Animation Desk for PC – How to Download [Windows 11/10/8/7 & Mac]

Animation Desk for PC is the best consummating app for sketching and designing animations. This application facilitates its clients and patrons with a number of mind-blowing specifications. In the Animation Desk, various types of tools and brushes are available for your ease and comfort to sketch and animate.

You can also create and bring out animations and sketches on your mobile device and your PC. But drawing and animating on PC is always a wise decision. You can also create animations on videos and photos with different tools and brushes. This application is positively meant for your entertainment.

You can create pencil test sketching and animation by using this application. Not only that because you can export your output animations and sketches in several ways like PDF sheets, Photoshop layers, and GIFS of enormous size. Another good thing about this application is it is compatible with Android as well as on iOS and Windows PC.

Are you a student and desire a platform to modify plans into sturdy stories? On the Animation Desk, you can easily create storyboards. Storyboards are designated for teachers and students. Where students love to alter and transfer their ideas and plans into reality and strengthen tiers, if this application seems attractive and you are interested to know more about Animation Desk, then read further details of this application.

Animation Desk App For PC Features


Here are some of the most majestic and magnificent features of the Animation Desk for PC.

Easy way to Export and Share

You can easily export your sketches and animation into your desired option. You can convert your animation to some specific apps, but you have to convert it online. Similarly, you can also transform and turn your animations into GIF and MP4, one of their distinctive specifications. Not only this, but you can also show your hard work and classic efforts to others online via social media. You can share your masterstrokes on a large scale over social media marketing and advertising. In this manifesto, you can find out what other workers, sketchers, and animators are working for.

Easy Access

You can easily access your animations, sketches, and other projects on every device and several operating systems. You can also get access to the premium features of this application in the creative series, which is available on all smart devices and PC. This application also gives customer support with its best services. Animation Desk for Windows facilitates a lenient, smooth, and instinctive ecosystem for drawing, painting, and sketching.

All-inclusive Drawing tools

Animation Desk includes a variety of tools for sketching and animating. There are about 25 kinds of brushes available to draw various patterns and shapes. Moreover, these brushes have adjustable sizes and colors. These have a vast capacity to store up your favorite colors. Not only these, but you can also change the background of photos and videos. Several brushes and other tools like erasers, scales, etc., will help you get your desired shapes. You can also sketch and animate different scenes and pics of your own choice with these various tools. Using these tools, you can combine different patterns and sequences by which you can explain your animations more efficiently.

Support to Surface Dial

Animation Desk app avails you with the convertible frame. You can adjust your rack, which will help you to create a masterpiece. Similarly, these adjustable frames support drawing quickly. You can also copy, cut, delete and replicate frames by your own choices. On the Animation Desk, you can create also create live animations and sketches from videos. Moreover, you can add sound features for making your drawings eye-catching. You can even develop the best spirits in the free version. By using vast arrays, you can make your graphics unique.

Supporting and Encouraging

This application is very supportive of its users. Here you can use various tools and brushes. You can also create and add live videos to your projects.  This application avails full support with photoshop and editing on your PC or Mac devices. You can also make hand-drawn animations and sketches with this app. Animation Desk also supports layers features. Brushes are also supportive of pressure sensitivity.

How to Download Animation Desk for PC – Windows 11/10/8/7 & Mac

There are multiple ways to download and install the Animation Desk for PC. Either you get it from Microsoft Store directly or run it from an emulator.

Method #1: Install Animation Desk for PC Using Microsoft Store

Step 1: Open your web browser and start going to Google or Bing search engine.

Step 2: Type Microsoft Web Store and open the first result.

Step 3: Sign in to your Microsoft account to log in.

Step 4: Once you signed in, click the search bar and type the Animation Desk.

Step 5: Click the Get in Store app or Download button to start installing it.

Step 6: You can now use the Animation Desk for PC once you finished downloading it.

Method #2: Download Desk for PC Using MEmu

In this method, you will need to use an android emulator. We recommend using MEmu Play. To continue installing it with an emulator, ensure that you read the next instruction to get it successfully.


Step 1: Download the MEmu emulator

The leading and premier step to download the Animation Desk for PC is to download the MEmu emulator. You can download the MEmu emulator from its website.

As you will visit their website, you will see a downloading icon present on the screen. Click on the download option. You will proceed towards downloading of MEmu.

Step 2: Install MEmu

As soon as the MEmu emulator is downloaded on your PC. Go to your downloads folder, where you will see MEmu. Run its setup file and follow the installation process to install this emulator.

Step 3: Sign in to Your Account

After installation of MEmu, you have to sign in to your account. Sign in using your current and active google account. You will be asked for some necessary information. After completion of all the data present on the signup form. You will be able to use MEmu.

Step 4: Go And Get Animation Desk App for PC

You will see a search icon present on the screen of MEmu. Click that button and search for Animation Desk. It will appear on your screen immediately. Click on the download icon, and you will proceed to download. Your task will be completed shortly and you’ll be able to use the Animation Desk on your Windows PC/Mac.


What is the Animation desk for PC, and what are export options?

Animation Desk is the best application for creating pencil sketches and various animations. You can export your animations and illustrations in the form of PDF, large-size GIFs, and layers of Photoshop.

Which tools are available on the animation desk?

Some sketcher tools like scales and adjustable brushes size are available for sketching and animating. By using these tools, you can create several animations in a single flow.

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Animation Desk for PC is an easy application to download and use. This application has a lot of the best features to enjoy. By reading the above-mentioned details you will come to know about this application in detail. You can download this application without any hesitation or fear.

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