Reicast App for Windows PC – [How to Download Guide]


Do you want to play a nostalgic Dreamcast console on your computer? Did you know that you can play it using an emulator? It is actually very easy to do. By installing the Reicast app for Windows, this becomes possible and you’ll be able to turn your computer into a Dreamcast.

First, we’ll make an introduction about this software that you would want to know.

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What is Reicast App?

Reicast is an Android application that is easy to use and download for Windows for playing Dreamcast games. Basically, you only need a ROM of your games in order to use and play it.

Operating it is simple and very easy to understand. Even if you are a newbie, you will be able to use it in no time. The interface of this application is user-friendly. There is no complicated option that can be confusing for its users.

The Reicast app doesn’t have any inbuilt games. You have to dump your desired games in this application. The Reicast application is supporting several formats and editions. Moreover, you can also get some minor information in the about portion of this application.

About the developers, it was created by Reicast Group, which is maintaining and keeping it updated and free of bugs. Downloading it is directly accessible from their website. Otherwise, you can also get it from the Google Play Store.

However, if you want to download the Reicast app for Windows, you have to try a different approach to installing it because you cannot install the Android app or APK directly into your computer. But don’t worry because we are going to teach you how to do it, first, let us tell you more about the features of this wonderful app.

Features of Reicast App


Manageable Controllers

There is an input icon or screen present on this application. This screen lets you authorize your co-partner and controller with some powers and duties he wants to assign. The Reicast application is supporting several controllers. Similarly, some controllers are not being allowed by this application. So let them inform before any controller support.

Easy Game Integration

There’s nothing fancy or complicated method to do it since it was built as being friendly for its users. All you need to do is to copy your games and paste them inside a specific folder. In most cases, it will auto-detect easily.

Skip Processing

An attribute known as frameskip value is available in this app. By using this option, you can fast forward the games. This will also lead you to run your platform a bit fast depending on the speed that you set.

Frame Limiter

Limit FPS is present in this application which helps the Reicast app to work slowly. This will interrupt Reicast from running fastly. This feature is ON by default.

Game Patcher

Proper implementation is a fundamental factor of any application. Being running from an emulator sometimes makes an unstable performance or result. Therefore, the Reicast app has a patcher that lets us implement fixes for every game. If you turn on this option, your game will run smoothly and faster but might cause some stability issues.

How to Download Reicast App for Windows PC/ Mac?

As you might already know, the Reicast on PC is not directly available for Windows. You have to install another tool called the Android emulator which allows your computer to run the Android app.

Since the Reicast is an Android app, you have to run it inside the emulator in order to make your Windows computer run it.

Installing MEmu Emulator

There are several ways to download the Reicast app via emulators. But in this guide, we will explain it using the MEmu emulator.

Step 1: Get MEmu Emulator

To download the Reicast for Windows, you have to install MEmu Emulator first. Go on its site, where you will find a link and a download icon for it. Click the link or press the download icon. MEmu will start downloading soon on your computer.

Step 2: Installing The Android Emulator

After a successful download of MEmu, our next step is to install it. You will find it in the downloaded file of your computer. Click on this file to start the installation process. After that, follow the installation of this Android emulator.

Step 3: Sign in to your account

Once you completed the installation, go to the Play Store, and from here, you need to set up your account on it. If you have a google account, you can use it here to log in to your account. Otherwise, create a new account and use it to log in to the Play Store.

Step 4: Download Reicast App


Now that you have logged in to your Play Store account, search the Reicast app in there. You will immediately find it from the interface; now click the green Download button to install it. After some time, the Reicast app will be downloaded on your PC.


Here are the following frequently asked questions that many people ask.

How To Install the Reicast Dreamcast emulator on Windows?

Please read the articles discussed above.

What is BIOS, it requires me to have it?

BIOS is the main software of Dreamcast. Without it, you won’t be able to run and emulate the Reicast. However, we cannot discuss it further due to legal reasons.

Do I really need an Android emulator to run it on my PC?

Since the Reicast was developed especially for Android, running it from an emulator is the only way to make your computer run it. Otherwise, if you don’t want to use it, we recommend using a different Dreamcast emulator program dedicated to Windows or Mac computers.


Reicast is a reliable application for playing iconic Dreamcast games. Now that we have discussed the most aspects of this application, you have learned about this software and how to install the Reicast Dreamcast on Windows PC. With this app installed, it brings you the nostalgic experience of the legendary console into your computer. You will surely enjoy it as this is a highly recommended and appreciated platform.

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