Best Apps for Firestick That You Need To Download

In this article, we will tell you about the best apps for Firestick that you need to download and install.

Firestick is an amazing product by amazon that can bring a bundle of entertainment to your home. With this device, you can access regular tv channels but it also allows you to experience huge entertainment.

You can download many apps on the firestick that can allow you to watch online content in high quality. Different apps have different features that offer you to watch your favorite movies, tv shows, and other online videos. Let’s go through the list of best apps for firestick.

Best Apps for Firestick

There are various kinds of apps that are able to fulfill different requirements. If you want to access recent and latest movies and tv shows then you will need apps that have features of various movies.

And if you want to watch sports tv then you will look for those apps that can offer you features for those apps that can stream sports tv channels or sports videos. Here we are going to tell you about the apps that are good for streaming videos and sports channels.

List of the Best Apps for Firestick (Streaming Movies And TV Shows)

Popcornflix App

A lot of TV lovers are already hyped up about getting their hands on a Popcornflix application for their Firestick. The first thing that you need to do is download Popcornflix from the official site.

Installation instructions will be provided on the same site. Once you have downloaded and installed the Popcornflix application on your Firestick, you can now install the application in your television’s programming directory. Once you are done with the installation, you can already start to watch your favorite movies in high-definition picture quality.

To make your experience even better, you may also choose from a wide variety of movies and TV shows available on the said application. You can also create your own network with other Firestick users to share your favorite movies with them.

CatMouse App

You then need to download the actual “CatMouse” app from the Google play store. Once you have downloaded this app, you can run the app by clicking on the icon which is on the bottom left corner of your screen.

These days CatMouse is working impressively with android devices. It contains a lot of content for you to have endless entertainment. It offers high-quality streams from some top sources on the web. Through this app, you can have dozens of Full-HD streams for many videos.

This app is an expert’s choice that will become mainstream very soon. So, we believe that it will be the best app on the fire stick for watching movies and tv shows.

BeeTV App

BeeTV app has an endless collection of movies and tv shows and this is the attractive part of this app. Movies lovers will fall in love with this app once they know about its collection of latest movies and tv shows.

This app not only provides a huge library of movies but also gives you high-quality videos. Bee tv app has a simple and easy interface that is compatible with firestick. You can download this app in a convenient method on a fire stick and then enjoy the entertainment on the big screens of your TV.

Bee tv is also able to give on-demand video service but it doesn’t host any content of its own. It also gives you notifications if something new has something for you. So, if you are fond of watching the latest movies then this app is for you.

HBO Max App

HBO max is a paid movies/tv-shows streaming app. It is a comparatively newly launched app by the HBO network but in this short time, it already gained huge popularity. You can watch all HBO originals through this app. Not only HBO content is available on this but movies from popular third-party distributors are also available on this app.

By paying little money you can enjoy good quality videos and the most famous movies & tv shows through this app. Millenium famous shoes like friends and big bang theory can also be watched by using this app. So don’t hesitate and download this app on your firestick.

Best Apps For Firestick TV – Sports App

Sling TV App

SlingTV was the primary live TV in the internet market. So most live TV lovers already knew about it and its amazing features. The services of this app are only in the USA but you can access it by using a good VPN.

You can enjoy uninterrupted live streaming on your android device. The only thing you need for its efficient working is a stable internet connection. For streaming on more than one device at the same time you need to have a premium subscription. On a basic subscription, you can use this on more than one device.

We are certain that live streaming lovers will definitely like this app. So if you want to enjoy live streaming then you should download this app to your TVs.

Sportz TV IPTV App

With the Sportz TV IPTV, you can watch live sports anytime you want. Just install the software and then you’re ready to go. It is a paid app but its characteristics are worth paying for. After installing this app you will not regret paying money because it will give you access to live channels and many sports channels.

Its reliability and tons of features will make you happy. You can access more than 8000 live tv channels through this app. The app is well developed and offers high-quality streaming that will definitely boost your mood. Just download it and enjoy the live streaming of your favorite sports channel.


Mobdro App will take the web by storm in the next few years. This amazing free mobile app connects users with a huge variety of free streaming channels & lets them watch as and when they wish. Mobdro supports its subscribers to search for multiple required streams and then filter the available channels according to their preferences.

The installation process of this amazing app is really simple that anyone can do it with a few steps from home. If you are the one who likes to watch sports channels then this app is definitely for you. just download it on your firestick and watch live streaming of your favorite sports channels.


We discussed very few apps that can be best for Amazon Firestick.  All these apps are safe and reliable so you can have them in your firestick without any doubt. We believe that this article will be helpful for you in making decisions about downloading the best apps for Firestick.