just follow the simple steps below:


  • Go to bluestacks.com.
  • Download and then install Bluestacks on your PC.
  • Open the BlueStacks and enter your Google account info inside Settings.
  • Open Google Play Store.
  • Type “OWS” by Clara Edtech and search.
  • Hit the install button.
  • Get OWS on Mac by using the same technique.


Is OWS Free?

No, it has paid courses.

Does OWS Teach English?

Yes, it teaches English.

Is OWS Expensive?

No, it has cheap packages.



The OWS app is an excellent and powerful tool to acquire quality education while staying at home. It has the potential to become a strong Edtech app, and it might introduce higher studies in the future. What’s more, is you can download the OWS app on your PC easily