Download And Install Kevo For PC – Windows 11/10/8/7 & Mac

The Kevo is an app that you can use for controlling and managing your smart locks that were made by the Weiser and Kwikset.

With the Kevo app, you can easily access and unlock your doors while keeping your smartphone or tablet in your pocket. Just touch the lock and it will instantly unlock the doors.

This app will also allow you to send an eKeys to your friends or families whenever you are. This is very convenient if you would like to give access to someone close to you.

Some of you might be wondering if there’s a Kevo for PC on Windows or Mac. The answer is yes and no. There is no official version for running Kevo app for PC however, there’s a way to use this app on a computer.

If you want to use this app to control and manage your smart locks on a computer or laptop, follow the steps below. If you like this app, consider checking the XMEye App For PC for controlling cameras.

How To Download Kevo For PC On Windows 11/10/8/7 Or Mac

To download the Kevo app for PC, you have to install an Android emulator to do this. Since there is no official version, the emulator program is the only way for running Kevo for PC. But first, make sure that your PC is good enough for running an android emulator.

First, check if your computer or laptop is running a minimum of 1Ghz. These are the minimum requirements for running an Android emulator. After that, check your computer memory. The minimum requirements for memory are 2GB. If you have a better or more, your PC will be able to run any app including the Kevo app for PC.

Next is to install the program requirements of an Android emulator, this includes the installation of .Net Framework and also the Visual C++. Both of these installers can be found on the Microsoft website.

In case you have it already, you can try updating yours to get the latest package and framework for your computer. After that, install the drivers of your graphics card. If you have NVIDIA, get the drivers from their official website. Hence, for AMD cards, then go to their website and install the latest driver.

Once you have already updated the necessary drivers and installed the prerequisite requirements, the next step is to enable Virtualization Technology. This module is very important for running an Android emulator.

Therefore, you have to enable this option to increase the performance of the Android emulator exponentially. If you follow our advice, then you can expect to run the Kevo for PC smoothly.

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Installing Kevo For PC (Windows 11/10/8/7) Using BlueStacks Emulator

The emulator that you can use for running the Kevo app for PC is the BlueStacks emulator. This emulator is very safe, and effective for emulating different Android applications.

It is also widely used around the world since this emulator is very popular for people who wanted to use an Android-based app for their computer or laptop.

That’s why we are going to recommend that you use this emulator for running Kevo for PC on your Windows or Mac computer.

To download the BlueStacks, you can easily visit their website from this link. Once you have clicked the link, find the download button and then click it.

Save the installer to your computer and then wait until the download has finished. After that, double-click the installer to launch the installer.

Follow the on-screen instruction by agreeing to its Terms and Conditions. This will enable you to click the “Install Now” button so click it after that.

Wait until the installation has finished. It usually lasts for 10 – 20 minutes so be patient while you are waiting for it.

After you finished the installation, find the icon of BlueStacks. If you cannot find it, go to your desktop, or list of programs and launch it from there.

Upon launching it, the BlueStacks emulator will ask for your Google credentials. This is also your email address which is required for running the Google Play Store. In case you have no Google account, go to the Gmail website and start creating an account for it.


After that, click the PlayStore and then find the Kevo app by searching for it. Click the download button once you found this app.

Now it will start the installation automatically. Run the Kevo app for PC once the installation has finished starting using it.

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Using Nox App Player To Run Kevo on PC Windows and Mac

Another great tool or emulator for running Kevo app for PC is to use the widely known emulator aside from BlueStacks – the Nox App Player. This emulator is also preferred by some people rather than BlueStacks simply because it was specially designed for running Android-based games on their PC.

If you decided to use Nox App Player, the installer can be found here. Clicking the link will redirect you to the website of the Nox App Player.

Click the download button once you found it on their website and then save it on your Desktop. After that, double-click the installer to start the setup.

Like the BlueStacks emulator, you have to accept the Terms and Conditions to continue. Make sure to accept it and then click the “Install” button.

After that, run the Nox App Player and then locate and run the Google Play Store app inside its app drawer. This will start asking for your existing account. If you don’t have a Gmail, create one and use it here to log in.

Once you are inside the Google Play Store, search for the Kevo app and install it. Wait until the installation has finished and then run it.

Finally, you’ll be able to use Kevo for PC from your computer and start controlling or managing your smart locks from your computer/laptop running a Windows or Mac Operating System.

How To Install Kevo App For PC Using APK

Some of you are familiar with APK, but if you are not we will explain it to you. The APK is the .exe or .dmg version of Android. In other words, it is an executable or installer file for Android.

Therefore, you can install the Kevo for PC using an APK. There are some advantages and disadvantages of using APK. The advantage is you don’t need a Play Store account or to use it to install the Kevo app.

However, the disadvantage of this method is the app installed using the APK won’t update automatically. This is because the Google Play app will only allow updating apps downloaded from it.

If you want to continue to use this method, find and download the Kevo APK that can be downloaded somewhere on the internet. Make sure to download only from trusted websites so that you can avoid infecting your computer or laptop.

Once you have the APK, Launch the emulator of your choice. Any emulator has an option called “Install APK”. Click it and find the APK of the Kevo app. Follow the procedure to install it or click the install button.

Finally, you’ll be able to run the Kevo app for PC even without using your Google Play Store account. Just remember to update it manually if you want to get the latest version of this great smart lock app.

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Features Of This App

  • You can easily connect your smart lock devices with the Kevo app.
  • It allows you to immediately unlock the doors without touching your smartphone in your purse or pocket.
  • It can easily create access for your relatives, loved ones, or friends so that they can unlock your door easily.
  • You can keep and track the record of the events so that you’ll know who and when did they unlock the doors.


Smartphone or tablet is not the only choice for installing Kevo for PC. With the emulator program, you can use this app on your computer even if you are running a Windows or Mac Operating System. Now, you can manage your smart locks from your computer using this method.

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