Download Memrise for PC (Windows 11/10/8/7 & Mac)

Learning different dialects and languages is made easy by the software called Memrise for PC. This application was made for people who wanted to study and learn languages around the world.

You can choose from Spanish, Japanese, Chinese, German, Russian, Norwegian, Danish, Portuguese, English, and many more. The Memrise app is one of the Editors’ Choice apps and has a lot of users around the world.

This great tutoring app has already reached 10 million-plus downloads and most people are giving it positive reviews making it a trustworthy application for learning different languages around the world.

To run the Memrise for PC on Windows or Mac. You must download and install an application called Android emulator. The emulator is an app that you can use for creating a Virtualized Android environment on your Windows or Mac computer.

Android apps cannot be directly run on your computer or laptop that’s why you need to install an emulator program. Also, emulators are widely used by people who wanted to use apps on their computers so nothing to worry about it.

If you want to continue to use the Memrise for PC, continue to read on and we, from appzforpc, will help you to set up and prepare your PC for the installation.

But before doing that, check the features of the Memrise app. Otherwise, you may skip to the next part about preparing your PC or installation.

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Useful Features Of Memrise App

  • This application can help you to remember the new words which could help you to speed up your learning process.
  • The words are based on real native speakers of their own language.
  • You can use practice games to hone your listening skills, know the difficult words, and many more.
  • The Memrise app can also help you to improve your pronunciation.
  • It can read the microphone of your phone, headset, or headphone and allows you to record yourself. The Memrise will analyze if your pronunciation is right or wrong.
  • You can download an offline course and use it whenever you are even if an internet connection is not available.
  • Supported a lot of languages that you can choose to learn or study.
  • The Premium subscription provides you with all of its available features and course.

There may be more features available for this app. If you want to know the full list of its features, you can check and visit their website for more references. Now, let us continue with the preparation of your computer to run the Memrise for PC.

How to Download And Install Memrise For PC? (Windows 11/10/8/7 & Mac)

The Memrise app is both available for iOS and Android but in this tutorial. We are going to use the Android version of Memrise and run it on your computer.

Before installing the Memrise for Windows or Mac, you have to prepare your computer for the android emulator.

First, you must have a fast enough processor. Modern computers nowadays always have a 2 GHz speed. However, if you are using an old machine and your computer only has 1 GHz, you cannot run the emulator properly.

Next is to check the computer’s RAM. Again, you can always find a 4GB RAM these days so if your computer was bought recently, it must have it or better. In case your computer has below 2GB RAM, your only option is to upgrade it.

Now, check the computer free space. The ideal storage space of your HDD or SSD is 10 GB and above before installing the emulator and Memrise for PC.

After that, install the necessary software for running an android emulator. These are the .Net Framework and Visual C++. The installer of the following software can be found on the Microsoft download page.

You also need to update the graphics drivers of your laptop or computer. The drivers can be found on the website of NVIDIA or AMD but it depends on the GPU installed on your computer. Also, you need to install or update the DirectX on your computer.

Lastly, there’s an optional task that you can do or not. This is the Virtualization Technology. You can wish to enable or leave it to disable but if you enable it, the performance of running an emulator program will skyrocket.

Your PC is now ready to install the Memrise for Windows or Mac. Follow the step below to install an Android emulator.

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Method 1: Using BlueStacks To Install Memrise for PC

In order to use the Memrise app on your computer, you have to use an emulator and one of the best emulators to use is the BlueStacks.

This emulator program is widely used by many people because it can perform really well and is compatible with most Android-based software including the Memrise for PC. Using BlueStacks also does not consume too much of your computer resources so it is one of the best emulators available out there.


  1. To get the BlueStacks into your PC, go to and find the link for its download.
  2. Save the installer to your computer and then run it. After that, the installer will run and you have to follow its procedure. Make sure to accept its requirements so you can proceed to the next step by agreeing to its terms and conditions.
  3. Click the install button to start it. The BlueStacks will starts to connect to the internet and once the installation has finished, open the emulator from your desktop.
  4. The next step is to enter your Google Play ID into it and then wait for it to sync.
  5. Open the Google Play Store in case it won’t automatically open it and then find the Memrise app. To get the result immediately, use the search button.
  6. Make sure to get the right one because sometimes, you will find an app with a similar name. Refer to the screenshot above to make sure you install the real Memrise app on your computer.
  7. Click the download button once you find the right app and this will start installing Memrise on your computer or laptop.
  8. Go back to the home or desktop to check it. If you found the icon of Memrise, the installation has been successful.

Method 2: Using Nox Player to Download Memrise For PC

In this method, we are going to use Nox App Player to install the Memrise app into your computer. In case you already tried installing the BlueStacks and you enjoy it, you can skip this part. Otherwise, install this emulator instead.

The Nox App Player is a very fast emulator that’s why we also recommend that you use it as an alternative emulator.

  1. To install this fast emulator program, get the installer and save it to your computer by visiting this URL –
  2. After you finished downloading it, double-click the installer and follow its procedure. Click the “Install” button once you finished agreeing to its terms and conditions.
  3. Now wait for it to finish and after that, check your desktop and see if the Nox Player’s shortcut was there. If not, check the list of your installed programs.
  4. Run the Nox App Player and go to Google Play Store. The first time you browse for it will ask you immediately to enter the details of the Play Store account. You must have a Gmail and use it here to proceed.
  5. Now search for the Memrise app on the Google Play Store. Click download and it will also start installing this tutoring app into your computer.
  6. Check the app drawer from Nox App Player’s home to check if the Memrise has been installed properly. Once you confirmed it, click the app and start using the Memrise for PC on your Mac or Windows computer.

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How To Install Memrise App From APK

Are you having trouble accessing the Play Store? Or you don’t want to enter the information on your Gmail account? In that case, you must install the Memrise app from an APK.

An APK file is the executable file version of Windows and Mac. And only the Android Operating System can process it not unless you install an emulator into the PC.

If you want to use this method, follow these steps:

  1. Get the Memrise APK file by looking for it on the internet.
  2. Save it and after that, open the BlueStacks or Nox Player.
  3. Click the “Install APK” option and follow the instructions. As a result, you will be able to install the Memrise app for PC using the APK file without logging in from Google Play Store.

The only disadvantage of this method is being unable to connect to Play Store and update itself automatically. To update it, you must download the latest Memrise APK and install it again.


Using this learning program on your computer is now possible using an emulator program like BlueStacks or Nox. Now, the smartphone or tablet is not the only choice for running the Memrise for Windows or Mac. You can now install it on a computer or laptop and enjoy the bigger screen monitor.

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