How to Download and Install Blurams for PC – Windows 11/10/8/7 Laptop?

Blurams is an application that helps you to see live videos of your IP-connected devices. It is a reliable and secure app that is easy to use and download. Download the Blurams app on your PC by using some android emulators.

Downloading this application on your PC is always a wise idea as you can monitor everything on a bigger screen monitor. Continue reading on to learn more about this software including the installation guide.

How Does Blurams App Work?

The Blurams app was designed in such a way that it detects the QR codes of the devices to run with. And then access these devices and start to work out with these devices. The streaming specification is also available on this platform.

Moreover, you can also see the live footage by your Connected IP devices.

If you think that you need a security camera application, then this one is right for you. Read the details below, which will further clarify this application’s features as well as the installation guide of the Blurams app on PC.

What Are The Blurams App Features?


There are several features of Blurams, but here, we will discuss a few parts of this application. Below are some eye-catching features of this application.

Live Streaming

The central feature of this application is live streaming. You can easily stream your camera in real-time with a few simple steps. Your IP-connected devices always support this live Streaming even when you go offline. This application is created so that you can stream live videos from this platform without any complex setup.

Listen to Audio tracks and communication.

Unlike other applications, Blurams captures the audio tracks and the video, which is its eye-catching specification. Some cameras do not come with this important feature, but Blurams records the audio as well so that you can hear the communication and audio notes whenever you capture something.

It Detects Motions

If there is any uncertain and irregular activity happening around, Blurams captures these activities, which is a good security source. Whenever it capture these events, it will send you a notification to catch up your attention.

Video Track Recordings and Snapshots Capturing

Suppose you are not interested in seeing the live video footage or are busy enough not to focus on the footage. At that spot, you can record live footage of your IP devices. You can also capture snapshots by using this application. You can monitor your in-home activities easily with it without any hurdles.

Simple Network Requirements

Blurams for PC only depend upon a WiFi network. You can also run this application on your mobile data or hotspot. Just a stable internet connection is required for your ease and access. Although it supports mobile data, we recommend connecting to a Wi-Fi network to ensure a fast internet connection.

Customer Support

Blurams for PC supports their customers by their respective reviews and responses. If you face any issues and problems while using this application, you may give your suggestions and feedback to their customer support. Blurams is always here to help you solve problems.

How to Download Blurams for PC – Windows 11/10/8/7?

To download the Blurams app on PC, you’ll have to install an android emulator. The best and easiest way is to get the Nox Player for it because it is simple yet very powerful.

A word of advice, before you install the Nox Player, you have to ensure that every prerequisite software and requirement is installed in your Windows.

The first one is to have the latest version of the .Net framework installed. Second, is the Visual C++ Redistributable, and then enable the virtual technology in your BIOS since the emulator will greatly benefit from these settings.

YouTube video

Blurams for Windows – Installation Using Nox Player

Now, to start the installation with Nox Player, follow the steps given in this guide.

Download Nox Player

The first step to downloading the Nox player is to get it from its official website. You will see a download icon present on its site. Click on the download option, and the first step will be finished.

Installation to your PC

As soon as the download has finished, you can now install it. Find the installer that you downloaded on your computer and open it. The Nox Player setup will appear on your screen. Read along and follow what it requires and then install it. After the successful installation, open this emulator program.

Play Store Log In

After completion of the steps that are mentioned above, you have to sign in to your account in the Google Play Store. Signing it here will give you access to the Play Store interface.

Find and Install The Blurams


From the menu of the Play Store, you’ll find a magnifying glass icon. This is the search bar. Click it and type Blurams app there. The app will appear on the Play Store after you do that. Click on the download option. Blurams will be download shortly. When the Blurams have been installed, go back to the interface of the Nox Player and you’ll see its icon. Click on the Blurams app and you’ll be able to use it on a PC.


Here are the few frequently asked questions about the Blurams app for PC:

How can I use this application without an emulator?

You can try to access it from their website which can be found here. However, if you want to use the app itself on your computer, then it is recommended to use an emulator to run the Android version of the app on your computer.

Can it harm my computer?

Absolutely not. This application is safe and can be trusted. And if you are talking about the emulator, it is very safe as well.


Blurams is a reliable monitoring app for CCTVs. It greatly enhances your security within your home or office. Blurams application will permit you to watch your surveillance camera’s live view even abroad as long as you have internet. It also assists you with descriptions of specific films of the live video. As a result, you can look at reports when you need them. However, the Blurams For PC can either be achieved by running an android emulator or accessing it directly from their website. 

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