Download vChannel For PC On Windows 11/10/8/7 & Mac

Do you love watching TV shows and movies without spending your money? In that case, you can try using the vChannel app. This program is a free app and can be download from the Android Google Play Store and Apple Appstore.

Using the vChannel app will allow you to watch different TV shows. This includes Sports, Drama, Action, Science, News, Comedy shows and many more.

This app has also a built-in media player, so you won’t be needing an external player to play its video files. Although the vChannel app was made specifically for Android and iOS devices, you can use your computer or laptop to run it.

If you are one of the people who want to download and install vChannel for PC on Windows or Mac, we, from appzforpc will teach you how to do it. Just follow our steps and you will be able to enjoy watching TV shows from your big computer or laptop monitor screen.

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How To Install vChannel For PC On Windows 11/10/8/7 Or Mac

The installation of the vChannel app for PC is really easy if you follow our steps and guide in this article. Installing this free TV app will also require you to have an Android emulator. But before you do the installation, check your computer or laptop if that is good enough to run this app by reading the following information below.

  1. You have to make sure that your computer storage is enough before you download and install an emulator program including the vChannel for PC.
  2. The processor of your CPU or laptop must be running at least 1 GHz. We can’t recommend your computer if your processor is below the minimum requirements.
  3. The installed memory on your computer has a minimum of 2GB. In case you have lower than that, try increasing virtual memory or upgrade your RAM which is much better.
  4. You might need to update your graphics card and install the latest DirectX version which is a requirement for running an emulator program.
  5. Also, update or just install the Visual C++ Redistributable x86 or x64 depending on your current Operating System. And don’t forget to install or update the .Net Framework as well. Just in case your PC is running Mac, you can skip this part.
  6. An important setting that you must enable is Virtualization Technology. This option can be found when your computer is booting and entering the BIOS setup. Choosing to enable it will increase the performance of your computer.

Doing the following requirements will almost guarantee that you will be able to run the vChannel app on your Windows or Mac computer. Now choose which emulator would you like to use, BlueStacks or Nox.

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Install Emulator BlueStacks To Download And Run vChannel For PC – Windows And Mac

Before you can run the vChannel app on Windows or Mac, you have to install an emulator. We recommend that you choose BlueStacks since this is one of the greatest emulators as of now.

The BlueStacks emulator is also free for everyone and will not charge you before you use it. Downloading the BlueStacks emulator is also really simple and easy to do. Just head on this link and visit their website. Find the option about download and save the installer.

Locate the installer file and double click it after you finished downloading the BlueStacks installer. Now, the setup window will start. Agree to its Terms and Conditions by clicking the “I Accept” button.

Next is to proceed to the installation by clicking the big “Install” button. This will start installing it, you have a coffee break while you wait for it. Once the installation has finished, go back to your desktop.

The icon of the BlueStacks emulator should be visible. If you cannot find it, check the list of your programs. Now run this emulator to start the Google Play Store account setup.


Enter the correct details of your account or create one and use it here. Once you can browse the Google Play Store apps, start using the search function and type the “vChannel” into it.

The application should show on your screen. Choose it by clicking the icon then click the download button to start the installation.

This emulator will start to create a shortcut icon on your desktop so go and check it once the download and installation have finished. Double click the icon of vChannel for PC from your Windows or Mac desktop to start launching this app on your computer.

How To Install vChannel App For Windows Or Mac Computer With Nox App Player

There’s another alternative emulator program that can also emulate most apps including the vChannel app on PC. This emulator is Nox App Player. Like BlueStacks emulator, a lot of people use it and they are happy with it.

If you want to try the Nox App Players instead of BlueStacks, go and visit their website to download this software. The website of Nox can be found in this link –

Click the button indicating for download once you are inside their website. Now save this installer file into your computer and open it later once the download has finished.

After opening the Nox App Player installer, it will require you to agree to its Terms and Conditions as most programs do. Accept it and you can click the “Install” button after that.

Now, wait for it to finish. After the installation, go to your computer list of programs and run the Nox App Player. Launch the Google Play Store after doing that and then use your Gmail account to log in to the Play Store app.

Look for the vChannel app once you are inside the PlayStore. You can use the magnifying button and the top and type the vChannel to start looking for it.

Install the vChannel app once you found it and then wait until you complete the installation. This usually lasts 1 to 5 minutes depending on the connection speed.

Run the vChannel for PC in your computer after you finished installing it from the Nox App emulator and start using it on your computer.

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Installing This App With APK File

The Google Play Store is not the only source where you could download different apps like vChannel. There are other market apps such as this one where you can also download lots of apps for free.

However, if you don’t want to download from the market apps, you can try installing it directly using the APK file. Using APK to install an app will also bypass the requirements to use your Gmail account in the Google Play Store.

The only disadvantage of this method is the apps automatic update feature. The app installed using APK will not update itself automatically. You have to download the APK file again from an external source.

If you have already installed the vChannel on your Windows PC or Mac, you can skip this part and just enjoy it. Otherwise, start reading to download and install the vChannel APK file.

Start by opening a new tab in your web browser such as Google Chrome and type the vChannel APK download. Now visit the website from the search engine and download it into your computer.

Double click the icon of BlueStacks or Nox App Player to start using it. Click the “Restore Down” button to make a small window of the emulator. Now drag the vChannel APK file into the emulator and start installing it.

Wait for the completion of the installation and that’s it! You have successfully installed the vChannel app into your PC using the APK file.

What Features Does vChannel App Have?

  • This will allow you to watch videos from RSS feeds.
  • It has a built-in video player that can play most videos.
  • The vChannel app is compatible with Chromecast.
  • It does not consume a lot of memory and load really fast.
  • This app uses the RSS 2.0 specification.
  • No need to use a credit card or to purchase it since it is completely free.


Watching TV shows and movies from your smartphone or tablet are really comfortable if you are moving around while watching. However, if you are at home and wanted to watch from a big TV screen, you can use the vChannel for PC by installing this app from an Android emulator and enjoy the bigger screen.

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