How To Play Block Strike Game On Your PC – Windows 11/10/8/7

Games have become an undying addiction for us. We love to play games. The most successful games these days are those that include an FPS or a First-Person Scenario shooting. You would see trends in such games worldwide.

Today, I am showcasing a somewhat similar shooting game, but much more spectacular and graphic friendly.

But the question comes that how can a shooting game be graphic friendly? The answer is quite simple; we will use cute little cartoons to shoot the enemies.

One of the best games in this regard is the Block Strike, which you can get on Google Play Store and Apple App Store. Though it is available in the following store, you might be thinking that you can only use it on smartphones.

However, with a simple method that we will discuss here, you will be able to download and play the Block Stike on your PC. Be sure to read all the details further so you can install it without hassle.

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Everything About The Block Strike Game


The Block Strike application is an FPS shooting game. You can either play Block Strike in single mode, or you can gang up with your pals to win the game. The levels and game modes of Block Strike on PC are super-addictive, and you will love every bit of it. Upgradable weapons and maps are available too.

How Does The Block Strike Work?

Let’s demonstrate a quick sneak peek of all the Block Strike shooting game’s remarkable features for a better insight.

Multiple Modes

While other shooting games lack modes, this statement is not true for the Block Strike as it has a whopping number of more than 24 game modes. All these game modes have special stories, different difficulty levels, and various approaches, but they all have one thing in common-shooting the enemies.

Some fun game modes in the Block Strike app on PC and mobile include scenarios like Zombies Survival, Death Run, Hunger Games, TNT Run, Bunny Hop, Bomb, Surfing, and many more diverse games.

Comprehensive Maps

Gone are those days when games had a small number of maps (some of them were useless too!), now apps such as the Block Strike are introducing a wide range of purposeful maps. You will find almost 50 to 70 maps in this game. Every map will benefit you on a certain stage. You could choose a long-range snowfield map for a perfect sniper shot or a closed-range map for sneaking around. Other maps, especially the dust map, will become your reliable companion throughout the journey.

Customizable Characters

What’s the fun in playing a shooting game when you cannot define your character? The Block Strike allows you to make certain changes to your block-shaped avatar—either dress like a ninja or a spy – your choice, mate.

Ultimate Weaponry

There’s no fighting without guns and knives. And don’t imagine that the game will handle you with an ordinary weapon. No.

The Block Strike will allow you some of the World’s favorite and most popular weapons like M4, MP5, AK47, FAMAS, SCAR, and so on. These are the main weapons. You will also have a secondary weapon like a handgun. And in case all bullets are gone, then there is always a knife, ax, or chicken launcher at the rescue.

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Pros And Cons Of This Game

Let’s describe some awesome pros and negative aspects of the Block Strike game.


  • The game can be played for free.
  • New updates and battles every day.
  • Wide variety of weapon skins and stickers.
  • Multiplayer shooting mode.
  • You can chat in Block Strike with others during gameplay.
  • Custom key bindings for ease of use on PC.
  • Allows cross-play for PC and Phones.


  • The server of the Block Strike disconnects the user after some time.
  • The ads after every game disturb the user.
  • Bugs crash the Block Strike game and force shut it.
  • No story mode.
  • The Block Strike game does not let you shoot offline.
  • No voice chats option.
  • Special and secret weapons are expensive to buy.
  • Sometimes the game displays “Cheat Detected,” even where no cheating is involved.

Methods To Play The Block Strike on PC – Windows

The Block Strike FPS shooting game is available on Android and iOS, which means that you can download it on any compatible device like Android phones and tablets and iPhones and iPads.

Here’s how you can get the Block Strike game on your phones

Android Device

  • Go to your Google Play Store
  • Navigate search bar
  • Type “Block Strike (FPS Shooter)” Hit the search button, you will see a little shooter in blue background with the developing team of Rexet Studio.
  • That’s the game. Download and install it.
  • Enjoy Block Strike on Your Android devices.

iOS Device

  • Go to your App Store.
  • Search for “Block Strike (FPS Shooter)
  • The same block shooter icon will show here.
  • Hit the download button to install it on your iOS device.

Block Strike For PC – Windows 11/10/8/7 Install Guide

Getting the Block Strike shooting game on your PC can be done with the help of an Android Emulator. We will show you how to get Block Strike on PC using the BlueStacks emulator. Follow the procedure:


  • Go to the BlueStacks official website.
  • Download BlueStacks and install it on your PC.
  • Run the emulator and then set up the Google account in the BlueStacks.
  • On BlueStacks top right corner, there is a search bar.
  • Type and Enter “Block Strike (FPS Shooter)” to find it.
  • BlueStacks will install the Block Strike for you once you click the download button.
  • When the installation completes, you can open it from the Home page of the Bluestacks.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is the Block Strike game?

Block Strike is a shooting game in which you shoot the zombies and other players in a first-person narrative.

How to get Block Strike on PC?

We can get the addictive and exciting game Block Strike on PC and Windows with the help of BlueStacks Emulator. It’s free and fast to play such games.

Can I customize weapons in this game?

Yes, Block Strike allows you weapon customization with multiple skins and stickers.

Final Lines

If you want a combination of Counter-Strike and Minecraft, there is no better option than Block Strike. Download it to start playing a fun and exciting FPS game.

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