UFO VPN For PC Download (Windows 11/10/8/7 & Mac)

In this modern world, smartphones and tablets are starting to dominate technology. The advancement of technology is rapidly increasing. Along with that, hacking threats are getting a serious problem.

To keep yourself protected and updated on the latest technology protection, VPN protection is very important. One of the protection software that you can use and rely on is called UFO VPN.

This application is capable of scrambling or encrypting your connection so that you can keep yourself safe against hackers. Connecting to the Public network will also make you free from worrying due to the UFO VPN’s strong encryption.

Another security benefit of connecting to its VPN is to increase your privacy protection. The UFO VPN app is capable of changing your IP address and location. This makes you invisible from your current network.

The UFO VPN was made for Android, iOS, Mac, and Windows Operating systems. If you want to try the UFO VPN for PC on Windows or Mac computers using its Android version app, you need to do some workaround.

An emulator program must be installed in order to use the Android version on your computer. Before we explain it, read more about the features and benefits that you can get while connected to it. For more similar apps, consider checking the Phoenix VPN for PC – Free Download On Windows & Mac.

List Of Great Features Of UFO VPN App

  • As long as you have internet, you can connect to its network easily with just one tap or click.
  • This VPN app has a lot of servers option around the world that you can use. They claim that they have over 2000+ servers from 50+ different countries.
  • The UFO VPN app provides you an unlimited data. And if you decided to go Premium, you can get more of its benefits.
  • This VPN app has a very speedy server which makes your connection fast and stable.
  • The encryption of this VPN is at a bank or military-grade level. They are using a very strong AES 256 encryption to protect their users.
  • If you decided to go Premium, you can enjoy using 1 account and installing it into 5 different devices.
  • The support is always online 24/7 so if you get into trouble, you can easily ask for their help.
  • You can bypass firewall restrictions, ISP throttling, and many more.
  • It can also unblock websites and give you total freedom to view them.
  • If you want to access games restricted in your country, you can connect to their server and lift the restriction.
  • They enforced and claim that they would never log the activity of their users.
  • This VPN provider was chosen by one of the most trusted VPN reviewers – vpnMentor.
  • On the Android version, it does not need root permission to use.

With its long list of features, it is no wonder that people love to use it and apply the UFO VPN app.

How To Download UFO VPN For PC (Windows 11/10/8/7 & Mac)

Like we said before, the UFO VPN for PC is available and can be downloaded directly from their website. But if you want to use the Android version on your computer, then this guide will help you.

Before you install UFO VPN for PC, you must follow the prerequisite requirements before installing the Android version on your computer. Before we discuss it, let us tell you what program we are using. We are going to use an emulator program to achieve this since the Android app cannot be run directly on your Mac or Windows OS computer/laptop.

  1. The free space of your computer must be greater than 10 GB. Make sure to free some space if you have below the requirements.
  2. Installed RAM in your laptop or computer must be greater than 2GB. Below than 2GB will only give your computer a stressful load.
  3. The speed of your processor must be running 1 GHz or better.
  4. Install the latest package of the driver of your GPU to ensure you won’t get any weird graphical issues.
  5. You must have a .Net Framework installed on your computer before you install this.
  6. The DirectX software is also a requirement for an emulator program.
  7. There’s an option that lets you optimize the emulation and make it smoother. This option is called “Virtualization Technology”. You can enable it if you want the emulator to perform better.

The information we share above is a must. So, follow it if you want to experience running UFO VPN for PC smoother and better.

UFO VPN For PC – Windows 11/10/8/7 Using BlueStacks

This emulator is very popular and one of the most recommended software to run Android apps like UFO VPN for PC on Windows/Mac. We tested the BlueStacks and it performs and runs apps smoothly.

To download the BlueStacks emulator, visit the website here. Clicking the link will get you to the official website of their emulator program.

Hover your mouse to the download button and click it. Save the installer and run the setup to start. Follow the BlueStacks on-screen instruction and then click the “Install” button at the end.

From here, you must wait and ensure that you have an internet connection. BlueStacks will connect to the internet to download and install it automatically.

After the installation, double-click the icon of BlueStacks to start it. The Google Play Store setup will now start to enter your Gmail account here to continue.


Once you provide it, you will be redirected to the Home of BlueStacks emulator. Find the Play Store to access it again. This time, search for the UFO VPN app. Click the app and then start downloading this software.

After you finished it, the UFO VPN app for PC is finally installed. Double click the app from your website and start connecting your computer to their network using its Android app.

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Alternative Emulator

The BlueStacks is not the only good emulator that you can use to run the UFO VPN for PC. Nox App Player is also a good candidate for installing this VPN app.

To start installing the Nox App Player, check their website here. Find and click the download button and start saving it on your computer.

Double click the installer of Nox and start installing it. Make sure to follow the requirements by ticking the box of “I Agree” and then hitting the button called “Install”.

The installation will now start so, be patient while waiting for it to finish. After the installation, go back to your desktop and open this emulator program.

Go to the Google Play Store app and then enter your account here to start using it. Now head to the search button. Start typing the UFO VPN to look for it. Once you found this VPN app, click the download button and this will install the UFO VPN app for PC.

Check the Nox App Player Home once the download has finished. You will see the shortcut button on the UFO VPN app. This indicates that you have successfully installed it on your computer.

How To Download the APK Version Of This VPN

Now, we know that the UFO VPN Android app can be downloaded from the Google Play Store. But there’s an alternative version that you can also try if you want to skip the part to for entering the details of your Play Store account.

If you want to bypass it, you must get the UFO VPN APK somewhere and download it to your computer. Save it and then launch the BlueStacks/ Nox App Player.

Find the APK file by clicking the Install APK option from the following emulator we said. Click install once you have found it and wait until you complete the installation.

Go and check the Home of the emulator and you will see the UFO VPN has been installed into your computer. Just a friendly tip, this method won’t update itself automatically if you use this method since the apps downloaded outside from the Play Store cannot update themselves automatically.


Although the UFO VPN app has a Windows 11/10/8/7 and Mac version, it is fun to explore and to run the Android version on it your computer. Using the following method above will let you enjoy using the Android version of UFO VPN for PC.

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