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Your online privacy is very important when connecting to the internet. With an increasing number of hacking incidents and threats, people are generally not safe anymore especially if you are not knowledgeable enough to avoid these problems.

However, this problem can be solved easily if you are going to use a strong, yet simple-to-use VPN application such as Phoenix VPN app. Even if you aren’t techy enough, you can connect and use it to protect your connection and grant yourself online privacy.

The Phoenix VPN works by changing your IP address, and location and encrypting the connection so that nobody will be able to know and track your activity. With its great benefits, it is no wonder that many people are using it on their smartphones and tablets.

Some of us will also look for the installer of Phoenix VPN for PC (Windows 11/10/8/7 or Mac computers. However, there is no .exe or .dmg installer of this VPN app as of today. But don’t worry, there’s a way to install this fast VPN into the computer.

To install the Phoenix VPN for PC, you must install an emulator program for Android apps. An emulator program is software that you can use on your PC to run many Android exclusive apps into your computer. Also, this software is free and very safe.

If you want to try Phoenix VPN on your Windows or Mac, you must follow our guidelines here. Also, try checking this similar software if you want more free VPN – Atom VPN For PC Free Download.

Prepare Your Computer Before Installing Phoenix VPN For PC

As you may already know, the only way to use Phoenix VPN for PC is to use an emulator program. Before you install an emulator, it is a good idea to prepare your computer to make sure that you have its prerequisite requirements for both software and hardware.

  • The emulator program’s minimum processor speed requirement is 1GHz. Although most of us have the latest PC or laptop, there are still people who are using old CPU or below the system requirements, you can still try using it but don’t expect it to run fast.
  • The basic requirements for the PC storage are just 10GB, but we recommend that you double it so 20GB is plenty enough. This creates a more breathable space in your computer so that you can also install other android programs such as this great tutoring app.
  • It requires you to have a minimum of 2GB RAM. Again, it is only the minimum requirement. More RAM means more free memory which can improve the loading speed of an application.
  • You must install and update the .Net framework and also, C++ redistributable. Both installers and updaters can be found on the website of Microsoft.
  • To prevent some graphics problems, it is also a good idea to update your GPU drivers. You can refer to the website of AMD and NVIDIA for the installer.
  • And the last option that you need to do is to enable the option for Virtualization Technology. Since the android emulator uses a virtualized environment, it will greatly benefit from it.

Download Phoenix VPN For PC (Windows 11/10/8/7) With BlueStacks Emulator

In case you are wondering, which emulator to choose, our first suggestion is to use the most known and popular emulator – BlueStacks. This emulator has a very active community since it is one of the most widely used emulators for both Windows and Mac.

The BlueStacks emulator is also a very fast and reliable emulator for running most Android-based apps including the Phoenix VPN for PC.

To download the BlueStacks emulator, you can type on your browser its website address – You can also try clicking the link for its shortcut.

Download then save the setup file on your computer. Run it after that. A window will open and prompt you to accept its Terms and Conditions. You have to accept that to be able to click the “Install Now” button. Click the said button after you accept it.

The installation of BlueStacks usually lasts for 10 – 25 minutes. The better your PC and the internet, the faster it will finish the installation.

Once you have successfully finished installing it, double click the icon on your desktop to start the account setup of your Gmail. In case you have an account, you can use it here, otherwise, create a new account to continue.


Now, we will assume that you have entered the correct details of your account,  open the Google Play Store, and type the Phoenix VPN app on its search bar.

Install this app once you found it and wait to complete the download progress. Upon completion, the BlueStacks will create a shortcut that you can open on your desktop or inside of its program.

Click it to start launching the Phoenix VPN for PC on your Windows or Mac computer. Now, your connection can be encrypted once you start connecting to it.

Download Phoenix VPN For PC Windows Or Mac Using Nox App Player

If you want to try something different, we will suggest that you try the Nox App Player. Just like BlueStacks, it is very popular and reliable.

The Nox App Player can also emulate android games and apps really fast especially for running Phoenix VPN for PC. Some apps are also faster than BlueStacks.

Running the Phoenix VPN app on this emulator is really easy. First, download the emulator from its official website – Save the installer on your computer then launch it after the download has finished.

It will ask if you agree to its Terms and Conditions. Accept it if you agree and then click the Install Button to continue.

You must wait until the installation has been completed and after that, you can find the shortcut of Nox Player from your desktop.

Double click the icon to start using the Nox App Player. Locate the Google Play then launch it. Click the search button and start typing the Phoenix VPN app.

Click the download button to start saving this VPN app on your Windows/ Mac computer. Finally, you’ll be able to connect to the Phoenix VPN for PC and use it once you have successfully finished its installation.

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APK Installer Of This VPN App

Some of you are familiar with APK, but if you aren’t familiar with it, let us discuss it first. The APK is a version of the executable file of Windows or Mac.

APK is handy in case you want to download apps for your android device including emulators. Some of its advantages include the ability to bypass the Google Play Store and install apps directly including the Phoenix VPN app.

However, there is also a disadvantage. The APK downloaded outside from the Google Play Store will not automatically update itself.

If you still want to use it on your BlueStacks or Nox Player, download the APK file by using a simple google search.

Assuming that you have the Phoenix VPN APK, open the BlueStacks or Nox then drag the APK file into its window. This will start installing the APK file. Just click the install button once it prompts you to do it.

Now, you have the Phoenix VPN for PC without connecting to the Google Play Store. Remember to do again the following step in case you want to update this VPN app since it won’t update automatically.

Wonderful Features Of Phoenix VPN

  • This VPN is free that can be used for a smartphone, or tablet including a computer in case you are using Phoenix VPN for PC with BlueStacks or Nox App Player.
  • Connecting to its network will encrypt your connection to make you secure.
  • It will give you online privacy and grant you the ability to unblock websites, apps, or social networking.
  • The Phoenix VPN will change your IP address which is useful for preventing hackers from getting your true location.
  • You don’t have to worry anymore when connecting to a Public Wi-Fi network since the connection is protected.
  • Anyone from any country can use this great VPN app.
  • They ensure that the bandwidth will be distributed evenly for its users so nobody will be able to take the bandwidth for themselves.
  • It has a lot of server options around the globe that is available for everyone.
  • They deliver a fast and great connection since they provide us with a fast and reliable server.
  • It does not need you to be techy to use it. With one click, you can connect to its network instantly.
  • No need to use your credit card online.

Final Words

Connecting to the fast and secure servers of Phoenix VPN will provide you with a great list of benefits. With its simple-to-use interface, anyone can connect to its network.

Even though this was made for Android devices only, you can use the Phoenix VPN for PC on Windows or Mac using a powerful Android emulator to benefit you and your computer.

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