Download And Install SoloLearn For PC On Windows 11/10/8/7 & Mac

An excellent choice of software to learn programming is the SoloLearn app. This app is useful for people who wanted to study different programming languages. You can choose to study C++, Java, Phyton, C#, VB.NET, Kotlin, SQL, and many more!

The SoloLearn app also has tutorials for web development such as HTML, Javascript, CSS, jQuery, and many more options.

Using this app will teach you the right way on how to code and be clear about what you wanted to achieve. The SoloLearn app has also a large community of coders so that you can easily get support to improve your skill and knowledge.

The SoloLearn app was designed only for Android and iOS. They did not release a version for Windows and Mac, but you can view the tutorials using your web browser and go directly on their website.

However, some of us are comfortable using the SoloLearn app for PC on Windows or Mac. In order to do that, you have to install an Android emulator program. We can assure you that it is a completely safe method and no shady thing about emulators. In case you want to protect and encrypt your connection, consider checking the HOT VPN app for PC.

How To Install SoloLearn For PC On Windows 11/10/8/7 & Mac

To install the SoloLearn for PC app on Windows or Mac laptop/ computer, you need to prepare your computer first. This is a necessary step to make sure that you can run it to avoid inconvenience or wasting your time.

  • Check if your computer has a minimum of 2GB RAM. It is the minimum requirements so make sure that you have it or better. Most PC nowadays have a 4GB as a minimum so if you don’t know to check it, you don’t have to worry about it.
  • Next is to make sure that the processor is running a minimum speed of 1GHz. Again, if your computer is modern, it is a high chance that you have a better speed processor.
  • The storage of your computer/laptop must have enough space before downloading an emulator program and SoloLearn for PC. The storage must be 20GB and above to successfully install it.
  • Installing an Android emulator requires your computer running Windows Operating System to install and update .Net Framework. This also includes the installation of Visual C++. Both installers can be download from Microsoft. In case your PC is running Mac OS, skip this part.
  • After you installed or update it, download graphics drivers from the website of your installed card. You can also use the generic installer that can be found on NVIDIA and AMD.
  • And the most important part to make sure your PC won’t lag when running the SoloLearn app for PC is to enable Virtualization. This option can be found in the BIOS setting by repeatedly tapping Delete key or F2 when your computer is booting.

Enabling, installing, and updating the following will allow you to fully utilize the emulator and SoloLearn app for PC with ease.

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Installing Nox App Player To Download SoloLearn For PC

A great emulator that you can use for emulating the SoloLearn app for PC on Windows or Mac is the  Nox App Player. This emulator is one of the best and fastest one that you can get for free of charge.

Many developers are maintaining it regularly so you can expect that they keep on updating it to fix bugs and glitches. This is good news because it means that they keep on supporting it.

If you decided to use SoloLearn for PC using Nox App Player, get the installer from this website. It is the official website of this emulator so it is completely safe to visit.

Download the installer and save it on your computer or laptop. After that, run it and follow its requirement procedures for installation. Click install and wait until it completed installing it on your PC.

Double click the shortcut after it finished the installation to launch it on your computer. Launch the Google Play Store by clicking it and then enter the details of your account to log in.


Now you’ll have access to Google Play Store, type on the search bar the SoloLearn app. Then click the download button to start saving it on the emulator.

It will also automatically install this app on your emulator program. After it has finished the installation, browse on the list of installed apps on the Nox App Player’s app drawer and then launch it.

Finally, you can now use the SoloLearn for PC using your Windows or Mac computer. Start using the app and start learning different programming languages of your choice.

In case you have OnHub device at your home or office, control and manage it with Google Wi-Fi App For PC – Free On Mac & Windows.

How To Install SoloLearn App For Windows Or Mac Using BlueStacks Emulator

In case you have tried the Nox App Player and you don’t like it for some reason, we suggested that you use BlueStacks. This emulator is an alternative way of installing the SoloLearn app for PC.

BlueStacks has also a very active community and developers. Many people are using it since it is one of the earliest emulators and one of the most popular ones.

To start downloading the BlueStacks emulator, visit their official website by going through this link – Click the option for download to start saving it on your computer or laptop.

Now locate it once it has finished and then double click the installer. Follow the instruction and requirements so that you’ll be able to click the “Install Now” button after that.

Click the said button and it will start installing the BlueStacks emulator program on your computer. Wait until it has finished and then run it once it does.

It will automatically prompt you to enter the Google account details so go ahead and enter the details. This will give you access to using the Play Store app. In case it did not automatically open the Play Store, locate it then run it.

Once you are inside the Google Play Store, look for the SoloLearn app by typing this keyword on the search bar. Click install after you found this app.

Now, it will start installing this app. After that, it will generate a shortcut in your computer desktop and also, the shortcut on the SoloLearn app itself that can be seen on the BlueStakcs App Drawer.

Just launch this app so you can finally use the SoloLearn for PC.

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Installing APK Of SoloLearn App

Some people would prefer to bypass the Google Play Store when installing SoloLearn for PC. If you are one of them, then there’s still a way to install this app into your device. This method can also be applied for smartphones or tablets.

To start installing the SoloLearn app without accessing the Google Play Store, go to the search engine and type it. Just reminder, be careful when downloading files from the internet.

In case you have already saved the APK version of the SoloLearn app, run the BlueStacks or Nox Player then locate the option for installing APK.

Find and open it to start reading the APK file into the Android emulator program. Click the install and wait until it completes.

In this way, you have successfully installed the SoloLearn for PC using the APK version and without even logging in your account in Google Play Store.

The only disadvantage of this method is being unable to update without downloading the whole APK again.

Features Of This App

  • The SoloLearn app aims for students and millennials who are looking for an easier method to learn programming languages.
  • This application includes hundreds of tests and quizzes so that you can keep on practicing yourself and track where you need to study more.
  • The Google Play Store has marked this app for their Editor’s Choice.
  • Millions of people are using this app around the world.
  • Has tutorials for different programming languages including web development.
  • It allows you to run and code on your mobile without any setups to test your code.
  • They keep on adding fresh content on a daily basis.
  • You can share your knowledge or expertise and become an influencer that can improve your profile.

Final Words

With the emulator program such as BlueStacks or Nox App Player’s help, you are now capable of running the SoloLearn app on Windows or Mac. This makes our life easier. You can now also study and test your code from your PC even if you don’t have a smartphone or tablet using this setup.

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