GeckoVPN For PC Free Download – Windows 11/10/8/7/Mac


GeckoVPN is one of the most trusted VPN platforms that you can get to bypass different network restriction. This application can also help you to prevent yourself from getting hacked from a Public Network.

With the help of GeckoVPN, you can ensure that you are using military-grade encryption and make you undetectable around the network or internet.

This free VPN app can also speed up your network speed whenever you connect and browse to the internet. A lot of advantages can be yours if you use its network if you want to protect yourself from different kind of threats.

If you are looking for a way to get the GeckoVPN app working on your Windows or Mac computer, the bad news is, this app is only for Android devices. The only workaround to run this application is to use an emulator which we are going to discuss in order to run GeckoVPN for PC. By the way, you must also try this alternative VPN app for your computer – Free Download Yoga VPN For PC (Windows & Mac)

How Can The GeckoVPN App Help You?

The main thing about GeckoVPN app is the ability to hide your IP (Internet Protocol) address. This will prevent the hackers from accessing your device which is very helpful to protect yourself against them.

With this VPN app, every time you connect to its network, you can benefit from its highly secured encryption. You can also get access on blocked websites from your school or work. Giving you the freedom and unrestricted connection.

The other feature of this VPN app is the GUI itself. It is very easy to navigate and explore, with just a few tap or click, you can connect to its super-fast network. The network of GeckoVPN app has a lot of different servers from the world that you can connect. Giving you an option to use the IP address of different countries that you want.

Use An Emulator To Run GeckoVPN App On PC

Since the GeckoVPN app is for smartphone only, the only way to make it work on your PC is to use an Android Emulator like BlueStacks or Nox Player. But keep in mind that you need to make sure that you meet the following requirements if you wish to run it. Those requirements can be found below:

  1. Install the latest graphics card driver of your PC. For NVIDIA, select your card from their website and update it, same for AMD Radeon or built-in graphics driver.
  2. Update your DirectX to 11 or install it if you haven’t installed this component yet on your PC.
  3. Enable Intel VT-x or AMD-v for virtualization on your PC BIOS settings.
  4. Update your .NET framework at Visual C++ to the latest version.

After installing/updating the following, you can now install an emulator of your choice. We will create a guide for both BlueStacks and Nox App Player below. Be sure to install only one of them. You won’t benefit from having both emulators at the same time for the same GeckoVPN app on PC.

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Install BlueStacks Emulator to Run GeckoVPN For PC

In order to run the GeckoVPN for PC, the first thing that you need to do is to download the BlueStacks app emulator. Go to and download the installer.

After that, run the application and install this app on your Windows or Mac laptop/computer. Once you installed it, run this app and the Google PlayStore will ask you to provide and input your credentials.

Enter your account and run the PlayStore so that you can search for the GeckoVPN app from here.


Install the software and after that, you can find a new shortcut on your desktop that you can double-click to run the GeckoVPN for PC.

Nox App Player Emulator: Alternative Emulator Of BlueStacks

In case you are having trouble on running GeckoVPN app on BlueStacks Emulator, you can try this Nox Player which is also good for emulating Android software on computer or laptop.

To download the Nox Player, go to and run it after you download the setup installer.

Install this app player and after that, you can run its shortcut from your desktop. Enter your Google account and this will give you access to Google PlayStore.

Once you have provided your ID, you can search for the GeckoVPN app and install this app.

Installing it will enable you to run the GeckoVPN for your PC Windows or Mac.

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Final Words

The above information is the only way for now because the developers of GeckoVPN app has no installer file for both Windows and Mac. The emulator is also very convenient since you can also use it to run other Android apps or VPN app such as Snap Master VPN PC for free of charge.

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