Download UNO IPTV For PC (Windows 11, 10, 8, 7, Mac)

One of the most interesting apps when watching different TV channels is UNO IPTV. This app is great for anyone, especially for those who love movies. Using this app, you can browse and watch different TV shows from Vietnam in the United States.

The UNO IPTV app was made by the UNO IPBOX LLC and they made this app available only for Android and iOS. As of now, this is the only version of this app. No Windows and Mac executable files are available as of now.

But there’s a way to install and use the UNO IPTV for PC and we are going to discuss it in this article. To get the following details, read more.

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Installing The UNO IPTV For PC On Windows & Mac OS

To install the UNO IPTV on Windows PC or Mac, you are going to install another program on your computer. This is the emulator program. It basically creates a virtual environment of the Android Operating System.

Creating a virtual environment of Android OS on your PC means will also allow you to install an app exclusive to this Operating System.

This is important for people who are looking for a way to run Android apps on bigger and better screens due to the computer or laptop’s monitor size.

In this article, we are going to give you two options that you can choose. BlueStacks or the Nox App Player. Both emulators can be used to emulate the UNO IPTV app and watch your favorite TV show perfectly.

The only requirement for this is, of course, an internet connection to stream the movie or channel that you want.

Preparing Your PC To Run UNO IPTV App

First, you must check your Solid State Drive or Hard Drive if you have enough space to install an emulator and its apps, the most recommended space is to have at least 20 GB and above.

To prevent the UNO IPTV app from encountering graphical issues, you must update your graphics driver to the latest version. Download the package from the website of your vendor (Nvidia, AMD, Intel).

After that, update the .Net framework of your Windows PC. If you are using Mac OS, you don’t need to do that because it uses a different framework. Simply updating your Mac OS will fix it.

Now open the task manager and click the “Process” tab. Look for the Virtualization option, if it said it was disabled, then you need to reboot your PC and go to the BIOS settings.

To enter the BIOS, reboot your PC and tap the “Delete” key repeatedly. Once you have entered the BIOS, enable the Virtualization Technology, save the settings and reboot your PC.

If you follow our guide, most of the time, your PC will be able to emulate it perfectly. But there are times that your PC hardware has limitations such as low RAM. Using an emulator will require you to have at least 2 GB of RAM.

That’s the minimum requirement for running the BlueStacks and Nox. Below that will require you to install additional RAM.

Install UNO IPTV PC Windows Or Mac Using BlueStacks Or Nox Player

To install this emulator, you have to go to its website – If you want to download the Nox App Player instead, you can go here –

After you download any of the following emulators, you need to install them. Go to your downloads folder and find the setup file of the emulator. Double click it to run.

This will start the installation window. Accept the Terms & Conditions to be able to click the “Install” button and do it.

Now, installation time takes a little time. Especially if your internet connection or processor is slow. Be patient until it is completed.

Once the installation is finished, you will find this program on your computer desktop. Go ahead and open it.

If you are following our guide, running it will prompt you for entering your Gmail account. Enter it and then open the PlayStore. If you decided to skip entering your account, then your other option is to install the APK file of the UNO IPTV app that we will discuss in the next topic.


Assuming that you enter your Gmail account, you can open the PlayStore and search for the app “UNO IPTV”.

Click the download or install button and this will start the installation of this app. After that, you can run the UNO IPTV for PC on your Windows or Mac. Now you can enjoy using this app on your laptop or computer.

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The emulator can make our life easier because it can basically transform our PC or laptop to run the Android Operating System and enjoy apps like UNO IPTV for PC. Now, watching your favorite TV show or channels on your computer is made possible using the BlueStacks or Nox Player emulator.

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