HelloTalk For PC – Download (Windows 11/10/8/7 & Mac)

Nowadays, learning a different language from your computer is easy using HelloTalk for PC. It is one of the Google Play editor’s choices because it is a useful tool for learning languages.

With the HelloTalk app, you will be able to connect with different native speakers in their languages. It includes English, Korean, Japanese, Spanish, Mandarin, French, German, Russian, Hindi, and many more.

The HelloTalk app freely offers all of it. If you also use it on a daily basis, your pronunciation, grammar, and translation will improve a lot.

It is also available on the Apple App Store and has very high ratings and a number of downloads. When you search for the HelloTalk for Windows or Mac, you won’t find any.

The HelloTalk app is currently available for Android and iOS. In order for you to use it on a PC, you are going to need a tool for it.

And this tool is the emulator software. Using it is the only way to run on a computer. Before you download and install an emulator on your computer, read the information below.

  1. First, you must have a decent processor that has a dual-core spec.
  2. Next, check your available storage before you download the installer.
  3. Also, check if you have a minimum of 4 GB of RAM or better.
  4. You need to get the latest C++ Redistributable and .Net framework if you are using a Windows Operating System.
  5. The drivers of your GPU must be correctly installed and updated to the latest one.

After that, you can definitely install the HelloTalk app for PC. Next is to install the emulator program. If you want to study more, consider downloading the Quizlet App For Windows & Mac – Free.

Download HelloTalk For PC (Windows 11/10/8/7 & Mac)


To successfully run the HelloTalk app on a PC, you are going to need a reliable and robust emulator. We recommend using only the most known emulator, such as BlueStacks.

As of now, it is still the number 1 and fastest emulator available online. To get and install it, you must follow the steps below.

  • First, check your internet if you have a stable one. If yes, then go to google.com and search for the BlueStacks emulator.
  • Download the installer to your desktop and then run it later when you finish the download.
  • Once the installation window is running, check the “I Accept” button and then install it.
  • The BlueStacks will connect to the internet; that’s why we recommend connecting to a stable connection.
  • Once it finished the installation, you can check your desktop, and the shortcut of the BlueStacks emulator will be there.
  • Double click its icon to start the BlueStacks emulator on your computer.
  • The Google Play Store login page will appear, use your Gmail to log in here. Otherwise, you can skip it and use an APK installer later.
  • If you log in to your account, you will be able to access the Play Store, now search for the HelloTalk app and then wait for the installation to complete.
  • Make sure to download only the right app because there is some app with the same name.
  • Once you completed the download of the HelloTalk app, the BlueStacks will now create a shortcut of it for your desktop.
  • Double click the icon of the HelloTalk app on your desktop to run this software.
  • Now, you have successfully run the HelloTalk on your PC using an emulator.

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How to Download HelloTalk for PC (Windows & Mac)

YouTube video

The BlueStacks emulator is not the only good emulator you can use to download and install the HelloTalk app. You can also use the Nox App Player to run it on your PC.

The Nox Player emulator is also fast and responsive, and some even prefer using it on BlueStacks. To install it, you have to google for it.

Installing this emulator program is also easy to do. Once you finished the installation, enter your account on Play Store and then search for HelloTalk.

Download and install it from the Play Store, and finally, you will be able to run the HelloTalk on your computer.

Using APK to Install the HelloTalk app

An alternative way to install the HelloTalk on your Windows PC or Mac is to use the APK installer. An APK is a package installer file that you can get from the internet.

Keep in mind that if you use this method, you won’t be able to update the HelloTalk app automatically. An APK is not the official version from the Play Store. That’s why it won’t support it.

If you still want to continue, get the HelloTalk APK from the internet and then save a copy to your computer.

After that, run the BlueStacks emulator from your computer and then drag the HelloTalk APK into the window of the BlueStacks emulator.

It will start the installation automatically; after that, the BlueStacks will create a shortcut icon from your computer that you can double click to start using the HelloTalk for your PC.

In this way, you have completed the installation of the HelloTalk app even without a Play Store account. If you want to update the installed version on your computer, then you have to download the latest APK again and replace it with the latest one.

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Optimizing Emulator

The most common problem with the emulator is being slow. But it can be fixed using the simple method that we will provide here.

In most cases, you can fix it if you enable the virtualization technology. If you allow it, the emulator will be able to utilize and use your processor efficiently.

To enable the virtualization, you must go to the BIOS menu and then allow it from there. Just make sure to let only this option and do not modify other unnecessary settings.

If you incorrectly set a value, your computer may not boot properly so, be careful when you are inside the BIOS menu.

Once you applied the settings, save it, and then reboot your computer. Now, test the emulator and run the HelloTalk app on your PC.

You’ll see a considerable performance increase after that. If you are still having a problem, the problem might be your hardware. Make sure that you have a good computer or laptop.


Even though the HelloTalk app is exclusive only to Android and iOS, you can still use it on a PC using the emulator program. Now, you don’t have to wait for the official version to release on Windows or Mac because you can use and apply this method to use the HelloTalk on your PC.

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