Download Tango for PC (Windows 11/10/8/7) And Start To Meet New People

Tango for PC (Windows 11/10/8/7) – Download and meet new people near you.

Nowadays, the social network has expanded and become one of the places where you can find or meet new people. With the rapid emergence of Facebook, Instagram, TikTok, and many other similar apps, it is no wonder that people use them for communication and to meet new friends. But did you know that some use it to earn money online by broadcasting themselves? These made it possible with the Tango app. By showing your talent to people, singing, dancing, playing music, or anything that comes to your mind, you can turn it into a business. What more if you can download and install the Tango on a PC?

This is the main reason why we created this guide to teach you how to download and install the Tango app on a PC. Be it Windows or Mac; we got your back.

Features Of The Tango apptango-app-for-windows

The Tango app has a various list of features. We will discuss most of it so you can get more ideas about this software.

Live Video Chat

With its real-time video, you can show off to the audience your talents such as dancing, singing, and live game streaming. During the broadcast, you can earn gifts and followers, or earn money. You can also invite your friends or random people to establish a dual broadcast and make a Live Party. The live stream feeds of your camera can also beautify to enhance the video.

In case you become a famous streamer, you can be one of the top leaderboards and earn even more viewers.

Watch Live Video And Chat

You’re not the only one who can establish a room and make live stream videos. You can watch other people live streaming as well and chat with them. You also don’t have to worry about the time. Anytime you can find someone because a lot of people are using it.

It also lets you play interactive games from streamers. There’s also an option to give them your support by giving them special items such as cars, pearls, romantic gifts, and many more.

Join The Social Community

It even allows you to chat and find people around the world. When creating a video, you can also talk to them to establish a private conversation.

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Earn Money From Tango App

YouTube video

The Tango app is not only useful for communicating with people and finding someone. But also an excellent opportunity to earn money online. If you have a talent such as singing or dancing, you can show it off to your audiences.

And if you’re good at it, you can even earn more followers, which can dramatically increase the number of your viewers, which can result in the rise of your rank on leaderboards. The more viewers you have, the better the money you can get.


  • Accessible to both Android and iOS to make more people use it.
  • It lets you change from video to voice call during the call.
  • You can invite friends or remove them from your list.
  • It allows you to modify your profile.
  • It is possible to earn decent money from this app if you focus on it.


  • The video quality is inconsistent.
  • Some features are limited, and you need to subscribe to them.
  • Currently, social media is not linkable to it.

Download Tango for PC – Windows Windows 11/10/8/7 & Mac

As you might already see, the Tango is a popular app for Android and iOS. However, its limitation is the platform. There are no windows and Mac versions. You can only use the Tango on a PC if you install an Android emulator.

If you are not familiar with it, an Android emulator is an application for Windows or Mac that runs an Android OS on a computer. Thus, Android apps will be able to run from it.

There are multiple Android emulators, but we recommend using only the following:

To install it, you have to read and do the following procedure:


  1. You have to download any of the emulators listed above. You only need one, but you can also install both emulators if you prefer that way.
  2. Grab the installer that is compatible with your OS and save it on your desktop to locate it quickly.
  3. Double click the installer and then open it.
  4. Follow the wizard until you start the installation. Please keep in mind that the installation depends on your computer speed. It usually takes 10 – 20 minutes, so be patient.
  5. When you complete the installation, go to Google Play Store and then log in to your account on it.
  6. Open the Play Store after that and search the Tango app from the bar. Apps with a similar name will also appear, so make sure to look for the right one.
  7. After you found it, click the install button to start saving it to your emulator.

Finally, you completed the installation of the Tango app for PC. Now, you can start making your own career to earn money or find someone to chat with.

Frequently Asked Questions

Can I use the Tango app on my PC for free?

Although you can download it for free, some of its features are locked and requires you to purchase.

Is there another way to install the Tango for laptop PC without BlueStacks?

If you want to run the app on a PC, you need an emulator. However, you can still access their web version from the official website if you don’t want an emulator program.

Is it safe for young people?

The Tango app has a lot of talented people. However, young ones need to have supervision if they plan on using it.


Tango app is a good application that allows you to communicate and meet people. It even allows you to get money whenever you show your talents and skills. Now, you don’t have to worry if you cannot find the Windows/Mac version of it because the Tango app on PC can be run using an Android emulator like BlueStacks and Nox Player.

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