Keepsafe For PC – Free Download (Windows 11/10/8/7 & Mac)

In everyday life, using Keepsafe for PC will help you achieve the privacy that you want. With this app, you can secure your files, photos, and videos and make them private to your choice. You don’t need to worry about anyone who borrows your device.

It has a strong level of encryption that will surely keep people from accessing it. You can choose between fingerprint touch and PIN code to unlock your files. This app will let you share only the files for selected people who you trust.

Some people want to spend more time on their PC than on smartphones. That’s why they need to use a convenient way of keeping their personal files secured. That’s why the Keepsafe for PC is a must-have tool for people who wants to have privacy for their computer.

Functions And Features

Below, you can see the different main features of this app:


You can really trust this application when it comes to its security. They are using an AES-256 bit encryption which is also used by the military and big banks. With the level of its encryption, nobody will be able to access it except for you, even if a hacker uses a brute force tool for cracking it.


The Keepsafe app has a very effective way of hiding your files from the gallery, photos, or video player. The owner is the only one who knows about the path where it is hidden. It is also protected with fingerprint verification or PIN which makes it impossible for other users to access.


If you have multiple devices and wanted to transfer your files to a different computer or smartphone, you can easily do that if you allow the synchronize option. This is a very handy tool for managing multiple types of equipment that you wanted to share the files between two or more devices.


  • It has a user-friendly interface that’s why anyone can use it easily.
  • Keepsafe includes a biometric option for login that you can use to access your files easily without the hassle of typing in your PIN and password repeatedly.
  • This app uses a strong and updated SSL for the connection. That way, you can ensure that your connection is encrypted.
  • It is one of the best apps that can stay invincible on your device without telling other people about it.
  • You have an option to backup your files from the cloud server. That way, you won’t lose your precious data even if you lost your device.


  • The free storage offers only 5000 files. If you want to get more, you need to purchase the premium and paid version that will allow you to upload more.
  • The Keepsafe App itself has a built-in ad that pops up from time to time.
  • This app will always ask you to log in every time you access it or just switch back to its app. Some people will find it annoying.

How To Download Keepsafe App For PC?

Since this app is available for Android only, you need a program for running Keepsafe for your Windows or Mac PC. The program for running the Keepsafe app is an emulator. This emulator program allows us to download, install, and use an Android app for our Windows or Mac computer.

That’s why it is important to get an emulator first before trying to get Keepsafe on your PC. The emulator we are going to use is the BlueStacks and NoxPlayer. The information for installing these programs on your computer can be found below.

To run it on your computer, check the system requirements first below, it is recommended to have at least or better specs for your PC.

  • RAM 4GB and above.
  • SSD/HDD 20GB free space and above.
  • DirectX updated to the latest version.
  • Must have Intel or AMD Virtualization enabled in BIOS.
  • Update your GPU or VGA to the most current one.
  • Check if your .NET Framework is installed and get the latest package.

If your PC has the above requirements, you can run and install Keepsafe for PC without any problems.

Download Keepsafe For PC Using Bluestacks


  1. To get the BlueStacks, go to Download the installer file.
  2. Find the installer file from your Downloads folder and run it.
  3. Read the installation procedure and proceed to the next page.
  4. It will install the BlueStacks on your PC and you will see a new icon on your Desktop shortcuts, run it.
  5. PlayStore account will require you to sign in with your Google ID.
  6. Open the PlayStore app and then search for Keepsafe.
  7. Click install and run this app from your BlueStacks home or desktop shortcut.

Install Keepsafe App for PC Using Nox Player

  1. Open your browser and go to Download the setup file for this.
  2. Browse the setup or installer file and open it.
  3. Tick the checkboxes and click the Next button.
  4. Wait for the installation window and then run Nox after it.
  5. Open the PlayStore, enter your account, and then search for Keepsafe.
  6. Install this software on your computer, and run it after that.

Final Thoughts

This app is very reliable for making your video and images safe and private for everyone. The Keepsafe for PC can do more than you can expect that’s why we recommend getting this app on your smartphone or computer.

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