How To Download & Install Funimate For PC – Windows 11/10/8/7 & Mac


One of the best video editor and fun to use is the Funimate. This app can be used for creating wonderful video and text effects, create fun and unique animation, applying chic effects and many more. Using it will make you feel like a pro video editor.

When editing videos, it allows you to apply a powerful tool called Multi-Layer Editing which can also be found on other great tools such as Adobe Photoshop. The Funimate app also regularly updates and keep on adding wonderful features.

We, from, have tested it and we can say that it is one of the best due to its powerful video editing features. Also, a lot of people are using it and leaving positive feedback.

No wonder, lots of people are looking for a way to use the Funimate for PC on Windows or Mac computer or laptop. If you are one of them and wondering why you can’t find an installer that works for Windows or Mac, this is because the Funimate app is only for the Android and iOS smartphones or tablets.

To use the Funimate for PC, you need a program called Android or iOS emulator. But we are going to use the Android version in this article. This is the only way to use the Funimate on Windows or Mac. Don’t worry about emulators, it is free and does not need a credit card to use it.

Using the most popular emulator is also safe and easy to use. And in fact, millions of people around the world are using it for the same goal – running Android apps such as Funimate on their computer. Also, check the Voloco App For PC for more similar software especially for editing music.

How To Install Funimate For PC On Windows 10, 8, 7 & Mac

Since you’ve already known that we are going to use an Android emulator to run the Funimate for PC, you need to make sure that your computer has the prerequisite requirements for running both the emulator program and the Funimate app.

  • Check if your computer RAM is plenty or enough, in case you have below 2GB, you need to add or upgrade the computer RAM. But if you have 2GB, you have the minimum memory requirements to run an emulator.
  • Your computer or laptop needs to have a processor running a minimum speed of 1GHz. If your computer is faster than that, running an emulator program is easy.
  • The storage of your SSD or HDD must not exceed below 20GB, you can free your space by deleting files you don’t need anymore in case you are running out of storage space.
  • Install or update the latest package of the Visual C++ and Microsoft .Net Framework. This method is only applicable for users of Windows Operating System such as Windows 7, 8, 10, 11.
  • To ensure you can run the emulator program and of course, the Funimate app for PC, enable the option of your UEFI or BIOS called “Virtualization Technology”. This will increase the performance a lot.
  • The Funimate app uses intensive graphics. In case you have already done the following and you are getting some graphical glitch, update the drivers of your built-in or installed graphics driver. This will fix the most issues of graphics.

The following information is the basic requirements and troubleshooting. In case you will still encounter some problems, write your comment below so we can try to help you fix the issue.

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Which Emulator Program Is The Best For Running Funimate For PC?

Lots of emulators can be download and get for free. However, you may find that some emulators won’t satisfy your needs. But in this guide, we are going to tell you which emulator you can use for running Funimate for PC with ease.

There’s a two option for the best emulator. These are Nox App Player and BlueStacks emulator. Both are outstanding and can perform better than other emulators.

Keep in mind that running the Funimate for PC will require you to have only one installed emulator. So choose between Nox App Player or BlueStacks, you cannot go wrong going for Nox Player or BlueStacks.

If you choose to use the Nox App Player, read our guide for installing it below. In the case of BlueStacks, scroll down a bit until you find the topic about it.

Installing The Funimate App For PC Using Nox App Player Emulator

Choosing the Nox App Player will benefit you greatly if you also decided to download and install games other than the Funimate app. To download and install this emulator, grab the installer package from their website. The link can be found here.

Navigate and make sure to get the installer right for your Operating System installed such as Windows or Mac. After that, save the installer and double click it to run it. Now, follow what it says and then click the button of “Install Now”.

This will start the installation of the Nox App Player into your computer or laptop. Launch the Nox App Player after it has completed the installation. Hover your mouse to the Google Play Store and click to run it.

Enter the account of your Google Play Store. In case you don’t have an account for it, just create a Gmail account and use it here. Now you can finally enter the list of apps of Google Play Store.


Find the Funimate App by searching for it and then click the download button after you see it. This will start installing Funimate for PC. Be patient until it completes.

Now, you can use this app by going back to the Home menu of Nox App Player. Click this video editing app to launch it.

How To Install Funimate For Windows Or Mac Computer With BlueStacks Emulator

In this method, you will use BlueStacks instead of the Nox App Player. BlueStacks is also a very reliable software that you can use for running Android apps. To get the installer of this emulator, click this link for instruction or simply, go on their official website.

Save the installer somewhere on your computers such as download folder or desktop. After that, double click the installer to start installing it.

Follow the on-screen instruction until you finish the installation. After that, open the BlueStacks emulator by double-clicking the icon from your desktop. Running the BlueStacks for the first time will require you to enter the Google Play Store account.

Make sure that you provide only the correct details to continue using it. After you successfully login to your account, go to Play Store and this will let you browse for its huge list of apps.

Search for the Funimate app by clicking the search button. Click the install button once you found this app. It will also install automatically the Funimate app.

Once the installation has finished, BlueStacks will generate an icon on your desktop which is a shortcut for running Funimate for PC. You can double click it to start launching this video editing software and start creating or modifying your videos.

Another Way To Install This App Using APK.

There’s another way to install the Funimate for PC on Windows or Mac. But this will still require you to have an emulator installed. However, you don’t need Google Play access. In other words, this method will install the Funimate app without logging into your account.

You may think that this method is good, however, installing Funimate APK will require you to download again the latest version to update it. It won’t update itself compare to the version downloaded from the Google PlayStore.

If you want to try this method, you can search for the Funimate APK app and download it somewhere by looking for this keyword on Google or Bing search.

After that, save the APK file of Funimate and then launch the emulator app. Now, click the “Install APK” button to start installing it, follow the on-screen guide. And that’s it! You have successfully installed Funimate for the computer.

Features Of Funimate App

  1. It allows you to add over 100+ cool video effects that you can apply when creating videos, or music.
  2. You can create your own video effects in this video editing app.
  3. Adding music to the videos is possible using its features.
  4. The Funimate app can also apply different stickers and emojis.
  5. Allows you to easily cut, trim or merge the video files.
  6. Compatible with emulator program so that you can use Funimate for PC on both Windows and Mac.
  7. This app can also use for cropping and creating short video clips.
  8. It has a music video community that you can use for sharing your videos.
  9. The videos can be shared easily on popular social media such as YouTube, TikTok, Musically, and many more.
  10. You can lip-sync the videos and make you feel like a pro.


Editing your videos is real easy using smartphones or tablets from the Funimate app. However, there are times that you feel more comfortable using a mouse to precisely modify or create videos. With BlueStacks or Nox, this can be achieved easily and use Funimate for PC with ease.

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