Telegram X For PC (Windows 11/10/8/7) – Instant Messaging For Everyone

Instant Messaging apps have made life so much easier. Back in our times, there was only email messaging and other excellent software that had limited features. It was fun nevertheless, but it cannot compete with the great functionalities instant messengers provide these days.

Many messaging apps got introduced, like WhatsApp, Facebook Messenger, Instagram, Signal, and Telegram.

Telegram soon became an instant hit, and everyone loved using it. It also gave other competitors like WhatsApp a run for its money. Soon enough, another app named Telegram X appeared in the market, which received much praise.

This blog will discuss Telegram X and its features, benefits, disadvantages. We will also discuss and how you can use the Telegram X on your PC.

What is Telegram X?


Telegram X is an instant messaging application like the other Telegram messenger app. Telegram X is an epic messaging app that provides multiple unique features to its users.

It has a simple user interface which is perfect for people of every age group. It can be used for simple messages, chatting with old friends, sending essential texts to your colleagues, or creating a group for fun.

There is no limit to group making, so people can make groups on Telegram X and connect to people who have similar interests as they have. Many channels are also available on the application to search for a specific channel/topic and learn more about it.

The tweaked version of Telegram, aka Telegram X, also offers a lot of perks for its users. Some of these benefits are sending instant messages to any contact connected to you on the app.

You can also share your favorite moments with your buddies. You can send them images, videos, and audio. Not only to your friends but you can also send it directly to the groups.

Telegram X is such an effective, fast, and safe tool. You can achieve the best product management of your friendship, relationships, and much more.

PC Requirements For Telegram X

The Telegram X application is free to install and use. Since it is a lightweight app, you can use it from Windows XP to Windows 10. You also should have at least 2 GB of RAM to install this messenger app on your PC. Moreover, since this app is not available on PC, you also have to use an Android emulator.

The Telegram X app would be perfectly suitable for Windows 32 and 64-bit setup. Your PC should at least have an Intel or AMD Dual-Core processor of 3 GHz. Your local disk should also have 512 MB of Hard disk space with Intel GMA Graphics or AMD equivalent.

Telegram X – Features Overview

The primary mission of the Telegram X app is to reintroduce the original Telegram app and explore new horizons in speed, easy usage, high-quality animations, and all other related aspects.

The best feature you will find in the Telegram X app is its privacy. You will get lots of privacy options inside the app. Features like chat permissions view Admins, better censorship circumvention, and more. The chat permission option will set the audience for which people can chat with you. You can change that later.

Another fantastic feature we found in this messenger app is that it will allow many users into a single channel, unlike other messenger channels on the web.

Another similar option that we found in this app is the animated stickers. Now you can send cute stickers to your family, friends, and coworkers and receive them. You can also add custom stickers for more fun. Apart from that, you can also embed wallpaper into customized themes.

You will see high-resolution media thumbnails when you send or receive media on the channels. The developers also took notice of the bugs inside the app and cleared all the bugs from Telegram X.

In addition to that, Telegram feels very smooth to use. The UI is excellent, and it feels incredible using it. Whatever OS you use, Telegram X will rock it. However, you must have an active internet connection as Telegram X only works through the internet.

It is always preferred to have fast internet as it will improve the efficiency of instant messaging.

You can also use your artistic mind to customize the app’s theme and settings.

Is Encrypted Messaging Available On Telegram X?

Another epic feature that sets Telegram X apart from other apps is its perfect encryption system. The latest WhatsApp privacy concerns put so many users into a deep state of worry.

Telegram X and its developers have introduced a perfect encryption system that protects the users’ privacy and wouldn’t leak any sensitive information.

Telegram X feels like home to its users. It is perfect for messaging and exploring new interests. It works perfectly well on PCs, and Android applications consume less memory. Also, it wouldn’t save your pictures and gif images into its database and delete the old ones, so your memory would remain less consumed.

The Benefits and Disadvantages

Here are the Pros and Cons of Telegram X


  • Messages are heavily encrypted in this app.
  • You can access messages from multiple devices.
  • This app delivers messages faster than other apps.
  • It has an open API and is also protocol-free.
  • Also, it has no size limit on media and chats.
  • Higher privacy levels.


  • Sometimes foreign languages can appear on the app.
  • Some bugs still need an update.

How To Download Telegram X On PC (Windows 11/10/8/7)?

Here is how you can use Telegram X on a PC:


  • Install BlueStacks and launch on your PC.
  • Open the Google Play Store.
  • Enter Google ID.
  • Search the app and download it.
  • Telegram X will be available. Repeat the same procedure for Mac.


Can I download Telegram X on my PC without an emulator?

Unfortunately, you need an emulator to run this app on a PC.

Is it safe to use this app?

Since it is encrypted, it is safe to use.

Is Telegram X Free?

Yes, you can download and use it for free.

Is Telegram X Good?

Yes, it is fun to use.


The Telegram X app is perfect for instant messaging. Get it now to start having fun with pals. Also, you can download this application for both Mac and PC too.