Scruff for PC – How To Download? (Windows 11/10/8/7 & Mac)

Scruff for PC is one of the many successful dating apps out there that people use to spice up their love lives. You can find numerous candidates online that tick all your boxes. It is interesting to witness how finding a partner has become an innovative task in this day and age.

We talk about gender inclusivity and equal opportunities for people. However, we rarely observe transgender people candidates on dating websites. Scruff for PC is a barrier-breaking app that is specifically for LGBT, bi-sexual, and queers. It is also available for people who would like to use a bigger screen to chat with their potential partners.

Scruff was launched in 2010 to connect men who are seeking men for dating. It is a simple app where you will find millions of good-looking and classy candidates. You can look for time passes, dating, and serious relationships on the website.

It is hard to find a website where all safety protocols are followed, and people feel comfortable. This app has a diverse community of refreshing candidates who are open to casual conversations. It is a tremendous app that suggests you, people, as per your demands and nearest location. To know more about Scruff, continue reading.

What Are the Features of the Scruff App?


Scruff is not only a regular dating app where you connect with people and invite them to meet. It has various features that you can utilize to make your experience on the app better. We will discuss some features that will surely make you use the app if you have a different sexual orientation.

Authentic Connection

People find it extremely hard to trust dating apps for fear of getting scammed. However, you need to mention authentic details when making an account on Scruff. Hence, you will find more than 15 million great profiles of LGBT and bisexual people. You can check out their profile and match with them to initiate a conversation. It is upon you to take the conversation further and meet the person if you like.

Filter the Search

Nobody wants to date people from different regions until you find the perfect candidate. To make things less complicated for yourself, you can use search filters. You can be as specific as you would like and add a location. In this app, you will see many candidates from your area and country. You only match with people you want, and no one else can slide into your direct messages.

Prioritize Your Preferences

The noteworthy feature of Scruff is that people can explore to their fullest potential. Thousands of people register every day on the app. Hence, you do not have to settle for anyone who does not match your expectations. You get a wide variety of eligible candidates every day; therefore, you will undoubtedly find your perfect match. You can explore your Neighborhood and connect with guys that live nearby. You can have a good chat with people, and if you are too comfortable, you can meet.

Be Expressive

Scruff gives you diverse options to express yourself and your preference. You can make a detailed slideshow where you can express your true personality and your preferences. There are multiple profile picture options, and you can also share your images to give people a chance to know you personally. Users can be as creative with their profile pictures and captions as they want. It is the first thing that another looks at, and it is the basis of creating a connection. You can also mention your sexual preferences and also your interests if you like.

Scruff Events

Scruff is not a traditional app that provides a typical interactive platform. It goes above and beyond to provide users with exceptional experiences. They arrange events in your nearby location where you can go and meet diverse people physically. You can attend the and LGBT local events alongside a social guide to be more interactive and have fun.

How to Download Scruff for PC (Windows 11/10/8/7 & Mac)

There are multiple ways to download the Scruff for PC using different emulators. In this guide, we will show you how to download the Scruff easily on a computer with LD PLayer and Nox Player.

Method 1: Download Scruff for PC Using LD Player

Step 1: Download LD Player

You can easily download LD PLayer by opening their website and looking for a clickable download link mentioned above. Press the clickable link, which will start the installation process.

Step 2: Installation

Once the download is done, you will see a dialogue box with the install and cancel option. You will have to click the install button, and it will download in seconds.

Step 3: Login And Look for Scruff App

You can quickly log in using your Gmail account. Once the account is verified, and you successfully log in, search for Scruff.

Step 4: Download Scruff App on PC


Once you search for Scruff, click on the download button. Here you go, the download is complete. Enjoy!

Method 2: Get the Scruff app for PC Using Nox Player

Step 1: Install the Nox player

Install the Nox player by searching for Nox’s original website and clicking on the available downloadable link.

Step 2: Run the app

After you are done downloading the app, run it on your PC. Your app is fully downloaded; now, you can continue the process.

Step 3: Login using Gmail details

You need to enter your Google account details or your Google Play ID details to sign up. You can make a new ID if you like as well.

Step 4: Download Scruff App on Windows or Mac

You can search for Scruff after logging in and then hit the install button. Here you go, your app is ready to use.

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Frequently Asked Question

Can I use Scruff on my PC?

Yes, you can use Scruff on your PC if you use an Android emulator to download it. It takes only a few steps to download, which you can read above.

How much does Scruff cost?

The monthly subscription for Scruff costs $19.99. There are different packages available for monthly, bi-monthly, and yearly subscriptions.

Can you be anonymous on Scruff?

You cannot make an anonymous ID on Scruff as your profile must look authentic for verification. However, you can stalk different people without leaving a trace.

Final Words

Scruff is a phenomenal app for bi-sexual, and LGBT people as it is rare to find such people in their daily lives. You can build valuable connections and find potential partners to spice up your love life. Scruff for PC makes a user experience more delightful and fun.

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