Mobdro on Roku – How to Install? [Fast & Easy Way]

Looking for the best streaming app is not that easy. It will consume your time and effort. Luckily, we found this Mobdro for Roku! Mobdro is one of the most popular android applications where you can do perfect video streaming.

With this app, you can watch a lot of enjoyable content with the help of the internet. You can watch sports, TV shows, movies, and TV series for free.

In addition to this, Mobro also allows its app users to download videos and watch them offline without any charges. Furthermore, aside from providing a free service, this application is also giving the excellent video and audio quality.

It also has an advanced web browser that will help you to download videos quickly. Impressively, there are a lot of people using this application because of its features. One of its special features is you can download it on Roku.

Roku device is one of the best streaming devices available in the market. This device gives the simplest way to stream media content to your TV. By using this device, you can watch a lot of popular entertainment. It will give you an

affordable and enjoyable video streaming experience. Furthermore, this device also has its screencasting function which will allow you to do casting with another device.

Now I will show you how you can install the Mobdro application on Roku TV.

Here is the step-by-step guide that you can follow.

How to Install Mobdro for Roku? [Step-by-Step]

Step 1. Set up your Roku device and connect it to WIFI with a stable internet connection. Make sure that your android device is connected with the same internet connection.

Step 2. Go to Home and click settings.


Step 3. Select the screen mirroring option and then click prompt.


Step 4. On your android phone, go to the navigation panel and select the cast option.

Step 5. It will search the nearby devices. Once you see the Roku device on the list, click on it.

Step 6. Roku is connected now to your android phone.

Step 7. Now Go to your Mobdro app and choose a video that you want to watch. You can now enjoy streaming.

Features of Mobdro App for Roku

  • Firstly, in this Mobdro app, you can access movies, TV series, news, sports, and all other media content without availing of any subscription plans.
  • Despite the fact that Mobdro is free, it still provides excellent video and audio quality.
  • It also has a sleep timer option.
  • Mobdro allows users to download video streams for free.
  • Since Mobdro is an advanced web browser, you can quickly download videos using this app.
  • They also added some features that are free to use as well.
  • You can watch video streams as more as you can for free.
  • The Mobdro app allows you to watch videos offline; you just have to download them.
  • There are a lot of channels that you can access in Mobdro like Jewelry TV, Double feature TV, Kung fu, Game time, Home and Green living, Job Channel TV, and Distant Roads Ary Zindagi and more…
  • Mobdro provides its services for free with ads. But if you want to stream without ads, Mobdro offers a premium that will only cost you 2.99 euros per year.
  • In Mobdro, you can watch old and the latest movies for free.


How can I get free access to the Mobdro app?

You just have to download the app, register, and then sign up and you can enjoy the Mobdro free features.

Does Mobdro secure?

Yes, Mobdro is a trusted application, you just have to make sure that you are downloading this app from its official website.

Can I use Mobdro in iOS?

No, this application is compatible with android devices only,

Can I download videos in Mobdro?

Yes, you can download videos in Mobdro. It has an advanced browser that will help you to download videos easily and quickly.

Can I install Mobdro on Roku?

Yes, it’s not difficult to install Mobdro on Roku. Roku has the screen mirroring option which will allow users to access Modbro on Roku TV.

How can I install Mobdro on Roku?

You just need to connect your android phone to your Roku TV and use the screen mirroring option of Roku. You can refer to the detailed steps given above on how to install Mobdro on Roku.

Is everything free in Mobdro?

Yes, you can access all media content for free here in the Mobdro app with ads. But if you find it more convenient to watch without ads, you can avail its premium plan.

How much it will cost me to avail the premium plan?

It will only cost you 2.99 euros per year.


Mobdro is one of the best applications that you can find online. It will give you an amazing experience streaming videos from your favorite channels. You can watch sports, news, TV series, movies, and other media content for free from this app.

Apart from this, this platform allows you to download videos so that you can enjoy watching them offline. Due to the fact that this platform is free, it still provides a better experience to the users because of its high audio and video quality.

In addition to this, Mobdro amazes its users because of the additional features that have just been added recently on it. Modero also has its special feature which is you can install this app on Roku TV.

That feature gives satisfaction to its Users as well because the Roku device allows the viewers to enjoy watching their favorite channels from Mobdro on a big screen. Since Roku has its screen mirroring option, it makes us easy to install Modbro on it. We just have to download the app to our android phones and connect it to the Roku device.

The step-by-step instructions on how to install Mobdro on Roku TV are given above. You can refer to that simple steps if you find it more enjoyable watching Mobdro on a big screen.