InShot For PC Download On Windows 11/10/8/7 & Mac

Most of us were looking for top-notch editing software for our videos and photos. But there is software that would not satisfy our needs. Maybe because they lack the feature that most people are looking for.

However, with the InShot Video Editor App, you can ensure that you can get a high-quality video that you can modify by creating a text, memes, and most function that you are looking for.

The only problem is, InShot Video Editor app is not available directly on Windows PC and Mac. And there’s a ton of false information online claiming to run it on your computer that would only result in wasting your time and effort. The only way of running the InShot for PC app is by using third-party software – an Android or iOS emulator that we are going to discuss further in this article.

Also, keep in mind that we are going to use only the Android version due to its convenience and ease of use.

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Guide For Installation Of InShot Video Editor For PC

Since the emulator is the only way for running InShot for PC, we are going to use it. We are going to discuss the source and installation procedure of an Android emulator. The program that we are going to use is called BlueStacks, we will also create a guide for installing the Nox App Emulator.

Both emulators can run the InShot Video Editor app on your PC. Also, you don’t need them both. You can install only BlueStacks or Nox, I will leave the choice of selecting any of these emulators to you. If you want to use this method, you can refer to our guide below about the procedure of installing an emulator and running the InShot App.

How To Run InShot on PC (Windows 11/10/8/7)


The steps for this are very simple. In order to download and install the BlueStacks emulator, you can see and check its website by checking the link that we provided. It will redirect you to its official website and we recommend that you get it from them.

After you download it, install the BlueStacks emulator and accept the agreement to continue. This process will take a few minutes so be patient. Also, Installing it will require you to enter your google account later on. Provide it once they ask you for it.

Once you have provided your google account, you can open the PlayStore and access apps within it. But we are going to focus only on InShot Video Editor. That’s why you need to search for it. Some of InShot App replica will pop up, check if the developer is from InShot Inc. – this one is legit and you can download for free.

After that, you can open it from your desktop, or if you don’t see it, check your installed programs. Another way to check it is by going to the Home menu of BlueStacks and if you haven’t installed any apps aside from the said app, you can find it immediately. So go ahead and double click it to run and enjoy the InShot For PC app on your computer.


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Use Nox App Player For InShot App On Windows Or Mac

In case you want to use Nox App Player, the installation procedure of BlueStacks is almost the same. But you have to download it from here. It is the official website and version of Nox so go ahead and download it.

After that, you can double click its set up to continue the installation. Accept any agreement and click Next or Install to continue.

This will also take a bit of time depending on the speed of your computer processor and internet. Once it is completed, you can open this emulator. This will also ask you for Gmail ID so provide it. In case it does not ask you, run the PlayStore and this will surely ask for ID.

Enter your username and password account here and you will be able to access PlayStore apps, for now, search for the InShot Video Editor and hit the install button.

You can now run InShot App on PC after the installation has finished.

Another Way To Install The Inshot App Using APK File

If you are unfamiliar with the APK, this file is the package installer that is similar to the .exe of Windows or .dmg of Mac OS. The APK file can only run from the Android OS.

To run this file on the Windows or Mac, you still need an Android emulator installed however, using this method won’t require you to use the Google Play Store app nor connect to their service.

If you want to try this method, you can search for the APK app of the Inshot app from the internet. Remember to get only the APK file from the trusted source.

Assuming that you have the Inshot App APK, run the BlueStacks or Nox App Player and then browse for the APK that you downloaded earlier.

Now, click the “Install” button and this will install the Inshot App for PC on Windows or Mac even without signing up from the Google Play App. You might think that this method is superior however, there’s also a small problem when using it.

You need to download again the APK package in case you want to update the Inshot app since it won’t update itself automatically. This is a bit of hassle for some people so downloading from the Google Play Store app still has its benefits.

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Main Features Of InShot Video Editor For Windows & Mac

  • You can trim your videos and create a new video from the length that you have selected.
  • It allows you to split it into two or more videos to create a small clip.
  • Exporting it in HD quality that is compatible with YouTube.
  • It also allows you to merge, combine or compress any videos that you want while retaining its quality.
  • You can modify the video aspect ratio to make it compatible with Instagram, Facebook, TikTok, and many more!
  • Creating a border to your videos and modify its background color of your choice.
  • Easily adjust the video’s contrast, saturation, and brightness.
  • The Inshot app allows you to add a video style of your choice such as cool glitch effects.
  • You can also modify the music or sound of the video by importing your own music or create a fade in and out effects.
  • Modifying the speed of a video is also possible. You can create a fast and slow-motion effect of your desired video.
  • Crop any video that you want. With this powerful option, you can take away the watermark or any unwanted part of the video.
  • Creating a sticker or text effect on the video.
  • Easily rotate or flip horizontally or vertically the videos depending on your choice.
  • It also allows you to convert the video to MP4 format and many more.
  • The InShot app also allows you to share your videos easily with any social apps such as YouTube, Instagram, Tik Tok, Facebook, Twitter and many more!

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Final Words

Due to its powerful and useful features, many people are looking for a way to install and run it on their computers. For now, the only way of running InShot For PC is by using an Android Emulator. This is also beneficial since you can edit your videos from a big and widescreen instead of a smartphone.

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  1. I downloaded it and I go Inshot, it asked if it can have access to my videos etc and I said yes but it keeps saying no photos.. any idea why?

      • How do you get the Video’s from your PC to be used on the Inshot app for your PC. When looking for the video’s I can’t seem to get them.

        • Hi,

          The emulator has its own gallery. You must import the video file into it. Another way is to upload your video file on the cloud, like Google Drive. Then download these videos from the emulator.

        • Hi, I am not sure if this helps, first click the home icon on the top left on the BlueStacks > click system apps >media manager > on the left bottom, you can choose from windows, that’s how i import pics or videos.

  2. Hı there, I have done all what you have said and yes it works. However, after editing and converting by using inshot on PC, where the new file is being stored? I can not find it, I can share it ok. but where is it stored?

  3. I have downloaded and install bluestacks emulator and run the Inshot video and photo editor nicely. Thanks a lot, sir for sharing this easy method. for downloading and installing.

  4. Please, apart from inshot, do you know any other FREE (simple) video editing applications for PC?

    I’d appreciate the help.

    • Sure, there’s a VLLO, Kinemaster, Alight Motion, and many more. You can search for these apps on the search bar of our site.

  5. Oh yeah thats great news… in shot is a very good app. Although I have a paid video editor on my desktop but i still want to use inshot because of its practicality… Thansk for the guide

  6. Hi, I am not sure if this helps, first click the home icon on the top left on the BlueStacks > click system apps >media manager > on the left bottom, you can choose from windows, that’s how i import pics or videos.

  7. i already used inshot as my go to video editor. what i would like to know is how to set inshot so that it would have tablet appearance not HP


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