Download Sony Headphones Connect for PC (Windows 11/10/8 & Mac)

This article will teach you how to download and install Sony Headphones Connect for PC (Windows and Mac). Make sure that you read this article to learn how to get it working on your PC.

Without any delay, let us start discussing it.

Sony Headphones Connect app for PC

Sony Headphones Connect is an application that allows you to customize and enjoy music with easy control. With this app, you can create a perfect sound for every song. It is quick and easy to customize the settings. You can also adjust the bass levels by connecting the headphones to Bluetooth.

sony headphones connect for pc

It also gives you preset for club, hall, outdoor stage, and arena-style sound. There are also different presets available for outdoor stage, club hall, or arena-style sound. This app will give you the vibe that shows your personality, improve your mood, and enjoy your favorite song with a personal touch.

Sony Headphones Connect Features

Software Update

This feature will help you keep updated on the new and improved functions to level up your listening experience.


This feature allows you to set the quality of sound based on your preference.

Ambient Sound Control

This feature is designed to easily change ambient sound mode settings and noise cancellation.

Adaptive Sound Control

The location information is used to detect your frequent location and action. It also automatically switches the headphone settings to change the ambient sound.

Personalization Function

You can enjoy the 360 Reality Audio with a special sound effect that suits your preference.


You can review and record the usage of your headphone.

The guides are easy to understand

Even if you are a first-time user, the connection guide is easy to follow and understand.

Direct access to the Help menu

It allows you to easily reach support and assistance to receive a quick response.

How to Download Sony Headphones Connect for your PC? (Windows 11/10/8/7 & Mac)

As you might already know, Sony Headphones Connect is an app from Google Play Store and we know that apps from Play Store are for Android smartphones. However, this doesn’t mean that you cannot run this app on your PC and laptop. Now, I will discuss with you how to download the Sony Headphones Connect app for PC.

To get it working on your computer, you will need to install an android emulator. Its main function is to emulate the Android OS from your computer, thus, you will be able to run apps from Play Store like Sony Headphones Connect.

Below, we will give you two options of emulators, both are compatible with almost any Android app. Therefore, we recommend that you use any of them.

Method #1: Download Sony Headphones Connect on PC Using Bluestacks

Step 1: Download the latest Bluestacks on your PC using this reference –
Once you download it, run the installer and finish the installation setup.

Step 2: After the installation, open the Bluestacks from your computer and the home screen will appear.

Step 3: Look for the Google Play Store and open it. Running it for the first time will ask for you to sign in to your account.

Step 4: Search the Sony Headphones Connect app by typing its name on the search bar.

Step 5: Click the install button to start the download of the Sony Headphones Connect. Once done, you can find this app from the Bluestacks home. Click its icon to start using it on your computer.

Method #2: Download Sony Headphones Connect on PC Using MEmu Play

Step 1: Get the most current version of the MEmu Play emulator from this website –
After downloading it, launch the installer and follow the install wizard that will appear on your screen.

Step 2: After the installation, find the shortcut icon of the MEmu Play and then double-click to start it on your PC.

Step 3: Click the Google Play Store to launch it. Now, enter your account to sign in.

Step 4: Find the Sony Headphones Connect app by entering it in the search bar.

Step 5: Once you found it, click the install button to download the Sony Headphones Connect app. After that, there will be a new shortcut on the MEmu Play home. Just click it to start using Sony Headphones Connect on your computer.

Similar Apps

Technics Audio Connect

This app allows you to connect and configure your headphone easily. Some of its functions are customizing various settings, guiding connections with smartphones and tablets, accessing the online manual, and updating firmware.

HDD Audio Remote

By using this app, you can operate your Sony HDD Audio Player on your mobile devices. You can also create and edit playlists and edit information tracks of music.

Oticon On

This app is for controlling your hearing aid. You can adjust the volume, switch between listening programs, watch for the battery level, and find your hearing aid when you lost it.

Sennheiser Smart Control

You can personalize your Sennheiser headphone and AMBEO Soundbar with this app. Its sound check feature allows you to manage your audio experience to an individual hearing and the Sound Zone features help you to create a flexible sound that suits your location.

Audio Technica Connect

This app offers convenience to use compatible Audio Technica products. Some of the features of this application are easy-to-understand guides, checking the battery level of your devices, customized button operation, and it also helps you find your devices when you lost them.


How do I pair my Sony Headphones?

  1. The headphone must be off. To see if it is off, check if there is no light from the device.
  2. Put the headphone near the device to easily detect it. Make sure that the device is on.
  3. Press and hold the power button of your headset. Do this in 7 seconds to put it on the pairing mode and pair up with your device.
  4. Release the button. Do this when you see the light indicator blinking quickly.

How do I put my Sony WH 1000XM4 in pairing mode?

When you pair it for the first time after the purchase, initialization, or repair of the headset, it will be in the pairing mode automatically. If you want to pair it on the other device, press and hold the power button for 7 seconds or more.

Why won’t my Sony headphones connect?

You can try these ways if it doesn’t connect.

  1. Check if the Bluetooth function for the headset and smartphone is on.
  2. Bring the two devices close to each other for about 1 meter.
  3. Check if your device is not connected to another device.


Sony Headphones Connect is a helpful application that will give you a personalized listening experience to enjoy your favorite music. With this app, you will be able to tune your headphones according to your preferred sound. The functions are easy to use and there is a consistent update to improve your listening experience. I’ll give this application a five-star rating.

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